Subject: NET NOTES 14 November 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

There were no NET NOTES from me on Nov 13. I had to work on new house
with the contractor. Sorry about that..

73 de Joe

EME schedules, last update 14 Nov 1999, 06:27

Skeds for NOV 27
Time   432.040        1296.050       
0500z  N3FA  -PA3CSG  
0530z  PA3CSG-UA3PTW  
0600z  PA3CSG-RV4AQ   
0630z  K4AR  -PA3CSG  
0830z                 K3HZO -LU6DW   

Skeds for NOV 28
Time   432.045        1296.050       1296.060       
0530z                 K3HZO -DD1XF   
0600z  N4GJV -RW1AW   K3HZO -IK3GHY  
0630z  N4GJV -K4AR    K3HZO -I0UGB   
0700z  N4GJV -N3FA    K3HZO -I6PNN   W1ZX  -PA3CSG  
0730z                 K3HZO -G4DZU   K9ZZH -PA3CSG  
0800z                                WA9OUU-PA3CSG  
0830z                                W7QX  -PA3CSG  
0900z                                WA6KBL-PA3CSG  
1300z                 W1ZX  -K3HZO   
1330z                 K9ZZH -K3HZO   
1430z                 W7QX  -K3HZO   

Subj:    new e-mail address
Date:   11/13/99 4:47:51 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Sergei Joutiaev)

Hi Joe,

My new e-mail address:

Now I am finishing preparations for my first tests on 13cm EME. Hope will
be ready to  the second part of ARRL...may be week-end before it.
I can work only in split mode: TX on 2424 MHz, RX on 2304 (2320, 2424)MHz.
I still use 1.65m dish. TX - 120W (GS9B), RX - NE324.

73, Sergei RW3BP   @@@@@@@@

WA8WZG: have acquired a 10 meter dish.. will go look at it soon.. 

W2UHI:  was trying out meteor scatter on 2 meters with Jay & WA1JOF.. comp[leted
        with WA1JOF, but not with K5JL.. will be on next sked weekend. 

K5JL:   Jay thanks WZG for prop.. Bruce at Jay's .. and will be picking up
        the dish.. K5JL did work WA1JOF & VE1ALQ on 2 meters.. 

W4RDI:  nothing for the net.. still do not have the xcvr back from repairs..

K6IBY:  Band went dead.. QRV on 70cm and will take skeds.. 

WE2Y:   not too much going on QRV on 70cm and hopes to be on next contest 

N3FYT/M: Nate.. Silver Springs, 

W1ZX:   been cutting trees .. 

KA0RYT: nothing going on.. setting station up for contest.. will be on week
        before contest as well.. 

K1FO:   been busy on house .. 

W4AD:   trying to get the dish control going .. questions about the use of
        a GR (1236) IF meter. should see 12-15 db of sun noise with 12' dish.

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

F5FLN:  F6KHM is a club station.. West of Fr.. 4xbv ant 800w... had problems 
        during the contest with HV..  Xavier is operator F5TTU home call ..IN78

F6KHM:  42x25 for contest.. see above.. 

G4HOL:   Mike.. 

SP5ALN: ...dissappeared.. 

WB0GGM: working on control cables today.. will be on next weekend checking out
        the system.. 

K3VGX:  2 meter EME net..

KD4LT:  no traffic.. 

NET ENDS.. 11:59 AM 11/14/99