Subject: NET NOTES 12 December 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Also at the end of net notes there are many skeds proposed by AL7OB.. 

EME schedules, last update 12 Dec 1999, 09:45

Skeds for DEC 18
Time   432.035        
1100z  AL7OB -UA9FAD  

Skeds for DEC 25
Time   432.040        432.045        1296.060       
0300z  K4AR  -DK3WG   
0330z  N4GJV -RV4AQ   
0400z  W7EME -DK3WG   K4AR  -K2UYH   
0430z  N7LQ  -DK3WG   
0500z  AL7OB -DK3WG   
0530z  K2UYH -UA3PTW  
0600z  K5WXN -EA3DXU  AL7OB -W7SZ    
0630z  KB0VUK-DF3RU   W7SZ  -EA3DXU  
0700z                 PY5ZBU-EA3DXU  
0730z  AL7OB -W8MQW   EA3DXU-DL1YMK  
0800z                 EA3DXU-IK5WJD  
0830z  K2UYH -GM0ONN  
1230z  JH0WJF-N4GJV   
1730z  JA6AHB-VK2BE   
2300z  G4ERG -JA6AHB  

Skeds for DEC 26
Time   432.040        1296.050       1296.060       
0000z  CT1DMK-F5FLN   
0400z                                WA9OUU-DJ5MN   
0430z                                VE6TA -DJ5MN   
0500z  K6IBY -DK3WG                  DJ5MN -I5MPK   
0530z                                DJ5MN -IK2MMB  
0630z                 W5LUA -IK2MMB  
0700z                 W5LUA -I0UGB   
0800z                 WA1JOF-K2UYH   
1300z                 W5LUA -W1QC    
1400z                 JF3HUC-W5LUA   

Subj:    Moving
Date:   12/11/99 1:18:56 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (mgbpcs)

Hi Joe.

Please let everybody know that I will not be QRV on 23cm EME for a while. I
am moving to a new QTH that happens to give me a MUCH bigger EME window. I
will check in again after relocating my equipment which will take 6-8 weeks.

73, Merry Christmas, Happy New Y2K and good reflections to everybody.

Mats - KD5FZX - (SM6IKY)

Subj:    Test Equipment
Date:   12/11/99 4:47:42 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (John Stefl)
To:     K1RQG@AOL.Com

Hi Joe:

Here is my list for now. There may be more soon.

HP 141T with 8552B / 8554L  1.3Ghz Spectrum Analyzer       $ 950.00
HP 141T with 8552B/ 8555A  18 Ghz  Spectrum Analyzer       $ 1050.00
HP 8445B Tracking Filter with HP cable fo 8555             $ 345.00
HP 5245L counter with HP 5254A  300Mhz to 3000Mhz plug in  $  75.00

Polarad( it is spelled with an A) 1108F signal generator
7-11 GHZ     Mechanical digital readout                    $ 95.00

HP 608E signal generator with manual                       $ 75.00

HP 432A power Meter with cable and head                    $ 175.00

HP 8750A storage normalizer for network analyzer           $  85.00

Drake TR7 with PS7                                         $ 575.00



Subj:    Input - NET NOTES DEC 12, 1999
Date:   12/12/99 4:38:10 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Melum, Mike)

Hi Joe,

HF condx have been very poor up here and have not been able to check in much.
This is what I have lined up for next weekend.  I hope to fill in some
blanks as we get closer.

Date/TimeZ              FREQ            Call    Comment

12/18/99 2:00           432.035 WE2Y    QSL             
12/18/99 2:30           432.035 W1ZX    REQUEST         
12/18/99 3:00           432.035 W7GBI   QSL             
12/18/99 3:30           432.035 K8ISK   REQUEST           
12/18/99 4:00           432.035 VE6TA   QSL             
12/18/99 4:30           432.035 KB8ZW   REQUEST         
12/18/99 5:00           432.035 W7CI    no email address                
12/18/99 5:30           432.035 K5WXN   REQUEST         
12/18/99 6:00           432.035 W6TE    REQUEST         
12/18/99 9:30                           JA4BLC                  
12/18/99 10:00                  JL4OLI                  
12/18/99 10:30                  7M2PDT                  
12/18/99 11:00  432.035 UA9FAD  QSL             
12/19/99 1:00                           G3SEK                   
12/19/99 1:30                           EA3UM                   
12/19/99 2:00           432.035 HP3XUG  REQUEST         
12/19/99 2:30           432.035 WA4NJP  QSL             
12/19/99 3:00           432.035 N3FA    REQUEST

I plan to sked as much as I can during the week of 12/20-24 also, since
condx are so excellent.  If anyone is interested, drop me a note.

Regarding the following weekend, you can drop this one, since N4GJV and I
have already had a fine QSO on Nov. 22

>Skeds for DEC 25
>Time   432.040              
>0700z  AL7OB -N4GJV 

Also, Klaus set me straight on the following:

> just a remark about scheduling: Please do not use any frequency below  
> 432.040 for skeds, as this is all random area. In addition, 432.030- 
> 432.040 is reserved for weak signal stations to call CQ.

> This was an agreement several years ago on the EME Conference.

I will consider this in future scheduling.

Thanks & 73

Mike, AL7OB




VE1ALQ: not much going on.. QRU..

WA1JOF: looking for W7CNK ... 

W2UHI:  sked with W7SZ was not complete.. Larry had blown a fuse initially then
        popped a preamp.. 

N2IQU:  QRV with some minor repairs needed on 48' .. lots of feedline laying in
        yard from old 100' rohn 25.. ready to go on new 80' rohn 85 and all the
        VHF/UHF antennas for tropo.. 

K5JL:   a friend of Jay's was down in Argentina and says the LU boys are in need
        of 7289s.. Anyone with extra 7289s in good shape, can send them to Jay 
        and he can forward them to Argentina.. (LU8EDR & LU6DW) 4 tube AND 2 tube 
        amps.. need tubes.. 

W4AD:   having some problems with system.. running GR-1216a sun noise is 7db ...
        hopes to be on next sked weekend .. but on random only.. 

K2LDM:  ???

W7CNK:  not too much happenning.. did download a new DSP program and playing with

LX1DB:  in 19 days and 6 hours, Willie will be more active on EME.. He has been
        dealing with Y2K issues... worked W7CNK on 5.7ghz and KB8RQ on 2 meters..

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

DJ5MN:  nothing new .. looking for sked with 9H1ES.. we need confirmation form
        9H1ES .. will be in Fishkill, NY, Jan 12-15 at a meeting related to QRL..
        IBM meeting .. 

ON5OF:  RW1 & UT3 are separate multipliers.. 55x25 ...Amp is running fine now..
        many stations heard on second weekend.. activity on 70 is going down..

DL9KR:  no traffic

CT1DMK: nothing new..QRV on 70cm.. for W5LUA/VE4MA have Tektronics 492 spectrum 
        analyzer.. maybe WA5VJB .. 

DJ9YW:  is back on EME now on 23cm .. He has been in hospital.. 

W1ZX/M: no traffic.. 

W5LUA:  bad wx in Tx .. T-storms and rain.. 

VE4MA:  still playing with 24ghz LOs .. tried to update computer with disasterous 

CQ ALASKA       11:38 AM 12/12/99

W7SZ:   sked with W2UHI had some problems.. and was running 6 tube amp.. 450w..

NU7Z:   for VE4MA.. QRT on 5.7ghz .. but will let all know when back QRV.. 




NET ENDS        11:54 AM 12/12/99