Subject: NET NOTES 21 November 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Hello to all.. I have to apologize for the late issue of these net notes.. I have had 
many other problems that have prevented me from spending any time at all at the computer..
Most have been resolved.. Please check the latest e-mails that I have added and check the 
skeds.. Unfortunately, I was not able to do any more scheduling since the net..

73 de Joe

EME schedules, last update 25 Nov 1999, 21:48

Skeds for NOV 27
Time   432.040        
0500z  N3FA  -PA3CSG  
0530z  PA3CSG-UA3PTW  
0600z  PA3CSG-RV4AQ   
0630z  K4AR  -PA3CSG  

Skeds for NOV 28
Time   432.045        1296.050       1296.060       
0600z                 K3HZO -IK3GHY  
0630z  N4GJV -K4AR    K3HZO -I0UGB   
0700z  N4GJV -N3FA    K3HZO -I6PNN   W1ZX  -PA3CSG  
0730z                 K3HZO -G4DZU   K9ZZH -PA3CSG  
0800z                 K3HZO -DD1XF   WA9OUU-PA3CSG  
0830z                                W7QX  -PA3CSG  
0900z                                WA6KBL-PA3CSG  
1300z                 W1ZX  -K3HZO   
1330z                 K9ZZH -K3HZO   
1430z                 W7QX  -K3HZO   

Subj:     Nov 20th 1999
Date:   11/19/99 6:58:56 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Tikaluna)
To: (K1RQG Joe)

Hi Joe and All EME'rs
Returned home from hospital yesterday. Won't be climbing any towers for a little while! Frustrating looking at the 10M dish outside basically awaiting the feed system but will get back to it as soon as possible... believe me. Totally retired now and Bev and the "Vet" has ordered me not to leave the shack etc.. This can't last for long!
Thanks to all those that phoned called etc... I am extremely embarrassed by all the attention I have received. Thanks so much.
Note home e-mail address now
"I will return "(to EME) soon.
Doug (VK3UM)

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES MAR 21, 1999
Date:   11/19/99 8:29:44 PM Eastern Standard Time

Hey Joe

The report in the news letter is incorrect.  Those stations listed were
stations called but not worked on 23 cm.

I have these 7 stations worked in Oct. F5PAU, VE1ALQ, KD4LT, K4QI,
VE6TA, HB9BBD, OE5JFL.  Could only opp for a few hours due to high
winds, will be back on next weekend on 70, 23, 6 cm

73 Tommy/WD5AGO

Subj:    Net notes
Date:   11/20/99 12:15:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Melum, Mike)


Could not hear the net until the end.

My netscape blew up (out of memory error) and I can't get my previous
messages.  I have a couple skeds for Nov 21. 0300 and 0330, I think 0330 is
with HP3XUG, I am struggling to remember the other station.

I am open for more stateside skeds 0400 and on, just email me.  I CAN get
new messages.

I will be on 144 next weekend from South Dakota.  Back to Alaska next month.

73, Mike AL7OB

Subj:    23cm-EME DJ5MN in contest!
Date:   11/21/99 9:33:47 AM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Joe, dear 23cm-EMEers,

DJ5MN will be QRV on 23cm during the November part of the EME-contest. Due
to trees and houses my moon-window is limited, so I can only be QRV as

27.NOV 0000 - 0640 UTC
       2230 - 2359 UTC

28.NOV 0000 - 0740 UTC
       2300 - 2359 UTC

I plan to call CQ with 1 minute periods and me transmitting the first period:

27.NOV 0000 - 0100 UTC  on or around 1296.025 for JA and European stations
       0530 - 0640 UTC  on or around 1296.030 for W/VE and European stations

28.NOV 0000 - 0100 UTC  on or around 1296.025 for JA and European stations
       0700 - 0740 UTC  on or around 1296.030 for W/VE and EUROPEAN stations
       2300 - 2359 UTC  on or around 1296.025 for "last chance QSOs"..hihi

I still miss a awful lot of stations in my log, which I easyly could work even
with my small setup. Guys, give it a try and listen for my signal.
For sure I will be carefully searching for your CQ as well....
Good luck for all in the EME-contest,
Bernhard DJ5MN

23cm-EME-rig: 3m-dish, TH327-PA, FHX35LG preamp 0.32 dB NF

Bernhard Dobler
Breslauer Str. 7
D-85435 Erding

Tel.: 0049 8122 7585

Subj:    Update
Date:   11/22/99 11:17:13 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Harry Price)

Hi Joe,

I wanted to pass along that I did not hear anything from 9H1ES on Sunday
night during the backup schedule either. I had good echos and worked two
new initials after sked time. I should be able to work Fortunato, but I
never hear him on skeds. I have heard him on random with the old 3M dish
but was unable to work him. Last night I worked I0UGB for my first Italian
station on 23CM EME (539/539) #73 and W1ZX (529/549) #74. Also worked in
November, prior to the second contest weekend, OZ6OL, W2UHI, and K5JL.
Please continue to sked me with 9H1ES when he is available - I sure would
like to work him sometime.

I completed 28/20 during the first weekend of the contest in October which
was a surprise because last year with the 3M dish I worked only 30/18 on
two weekends. I guess it is a result of the larger 4.5M dish and Darrell's
diagonal feed. As I replaced both at the same time I am not sure how to
distribute the credit. My average sun noise is 2.75dB more with the new
dish and feed than the average with the 3M dish and VE4MA feed. I think
this is nearly right, what do you think? Perhaps there is another .5dB to
gain somewhere.

Also I have added a visual tracking system which has helped very much with
the inaccuracies of the readback pot in the Az rotor on westerly headings.
So I guess I am good to the west, on clear nights anyway. Need to keep
working on this. A few days after the first contest weekend, very high
winds twisted the dish on its mounting and broke three mounting bracket
welds. When the storm was over, the new dish resembled an HF inverted V
with the dish looking at the ground on one side and the cantilever arm a
mirror image on the opposite side of the tower. With the help of my
son-in-law we built a wooden cradel and scaffold to support the dish in
place while we installed a new, more heavy duty mounting bracket and
cantilever arm. Major job for two people, but nice to have a son-in-law who
owns a welder and can weld! I have learned the hard way just how much sail
area there is on a mesh dish this big. Now to determine how to avoid having
it happen again.

Thanks again for keeping things coordinated on the net while having to
finish construction on the new house and move into it at the same time.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

73, Harry K3HZO

Subj:    Hello !
Date:   11/25/99 5:05:27 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Luc Halbach)
Reply-to: (
To: ('')

Hello Joe,

I am presently trying to come back on EME since a long time ! How are you ? 
Are you still active on 20 meters ? I have installed an aerial for 20 m so 
I will try to hear you ... at what time are you QRV ?

I will try to join Geert, PA3CSG, for the second part of the contest.

At home, I now have a concrete base installed. I start building a small 
strong tower dedicated only to EME for a large dish and, after that, an 
aerial will follow !

All the best to you and 73's QRO.


Subj:    Fw: UHF : 2304 and 5760  during the Contest
Date:   11/25/99 6:48:58 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Ivo Chladek)

> From: Ivo Chladek <>
> Subject: UHF : 2304 and 5760  during the Contest
> Date: Thursday, November 25, 1999 11:55 AM
> Hi All,
> Again - I will be QRV on Saturday 27th on 2304 for any random or skeds,
> Moon window ends at 0630 UTC.
> On Sunday 28th will be QRV on 5760 for any skeds or random. Here my Moon
> window ends at 0730 and I have sked with NU7Z at 0700. Horizontal
> polarization. 20W and 5m dish, which works like a 3m one. So far worked 7
> stations. I will be listening (and calling) with the offset of mutual
> Doppler, not on my own echoes. 
> I am still worried that I could damage my 6cm LNA with transmission on
> 2304, thus my 6cm horn will be covered on Saturday to prevent this. This
> the reason for being first on 13 cm, with covered 6cm horn, then I pull
> the cover by a string (hi) for Sunday operations. My dish is 6m off the
> ground, thus it is quite a job to cover it, this I will do tomorrow.
> I hope to work few new stations on 6cm, let me know please if you want to
> have Africa on your 6cm list.
> For those who cannot make it on Sunday, I will be QRV also on Monday
> But here I have backup sked with NU7Z at 0810. My window ends here about
> 0830 UTC.
> I hope that the weather improves, at the moment it is rainy, I need
> Moon for accurate tracking with CCTV camera. 
> GL, CU, 73, Ivo
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Ivo Chladek, ZS6AXT
> loc. KG33vv
> E-mail <>
> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

W2UHI:  nil heard from 9H1ES on 23cm... was on 23cm and worked K5JL, K9BCT, W4AD, 
        K3HZO, W7SZ.. Did get email from Doug Parker and could not get back for the
        first leg of contest.. but should be back for second leg.. G4DZU ...

K5JL:   nil heard from 9H1ES.. also did not hear K9ZZH.. There was a lot of activity
        on 23cm last night.. also worked W4AD.. but reports that Jack was xmitting 
        high in freq... had QSO with OZ6OL and reports SV0OE is on 23cm.. ?????

K3HZO:  worked OZ6OL as well as others.. DD1XF cancels sked.. nil 9H1ES also.. Nil
        from K9ZZH.. needs resked with worked W2UHI, K5JL, OZ6OL.. heard W4AD 

NU7Z:   up and operational on 5.7ghz .. propose skeds on 5.7 .. looking for W5LUA.
        4 meter dish 130w out on 5.7ghz.. .5db moon noise.. 

KD4LT:  if 9H1ES is on tonight, will take a sked.. 

VE4MA:  would like to try tonight on 5.7 with NU7Z.. 

KA0RYT: Happy Thanksgiving to all. on 70cm last night and worked VE6TA .. heard 
        RW1AW but did not hook up.. heard K5WXN as well .. there was a lot of
        QSB but signals were always there... working on FT-847 and installed 400z
        Inrad filter.. found that if you leave the load (an intermediate amp)
        biased on all the time, the spike is surpressed.. 

WA9NGO: ....

K2DH:   tried to get on last night.. bad luck again.. a rcv relay stuck and 
        blew first stage of preamp.. plans to be on 23cm both nights next weekend...
        preamp is being repaired.. for sale some 2304 equipment.. SSB xvtr
        STM 2000 and UEK 2000.. 2 boxes instead of 3 boxes... 2 mtr IF .. 20db HP
        directional couplers as well.. 

K9ZZH:  called CQ at 0100z.. and lost bias on xmitter and now on bench.. will not
        be on tonight... did not hear anyone on .050 .. 

WA8WZG/M: Will try to be on 5.7 tonight.. working on 23cm amp as well.. 

W7SZ:   23cm report.. W2UHI, N2IQU & K5JL.. heard but not worked CT1DMK, W6HD, 9H1ES
        & K3HZO .. Elevation to low for 9H1ES...  did work 70CM VE6TA #23 on 70cm.. 

K5WXN:  was on 70cm DJ3FI & RW1AW for new ones.. signals were very good on 70cm last
        night but did not hear anything from the JA window.. 

W7QX:   still have amp problems on 23cm.. did find problem later last night.. 
        heard K5JL, W2UHI and W6HD very well .. 

WB0GGM: did fix the switching problems.. but FT-767 xvtr died.. switched to FT-736 and
        heard DF3RU, DJ3FI, & W7CNK.. available tonight.. nil from WE2Y or N2HLT.. 

K6IBY:  no traffic.. 

KC2CMA: no traffic.. 

ON5OF:  sked requests for contest weekend .. will try to set a frequency.. 
        problems with 70cm amp.. efficiency is not good.. 3.5kv/.85 amp input
        and 1100w out .. any comments from others  this is a GS35b ???? 
        will be on tonight testing... 

DK3WG:  will be on next weekend .. and will be looking for new ones on Sunday
        morning.. too late for skeds with Russian boys.. Needs at least two
        weekends to send and confirm skeds ... Please note for N4GJV ... 
        confirmed RW1AW & N4GJV.. 

SM4IVE: will be QRV next weekend during contest if all goes well.. 4x22 ele ..
        have not had 70cm amp on for 2 years, but hopes to be active.. tried
        to talk SM4DHN to be active on 23cm.. 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

CT1DMK: who was JL working ??? 

DF3RU:  70cm yesterday.. looking for multipliers next weekend.. hopes for more
        activity on 70cm .. will be lookiing for K6iby on random tonight.. 

W6HD:   did hear 9H1ES call W7SZ for half hour but did not hear him during sked 
        ... but he worked when he called CQ 5khz lower.. Tay's sytem temp @ 42K
        with W7CNK preamp and VE1ALQ feed.. . 

W4AD:   tnx to W2UHI & K5JL for contacts.. 0500z-0830z during the contest will be
        only active time.. 

W1ZX:   may be on tonight on 23cm... 

VE7BQH: 12:15 PM 11/21/99