Subject: NET NOTES 27 November 1999
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

EME schedules, last update 27 Nov 1999, 12:24

Skeds for NOV 27
Time   432.040        
2200z  F5FLN -UA4API  
2300z  F5FLN -RV4AQ   

Skeds for NOV 28
Time   432.040        432.045        1296.050       1296.060       1296.075       
0430z                 RV4AQ -K1FO    
0500z  F5FLN -CT1DMK  
0530z                                K3HZO -G4DZU   
0600z                                K3HZO -IK3GHY  
0630z                 N4GJV -K4AR    K3HZO -I0UGB   
0700z                 N4GJV -N3FA    K3HZO -I6PNN                  K2DH  -9H1ES   
0730z                                               K9ZZH -PA3CSG  K3HZO -9H1ES   
0830z                                               W7QX  -PA3CSG  
0900z                                               WA6KBL-PA3CSG  
1300z                                W1ZX  -K3HZO   
1330z                                K9ZZH -K3HZO   
1430z                                W7QX  -K3HZO   

Subj:    G4DZU
Date:   11/27/99 8:10:42 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Doug Parker)
To: (K1rqg@aol. com)

File:  smime.p7s (1973 bytes)
DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute

Hello Joe,

Could you please QSP this on the net.

The gale force winds have stopped, so G4DZU worked on the morning of 27th
be on 23CMs on 28th, wx permitting.

700w and 3M dish


Subj:    Re: Heard  Report
Date:   11/27/99 8:40:57 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Casas y Tierras)
To: (Andrew Bachler)

Hi Andy,
not sure which sked you were referencing, as had a couple. Was in Panama
city all week, and returned late Fri.  Now Sat AM, am hearing you CQing
about .021 and called, but no response.  Vry good sigs to S4!  Also hearing
K0RZ, and few others.  I'll be on for most of rising and setting moons sun
also.  Will stay on to about 1430-1445Z Sat AM.
Own echos were in earlier, but weaker than normal.  I'm not happy about
this system at all, as it juist isn't what it used to be.  Guess it's time
to either make big (no very likely now) or take it all apart and re-build
it - get it back to par.
TNX report and hope we can catch you this weekend.
Am usually around .022-.024 or so, depending on QRM.  Get poor results when
clg others, so mostly CQ.  Using HO3A in the Test.
73  Louis HP3XUG/HO3A/KG6UH

KD4LT:  was on 70cm most of last night.. worked 28 and 5 new inits .. on 23cm
        worked 4 with 2 inits.. 24 on 23cm and 28 on 70cm.. will be back on 
        70cm tonight then later change to 23cm.. conditions were excellent,
        but polarity was screwy !

W2UHI:  all went ok last night.. WA6KBL & WA4OFS for new inits.. 42x? so far..
        Reports W4RDI was on last night..
WD5AGO: not so good .. was on 5.7ghz and no QSOs.. will maybe be on 23cm tonight.
        a friend has a 4.5 mtr dish and may get on 5.7ghz from new location.

K9BCT:  ???

W7QX:   worked OZ4MM, K5JL, K2DH, & HB9SV...running only 50w last night ..
DK3WG:  no traffic.. 

K3HZO:  not much operating time.. 5 contacts last night .. total 33x22 QSOs..
        JA8ERE worked for first JA on 23cm.. a tornado touched down about 6
        miles away and no noticeable damage, but 14 families were displaced
        from their homes not too far away .. Honeybrook, Pa an Armish village.

W1ZX:   was not on last night due to wx.. hopes to be on tonight or tomorrow

W4AD:    3x3.. around 0800z only had 8 min of moon.. Hopes to be on tonight
        but limited window..

K5JL:   slim pickens this weekend.. lots of stations calling W7QX.. Jay
        reports not as much activity as last year.. Worked K5GW for a new one.

KA0RYT: 23X15 QSO  on 70cm from home  .. 2 inits, ON5OF & F5FLN .. 
        will be on tonnight.. 

WA1JOF: will be on 23cm tonight .. last night rain was a problem with loop yagis.

WA6KBL: was on last night. worked about 8 .. will be on tonight.. 

K2DH:   plate bypass let go when turned the rig on this morn.. 29x21 last night..

NU7Z:   looking for VE4MA for tonight ... will be on 5.7ghz for a while.. 

VE4MA:  was on 5.7ghz last night but not much activity.. ? OE9ECR & ? VE1ALQ.
        May be on 3cm tonight..Snow yesterday . 

W7SZ:   70CM a bit slim.. 3 & 2 inits.. V to Eur.. H to USA .. 5 x 2 inits on 

W7CNK:  worked OK1KIR & LX1DB on 5.7ghz.. 70cm was nnot prime band .. very little
        activity on 70cm for Lucky.. 

VE6TA:  25x15 on 70cm.. will be on moon till set .. will be on 70cm tonight.. 

DL9KR:  will VE1ALQ be on 70cm tonight ??? K4AR, F5KKD, F5PMB new inits. called by
        JH0WJF, but it appeared he went up in smoke.. 100x34 at present ..was called
        by ?4AGC could it be a VE4

9H1ES:  last weekend nil K3HZO heard W7SZ ..not worked W6HD last weekend .. 
        heard a lot on 23cm .. propogation very good looking for 10ghz skeds tonight .. 
        will be active tomorrow morning on 10ghz and 23cm.. 

F5SDD:  running F1CH as EME call has trouble with water in cable ... only 4 QSO
        KD4LT , K2UYH, G3SEK & N2IQUI.. 

PA3CSG: nil from RV4AQ & UA3PTW .. Needs grid for K4AR EM76VC... will be on 23cm

G4RGK:  bad wx yesterday.. could not get on till moonset.. did not get on 1st
        weekend.. will be on tonight wx permitting.. call CQ and Dave will find

DK3WG:  looking for K4AR & W6TE .. VE6TA.. 


F5FLN:  new station VE6TA, WE2Y, KA0RYT.. nil sig N3FA .. needs sked CT1DMK.. 

DF3RU:  needs N3FA.. 

CT1DMK: will accept skeds at 1 min period.. will be on 70cm till spring .. will
        take skeds .. 

K1FO:   looking for N4GJV on 70cm.. 

N4GJV:  looking for RV4AQ..

K5WXN:  had a station WS3AK ???? call not familliar..

K9ZZH:  did not hear PA3CSG on sked.. HB9BBD loud but no response.. 

VE7BQH: 12:34 PM 11/27/99

net ends