Subject: NET NOTES 28 November 1999
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

EME schedules, last update 28 Nov 1999, 12:19

Skeds for NOV 28
Time   432.040        432.045        432.060        1296.050       1296.060       
2230z                                DL7APV-UA4API  
2300z                                F5FLN -UA4API  

Subj:    UHF: So far... 70cm
Date:   11/27/99 3:40:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Matt KB0VUK)

Hello,  I worked OH3PO (559,559 first call) and DL9NDD (559,oo) last
night to bring my score to 6x5.  
I called (only called loud stations 559+)
DF3RU (he faded, but I though he came back?)
The only letters they seem to know are Q,R and Z :)

I heard 
KA0RYT (on tropo too)

I didn't hear any EU stations until after 0500z or so,, is that due to
faraday and me having only horizontal polarization?  I thought polarity
switching/rotation was more common on 432?  I'll be on again tonight
(28th) so LISTEN HARDER for my 150 watts.  73  Matt  KB0VUK

4*27el FO
RYT preamp

Subj:    W6TE
Date:   11/27/99 7:03:13 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Steve Powlishen)


Someone in Europe (Jurgen ?) was asking about W6TE.  Thats the
new call for WA6YDI.  (8 xM2 99wl??) and LA-70B amp.

Don't know if he's really on yet, is supposed to be QRV though.


Subj:    RE: NET NOTES NOV 27, 1999
Date:   11/27/99 8:16:49 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (David Robinson)
To: ('')


activity from ww2r friday night/saturday morning

condx awful for first 3 hours from moonrise...n2iqu, dl9kr, k1fo, df3ru all
huge signal but not even a qrz when i called with full legal output!

then they got weaker and things started to happen, worked 0618 dl9kr , 0637
n2iqu, 0700 g3sek on a sked (dxcc#9), he was huge for 1st period then his
sigs went down and became a struggle to complete, 0742, df3ru, 0900 f5fln
for dxcc#10, 0942 OZ4MM. 

cwnr dl9ndd, dl4mea k1fo k0rz, w7sz

heard wa4njp, w0kjy, oh2po, w7gbi (loud sigs but not enough to overcome
"sprog" on 432.005!) 

hope tonight is better!



Subj:    G4DZU - Gales
Date:   11/28/99 5:23:08 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Doug Parker)
To: (K1rqg@aol. com)

File:  smime.p7s (1973 bytes)
DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute

Hello Joe,

Due to strong winds I could not be QRV today. They had forecast gales all
weekend, so it was a bonus to be QRV on 27th.

I'd kept my sked partner K3HZO informed of the wx status.

I hope to be on over the Christmas period.


Subj:   F5HRY report
Date:   11/28/99 5:24:58 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:   F5HRY
To:     K1rqg

Hello Jo,

I spent a little while on 432 EME this week end.
I was the first time since ARRL 1997.
Nothing special but still my (...) local QRM from the radio
localization system on Orly Airport. I am only 5 km away
from it. It is nearly impossible to get throught.
I worked OH2PO, N9AB, K1FO, DL9KR and K5GW.

Please note (and TX to Jan DL9KR) that F5KKD is a 
club station in JN18 (4x26 and 600W). F5PMB, F6GYH,
and possibly F4BRC are the operators. Thus, even if they
did TX with their own calls, it is definitly the same station !

Vy 73's de Hervé F5HRY 

Subj:    Score so far
Date:   11/28/99 9:13:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dirk Van Offel)
Reply-to: (Dirk Van Offel)
To: (Joe Demaso)

52x24 is my score so far (best ever)

saturdaymorning propagation was not so good
saturday/sundaynight was super good conditions (magnificent echoes all the time)

Pa failed on saturdayevening (bias circuit 3055 went dead and let it draw 2 amps, fortunately I was looking to the meter when it happened, and switched off asap)
lost lots of time repairing, twICE, hi
Tube still ok, HV PS also!
you can't kill those russians...(at least the GS35B tube)
is there anybody who has a simple and GOOD schematic to bias such grounded grid triode without use of power zener diodes
some protection in case of a tube flashover comes in handy too...

does there exist a HF linear with this tube?? (must be great! and cheap! )

my pictures are at:

SM3AKW sorry I thought we allready worked, we still have to work, and we were side by side on freq for allmost an hour...
Dirk ON5OF

Subj:    70 cm
Date:   11/28/99 9:13:48 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Casas y Tierras)
CC: (Melum AL7OB Mike)

Well, it's obviously time to get this system totally apart and
re-furbished.  When you can't raise DL9KR for over 2 hrs, it ain't

Did QSO N9AB yesterday, after the note to you.  Last eve K1FO and OZ4MM, so
only able to get to big guys would tell something too.  Own echos weren't
too bad tho!?
Heard/called many time DL9NDD, DF3RU, DL4ZA, DL9KR, and a few others too. 
This poor showing of 5 QSOs is an all-time low!  'Nuff sed on the system's
low performance!

Am on to about 1530 or so this AM, only hearing a couple, K5GW and another
not too strong 2 KHz higher.  Nil own echos this AM either.  However, found
yesterday there was a 5º error in Az, which came about this past week
apparently.  I had re-aligned last month, but guess the strong winds of
late are doing their bit.  Summer seems to be already here, almost 3 weeks
early with the high winds.  I'll hold off until after Dec to take array
down, to try once more with AL7OB.  Won't have a lot of time, as have to do
a lot of study effort to pass the CG exams in Feb & hamming must take a
back seat for a while.

Warmest holiday greetings to all if I don't get back to you before end of
the year.  May the end year of this mil., and the start of the next mil. in
the next 13 months bring us all much greater EME joys than ever before.

73 de Louis HP3XUG/HO3A/KG6UH

KD4LT:  prelim count .. 70cm=36x21 .. 6 new inits.. #330,  23cm 30x23 and
        7 new inits to #89 .. 

W2UHI:  tired.. but in good shape... 52X? ON 23CM... 4 new initials.. WA6KBL, 
        WA4OFS, W1QC, F6HYE  for 129 inits on 23cm..  

K3HZO:  (via W2UHI)   worked 40x24    3 inits , JA8ERE, JA6CZD, DH9FAG.. 
        nil from 9H1ES...    

W4AD:   a successful nigh.. worked 5 more stations last night .. now at 8 initials.
        amplifier ran well.. now has to work on the az/el mechanism.. Jack is
        using a TVRO dish .this is all on 23cm.. 

W7SZ:   40x32 total.. 16x13 on 23cm , 23x18 on 70cm .. 6 inits on 23cm and 14 inits
        on 70cm.. 

W6HD:   good night .. going to moon now 10:57 AM 11/28/99est..

N2IQU:  about to pack it in.. prelim.. 101x36 on 70cm, 59x27 on 23cm looking for
        W1QC ..Broke a million points.. EME was slow last night .. did get up
        and work JA window.. 

W7QX:   working W6HD on 23cm.. good time worked 6 stations.. PA3CSG, OE9ERC, W5LUA, 
        G3LTF, N2IQU, K4QI. heard W1ZX , ON5RR and K3HZO .. 14x13 as of 11:26 AM 11/28/99

N4GJV:  listened to RV4AQ/K1FO sked and also nil heard during sked..
        JH0WJF heard loud yesterday but not worked .. need sked with RV4AQ & JH0WJF 

WW2R:   12x?,  K0RZ 5th station to work Dave from 3 different grids.. 

K3VGX/M: just checking in.. 

KB1HY:  looking for East coast (K7YVZ).. 

K2DH:   50x28 for the contest most this weekend.. 5 inits .. IK2MMB, W1QC, WA6KBL, 
        W7QX, W4AD ... JF3HUC called for a long time .. no response.. 

AA5C:   was on last night.. WA7CJO worked ON 10GHZ & S57UUU  .. 2X2 ... thought Barry
        VE4MA was calling, but could not pull him out of noise.. 

W1ZX/M: got on 1000z for a couple hours .. worked a few.. 

W4RDI:  was on Friday night and worked a few .. did not get on last night.. system was
        working fine, but had other commitments.

VE6TA:  38x20 on 70cm.. about 20 inits 17x12 on 23cm.. 

W7CNK:  was on 5.7ghz @ 0800z NU7Z and worked .. heard VE1ALQ but not worked.. 
        70cm a little activity.. faraday not good to Eur but JA good.. 

WA8WZG/M: last 3 days been taking apart a 10 meter dish .. not on moon ... .39 F/D..

K0RZ:   77x29 ... called WW2R several times ..

DF3RU:  103x? on 70cm ...    9x?  on 23cm..

DK3WG:  50x24 on 70cm , 39x24 on 2 meters.. 

9H1ES:  did not work K3HZO & K2DH and was there all the time .. nil on 10ghz.. needs
        someone to xmit on 10ghz to check the rcv system .. needs to monitor some
        10 ghz skeds.. bad wx a lot of rain.. pass any skeds to 9H1ES via email...

9H1PA:   no traffic.. not QRV on 70cm.

DL7APV: problems in October with antenna.. 2 contacts only.. this weekend is 25

DL4EBY/p: any complaints about having skeds during the contest.. Please respond to net 
        or to Klaus about your thoughts about contest schedules. 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. nil from K9ZZH.. may have been a day off on sked.. 

DL9KR:  who is F6GWU ?? JH0WJF a new one.. DK0MM, DL1DWI, DM2AFN, DH5FS .. need info
        ON these .. a new one PA3DYS ...123x35 at this time .. needs to check out 
        smae station, different operators(callsigns) .. needs K4AR address.. 

UA4API: nil VE6TA F5FLN PA3CSG...  nil from DL4MEA .. F5FEN & G3SEK complete..

SM4IVE: K4AR:   Hubert Y Rollend Jr
                1620 Hidden Hills Drive
                Clinton, TN 37716
        worked 11x8 and heard many more.. working with small yagis is much different.

ON4ANT: Looking for info on 70cm cavity amplifier preferably Russian tube like GS23b
        or GS35b. .. 

DJ5MN:  worked some new ones 42x23 QSOs .. G3LQR 4 mtr dish 150w, JA4BLC with 30w
        & 6meter dish.. will not be available on 70cm tonight.. will be on 23cm for
        the last hour of contest .025 Calling CQ 1 min period. heard 9H1ES calling

F5FLN:  will check on F6GWU .. Nil from UA4API & RV4AQ,   66X26 .. has a problem with 

DL1YMK: needs skeds SA or AF .. on 2 axis rotator looking for info JRC rotatator.. 
        type EPS-203 .. need info ... 

OE5JFL: info for DL9KR.. when called Jan second time using only dual dipole feed .. 

KA0RYT: 28x18 ON 70CM.. 

VE7BQH: 12:40 PM 11/28/99