Subject: NET NOTES 6 November 1999
From:     K1RQG 
     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

W0KJY:  Need standings to be sent to ARRL or Jim.. .. standings NEED to be
        sent in and compiled by the end of year. worked 3 stations on Sunday morn.,
        look at web page for updated directory.

W2UHI:  nothing new.. worked 31 stations last weekend.. do not know the multipliers
        yet. Will be on during the November weekend..

W7CNK:  had fun last weekend.. not too much going on today.. 

VE1ALQ: not too much going on.. looking forward to the November weekend.. still
        trying to get 10ghz running before wx gets bad.. Have not been on during
        the week.. 

WA4CNI: ????

W4RDI:  still waiting for rig to come back from repairs .. has a keying

VE4MA:  not too much new.. sent ZS6AXT a note to get on 5.7 before the next
        contest weekend..Barry tried to get on 5.7ghz the second day of contest, 
        but then discovered he was xmitting into the dummy load instead of the 
        antenna. will be on 5 bands and jumping around .. not sure of schedule yet..

W5NZS/VP9: get Dad on 20 or 10 tomorrow morning...427-1439 .. W5GDL  28.885
        after his net.. Larry .. will be hanging out till 1600z.. FM72...(W7CNK) 

N4GJV:  was on last weekend for the first time in many months.. would like to
        arrange skeds with the following stations: RW1AW, AL7OB, K4AR, 
        WB3FAA (N3FA).. ******    looking for the updated version of the 
        VK3UM... thought condx last weekend were not too good.. during the
        JA window were poor.. 

SM2CEW: reports that Doug, VK3UM, is in hospital recovering from a stroke.. He
        is doing well and expects to be back in full swing by the end of the 
        year.. Prediction is for full recovery.. Peter is in constant contact 
        with Doug and his wife, Bev .. 

W7QX:   nothing new to report.. still working on the 23cm equipment.. trying to
        streamline the operation... will be in touch with W2UHI for future sked
        on 23cm.. 3x3 on 23cm during the contest 

KL7HFQ: was on the contest, first night signals were strong and was playing around
        DSP system.. got tired and crashed.. second night signals were not as good.. 

DK3WG:  missing QSL from N2HLT (2 Jan 1999), K5GW (25 May 1996), N6OVP (27 Mar 1993)
        W0RRY/5 (22 Nov 1986) .. 31x? W7SZ was a new one.. will be on during 
        Stateside moonrise... Jurgen does post info from the Russian boys on MOON NET.
        UA3PTW has 15 inits  9 during contest .. 250w and hopes to have 500w +..
        RW1AW lot of 70 cm QSO.. 

WD5AGO: worked 7 on 23cm .. not on much.. heard 15 other stations.. will be on 
        5.7ghz both nights in November.. will be on after 0700z on the 27th,
        28th 0800z.. 12' with 20w.. this will be last effort on 5.7 till spring.
        will be looking on 70cm at horizon... 

ON6JZ/PA3CSG: no traffic.. looking for skeds for next sched weekend.. 
        Sat morning 70cm N3FA, K4AR, KB0VUK, UA3PTW, RV4AQ, will be on 70cm
        on Sat morning only.. on 23cm Sunday morning WA6KBL, W1ZX, K9ZZH,
        WA9OUU, W7QX... ******

DL9NDD: worked 79x30 first weekend of contest.. DK0MM a club station will be
        QRV 500w and 4x 10 lambda yagis.. JN59

W7SZ:   during the first 8x8 on 23cm .. 14x9 on 70cm and 11 initials combined.. 
        lot of the "OLD Dudes" went to sleep when Larry fired up on 23cm.. STAY
        awake for the "Left Coast" ... 

K6IBY:  sigs good on the 30th.. and JAs also good.. reports that Yeasu has mods
        to clean up birdies and reduce the spikes that take out preamps (FT-847).

K5WXN:  good to Europe .. condx to JA were not too good on Friday night and only
        fair on Saturday night.. could hear others working JAs but Dan not hearing
        the JAs well .. 

SM4IVE:not too much to report. was on 70cm from club station, but it did not work
        to well.. 

DL9KR:  nothing to report.. FN21bg for N3FA.. did not work any JAs on Sunday
        moonrise .. still 86x32.. worked VE1ZJ during JA window az at 118 for 
        Jan.. heard AL7OB 

KD4LT:  good condx on 20 meter.. will be home for Thanksgiving and hopes to
        be on EME for that weekend.. will be on both 70cm and 23cm.. 

W1ZX:   no traffic.. 

AL7OB:  available for skeds on Nov 20/21 but not on sked weekend. will be on
        net tomorrow.. 

K9ZZH:  looking for directory.. 

DF3RU:  73x31 on 70cm.

VE7BQH: 12:10 PM 11/6/99