Subject: NET NOTES 7 November 1999
From:     K1RQG 
     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

As some of you may know, I am in the process of building a new home.. I 
apologize for not getting the NET NOTES out in a timely fashion.. I still
intend to run the NET, however, my time is limited. Thanks for your patience.


Subj:    tks skd cord
Date:   11/2/99 9:45:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Klaus Tiedemann - DL4EBY)

## Forwarded Message from, dated 01.11.99 :

Dear klaus.

   Thank you very much for the sked cord in 2nd oct. sw.
   I worked  VE1ALQ,EA3DXU,G3LTF  in the sked, and 
             DK3WG,K0RZ,N9AB,OE5EYM,ON5OF, on random.

   I will not take sked in the EME contest on Nov.sw,
    and will list up again for sked on Dec.sw. sorry.

   many thanks.
                         de T.Tshio. JA6AHB

Subj:    70CM EME 1 Part
Date:   11/3/99 1:58:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Günther Kollmer)

Hi Joe,
tnx for all Informed, strong signal on 20m all time.
I Finished the 1 test weekend 79 x 30...... and missed many big guns.
Condx wars ok, activity very poor.

         gl see you 73´ de Günther DL9NDD

Subj:         Result R/U-stn end Oct.
Date:   11/6/99 11:23:13 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:   dk3wg@OBDG.NETSURF.DE (Jurgen Fiedler)
Reply-to:       dk3wg@OBDG.NETSURF.DE (Jurgen Fiedler)

Hello EME friends......
here the 2m-EME report from from R/U stn - end October:

R1MVZ       maked 135 initials from Malyj Vysotskij Isl.
                    List see from RW1AW in "moon-net". VHF-QSLs via

RU1AA       Alex was back from R1MVZ and wkd J6MB.

RW1AW     confirm qso with new stn: WA2FGK, I2RV, SM3PWM,RW3PF,
                    R1MVZ, DF1CF, EA1YV, IW5DAN, VE2JWH, IV3GBO and
                    J6/K6MYC #165.
                   On 70cm with DL1YMK, UA3PTW, N2IQU, OH2PO, K5GW,
                   AL7OB, G3SEK,  F5FEN, ON4KNG and JL1ZCG #54.

RX1AS       wkd with WA2FGK, R1MVZ. J6MB and...?.

UA3DJG      have new DK3WG and JL1ZCG.

UA3PTW      initials R1MVZ, DF8LC, RV3IG, UA3MBJ and J6MB #106
                     On 70cm OH2PO, DK3WG, K5GW, OZ4MM, DL9NDD, OE5JFL,
                     NC1I, N9AB,  OE5EYM and F5FEN #15.

UA3TCF      only short time active, no new stn.

UA4API      glad to work JA0BLU, W0PT, SM3PWM, RK9CC, NJ0M, WA1JOF
                    and OH2BNH.

UA4AQL      no new.

RK9CC       wkd R1MVZ, JA4BLC, SM5SJR, DJ5RE, VE3KH, PE1LCH and

UA9FAD      new stn R1MVZ, 9H1PA, W8/NP4C, PE1OGF, WA2FGK, WA3BZT
            and N3FA

UT1PA       had this new one: VE3KH, R1MVZ, G3ZIG, EA2AGZ, SP7DCS, K1CA,

                   and OH3AWW.

UT5EC       added S52LM, HB9Q, G3ZIG, OE5EYM, R1MVZ, I3DLI, I2RV,
                   UA4API, UA3PTW and 7K3LGC #171.
                   On 70 cm this...W7CNK, DL4MEA, G4ALH and DJ3FI #108

DK3WG       have new - WA2FGK, R1MVZ, W8/NP4C, N3FA, UA3DJG,
                     WA3BZT, OK2DL  and J6MB #710.
                     On 70cm UA3PTW, DL1YMK, W7SZ and DJ3FI #357.

info:              -UA3MBJ is qrv agn 4x19 el LY, 200W
                    - RA3LE was not verry active in the summer time,
will more now...

73, gl via moon
                Jurgen, DK3WG@FFO.OBDG.DE   E-mail
                            DK3WG@DB0FFY              P.R.

QSL-Mgr for:   R1MVZ (Oct 99), RU1A/RZ1AWT, RU1AA,
                        RW1AW, RV3IG, UA3TCF, UA4AAV, UA4API,
                        UA4AQL, UA9FAD, UR5LX and UT5ER.

               Please, send your QSL and SASE to:
               J.Fiedler, P.O.Box 1531, 15205 Frankfurt, GERMANY

W2UHI:  still QRV .. all systems working fine. anyone needs a signal on 23cm, 
        give Frank a call.. 

W7CNK:  questions for W2UHI..

KA0RYT: will be checking with KB0VUK on progress for second contest weekend..
        Ron plans to be on from home the second sked weekend.. 

WB0GGM: Found switching problems.. 8 QSOs on 70cm.. during the contest, heard
        F5FEN, same as F1FEN for QSL.. will be on 70cm and 2 mtrs second leg.

WA8WZG: been away from radio for a couple of weeks ... Murphy again struck on
        sked weekend.. will be on 23cm and 13cm second week.. 


K0YW:   ...

VE1ALQ: working on the 10ghz feed horn.. did WA8WZG make contact with VE1ZJ ???

K5WXN:  worked F5FLN and F5FN with good signals .559.. 

W7QX:   nothing new to report.. who is John Ekiss. (AA6HA)

W1ZX:   cold in Waldorf.. 

WA2AKB/M: ..

K6IBY:   6 meters open to SA.. 

F5FLN:  46x22..  9 inits.. F1FEN is NOW F5FEN.. !!! Now 93 initials fro F5FLN..
        will be QRV second leg .. 

DL9KR:  who is F6KHM ?? looking for info on new JA stations ..JA8IW, JR4IUH ..
        NOW AT 723.. INITS.. 

DJ5MN:  no traffic.. will be QRV on 23cm second weekend.. will be on 70cm 
        with single yagi .. and also 2 meters with 8877 & 8 yagis.. 
        rcvd QSL from K3HZO & K2DH.. looking for any skeds and will be 
        available the weekend before as well.. 

CT1DMK: just worked K5TR on 6 meters.. 

SM4IVE: AU on Lars now.. 11:45 AM 11/7/99 .. maybe will put up 4 yagis for
        contest time permitting.. 

NU7Z:   now off 13cm and moving to 5.7ghz.. 

W7SZ:   nothing particular.. working on restoring an OZ9CR 6 tube amp.. 

K6IBY:  working 6 meter opening. 

KD4LT:  no traffic...