Subject: NET NOTES 31 October 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:    Arrl partial result
Date:   10/30/99 10:06:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dirk Van Offel)
Reply-to: (Dirk Van Offel)
To: (Joe Demaso)
CC: (Karl De Rijck)

Hi Joe!
NOw I'm sleeping...
worked 19x12 this morning
new PA with GI 7 and GS 35 worked ok for first 4 hours, 1,2kW OUT ! you hear that!
I put in a protective second relay before my preamp...
Sunnoise is now 13.5 dB (coax feed + steel wire antennas!)

ON1ABH worked Ja6ahb and wants his E-mail

(Karl is my Power Manager, 4 KV 1 A !!!)

now the PA is dead...draws current ok, all the HV is there and only 100W out! any suggestions? we think the output coupling fails...and the tube cannot dissipate it's HF???
73 Dirk

Subj:   EME Question
Date:   10/30/99 5:57:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   Cq dx 4
To:     K1rqg

 Hello Joe,

 This is Tom kc0w in Minnesota. I'm putting together a 432 
EME setup & would like to know what you recommend for yagi 
antennas on 432 EME.

                                             Thank you very much,

                                                            Tom  kc0w

Subj:    This weekend!
Date:   10/30/99 11:40:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Casas y Tierras)
CC: (Melum, Mike)

Hi Joe,
Had departed on the trip, and things seemed to be going well, when the
engine quit.  It had been tested before we left, and after launching was
running fine for 15 mins.  We found a little gas problem, but that was
resloved.  Good spark and lots flow (clean) and just wouldn' start.  After
couple hours, letting it rest in case was flooded, still nil, so came back
Fri eve.
I attempted to get the 432 system on the rising moon, but it had developed
50% VSWR!
Had checked everything 7-10 days ago, and all was working FB.  Have RF into
each antenna, but couldn't find anything obvious.  Will have to check each
line and antenna separately.  The problem was/is, that have been in a thick
fog and near constant drizzle, with periods of heavy down pouring rains,
which make it impossible to effect a quick fix.  Whenever it lets up a
little, will do the job.  Had hoped to get on the times with JA6AHB and
then AL7OB, but no way could I find where the problem was!

Guess Murphy has gotten loose again.

So, instead, doing a little on the CQWW SSB, but super codx and lousy
ability to get to many thru the pile-ups - more frustrating than it's
worth.  6m was open when got home Fri eve to YJ0DX, and QSO'd him off side
of ant.  Later swung it around and made a very strong SSB QSO too.  Got him
on 10 mtr, and was way down from the 6m sig HI.
Sat eve, J79AND, J68CB and J6/K6MYC QSO'd on 6m Backscatter. Mike has the
2mtr system ready to go, but same problem with too much water there!

So, expect to have things going next month, but will advise beforehand. 
Only type skeds want, is an approx time might be operating and approx freq,
otherwise random.

73 to all for now Louis HP3XUG

Date:   10/31/99 1:41:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

JACK RIGGS N7AM     360 373 8135

Subj:    Results
Date:   10/31/99 8:12:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Darrell)

Hi Joe;  For your net notes.
I had to quit because of very high winds this AM.
Total for this half of the contest are as follows:
42 on 23cm  X 33 Multipliers (quit because of high winds) 2 Initials
2 on 6cm X 2 Multipliers (quit because of high winds) 0 Initials
2 on 70cm (sked requests by other party) X 2 Multipliers (yesterday Oct 30, 
NO winds) 1 Initial
Missed several on 23cm this AM because of high winds, sorry about that folks.
Had a great time and hope all did, hoping the snow stays away for the last half
I am off to bed until tomorrow morning, CU  all L.
Thanks & Best 73, Darrell

Subj:    Bad luck with weather!!
Date:   10/31/99 9:41:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Hi Joe, hi 23cm-EMEers,

It seems that our weather here does not like my EME-activity!
Yesterday, we had very wet fog and moon was never visible, today
there was "only" normal fog, but wind come up additionally turning
my dish. For this reason I was only active for 4 hours in the
Sunday orbit gaining 7 QSOs.
My preliminary 23cm-result for the October part of the contest:
27 QSOs with 18 (?) multipiers and lots of fun despite bad wx es conds!

I am very happy with my small dish. Running it now for 3 months I
managed to work 51 different stations in this period of time, BUT
of course the size of any dish is ALWAYS TOO SMALL !! I know that
my signal off the moon is good so stations can hear me thanks to
my ultimate TH327-power. For all those calling for me without getting
a reply from me : PLEASE keep in mind that it is only a 3m-dish on
my side and looking at the average power one is using on 23 EME, I
am perhaps running at least 3 or more dB higher power in comparison to

During the weekend I heard at least 12 stations which I could not write
into my contest log so far. Additionally I missed some of the big guns,
like OE9XXI.

Jeffrey, WA6KBL, called for me at 0820 UTC, but half of my tiny dish
was already blocked by trees.

ANY COMMENTS AND CRITIC concerning my 23-EME-activity is very wellcome
and needed to improve my station and operating as I still a greenhorn
on 23 EME in comparison to most of you guys. Please feel free to
email me.

Starting from now I am again available and open for skeds on 23 EME.
I am myself looking for South America (LU6DW / LU8EDR, PY5ZBU) to
complete WAC.

73 and hope to hear you soon (again) on 23.

Bernhard, DJ5MN

Bernhard Dobler
Breslauer Str. 7
D-85435 Erding

Tel.: 0049 8122 7585

Subj:    G3SEK 432 report
Date:   10/31/99 10:03:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ian White)
To:, (Allen Katz), (Klaus Tiedemann), (Dave Dibley)

Hi Joe 

Neat picture of you and Sanne on the bike at Geert's! We were there last
weekend, and it looks like you're lined up for a visit... they're asking
questions like "How far is it to drive from Maine to Niagara Falls?"

Getting ready for the contest was a real skin-of-teeth job - replaced
the antenna changeover relay and all the other N stuff with 7/16 DIN
connectors, and was just finished by Friday evening. No time to test
before moonrise, but...

Finished the weekend with 48x23, a bit below my previous best, but not
bad considering the level of activity. As usual there were lots of
stations working the big guns who were good copy here, but if they don't
tune for the weaker CQs, there's no other way to get to them.

If it all holds together, I'll be back for December and hoping for a lot
more activity!

73 from Ian G3SEK

Subj:    New e-mail adress and Home page.
Date:   10/31/99 10:16:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Anders M. Thorrud, Milcom A/S)
To: (K1RQG)

Joe, please note my new e-mail adress

73 de Anders, LA8LF

My homepage:
E-mail:  @@@@@@@@

Subj:    ARRL EME first leg 432 Moonbounce contest result ON5OF
Date:   10/31/99 10:31:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dirk Van Offel)
Reply-to: (Dirk Van Offel)
To: (Karl De Rijck), (Eddy Jespers ON7UN), (Pat KRAMP), (Patrick Morel), (peter Moulaert), (Robert ON6MR), (Paul ON7XA), (Peter ON1BPS), (Peter Nagy), (Joe Demaso)

My score is 27 contacts and 17 multipliers sofar...
New PA with GI7 as driver and GS35B gives 1,2 KW out with 20 W in, but still bad efficiency, only 40 % ( 3300 W in and 1200 out)
It only blows the fuses (25A) of the shack...
it was QRT for a few hours (100 w out with 25 W in, we changed the output cable setup, it was 75 ohm, mismatch,,,)

Subj:    70 cm
Date:   10/31/99 10:35:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Tom Dee)

Joe, A little net worthy news. Using a 20 ft dish a dipole and 6 watts at 
the feed, without a LNA, both Steve K1FO and Mark N2IQU completed a contact 
with me on random.

Subj:    K3HZO results first weekend
Date:   10/31/99 10:56:41 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Harry Price)

Hi Joe,

We worked 28 QSO's with 18 multipliers. Five new initals: EA3UM, DJ5MN,

Do you count W2UHI as an Eight or a Two for multiplier purposes?

Thanks and 73,


Subj:    70cm system
Date:   10/31/99 12:23:26 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Casas y Tierras)
CC: (Melum, Mike)

Hi Joe, tried like mad to get you, or someone's attention this AM, but QRM
too high for you.  Did get the system working again, but nil echos this AM.
 Nice QSOs with N2IQU and K5GW and tried K1FO, but moon was going behind
hill at 11º, and surprised heard him at all.

Water in connector was problem, shoyuld have thought of that to start with.
 Sun was out this AM and managed to run a bunch of tests on everything. 
Then just about 1530Z, here come the rains big time, so had some rain
static on 432 even.
I can't say as the RX is up to par, but will do some serious cleaning and
adjusting up to next month's Test.  I'm supposed to go to the Darien end of
the month, but already told them I must be back prior to that weekend.  No
fishing/diving trips either!

Warm 73 for now  Louis HP3XUG/HO3A/KG6UH

KA0RYT: was at KB0VUK yesterday.. amplifier failed ... 4 worked OZ4MM, K1FO, OE5EYM
        and DL9KR ... 

W5ZN:   Not operational on the contest.. was not available.. 

WA9NGO: all is well.. 

W7QX:   did not work anyone but K5JL last night.. no answers to CQs..heard many.
        tell W7CS he was "O" copy when in comm with W2UHI. 

K9BCT/M: was on last night.. 

W2UHI:  worked 31 stations .. tried working WA9OUU but no answer.. did work
        K9BCT amonst many others.. no JAs that Frank could hear.. also worked
        W1ZX with great signal.. 

K3HZO:  spent the night on 23cm 28x20 .. 5 new inits.. S59DCD, EA3UM, WA9OUU, 
        DJ5MN & WA6KBL.. missed a few.. very pleased with the new dish..

K5JL:   heard WA8WZG but no reply.. worked 59 so far.. 23cm.. looking for
        more on 23cm .. VK5MC on 23cm 11:48 AM 10/31/99  .. worked W0KJY .. 

WA1JOF: ???

N2IQU:  still in JA window.. overslept a bit.. 73 on 70cm and 42 on 23cm ... 

W7CS:   not too much.. lots of alligator stations !!!! having fun.  but 
        very windy.. tough to hold the dish on the moon at low elevation..
W0KJY:  shut down for the day..0 for 5 on 23cm.. blew the preamp.. time to get
        standings in =======

W0ZFC:  no copy.. bad signal..

W1ZX:   not much was on for about 3 hours .. worked a few new ones.. 

CT1DMK: nothing special.. no electrical power for one day.. all during
        the contest.. this is done one Sunday a year, and it happened
        to be during contest time.. lost power at the West US window..
        hopes to be on 70cm during the second contest weekend.. Will
        take skeds before during and after the contest weekend..

PA3CSG: was on this morning low activity .. worked W7SZ for new one.. 

KD4LT:  was not last night due to very high winds.. 

VE4MA:  was on this morning.. Good sigs on 5.7ghz.. VE1ALQ, W5LUA, OE9PMJ heard
        did not hear ZS6AXT on sked .. waiting for another sked.. called OE9PMJ
        but never got a reply.. will be on 13cm and 23cm next sked weekend.. 

AL7OB:  heard a lot of activity.. will take skeds .. worked about 12 so far.. 

N4GJV:  looking for AL7OB.. 

K2DH:   dismal report.. hurried too much to get on.. down 3db in power.
        worked 4 stations.. did not hear a lot of activity..hopes to be
        on properly next contest weekend.. 

K9ZZH:   worked 3 this morning.. 

DL9KR:  low activity.. looking for new ones.. not too good.. worked 86 so far..
        a couple new inits.. 

DF3RU:  DL1DWI new stations.. 4 Yagis 100w ..   Will be QRV next sked weekend.
        with 6 db more power.. 
        Gerhard Meyer
        Holbeinstrasse 40
        01307 Dresden
        35 243 52571

SM4IVE: not on 70 yet.. was on 2 meters but problems with elevation.. 

K0RZ:   70cm 50x26 8 inits ... 

WB0GGM: 8X7 3 new inits.. had a problem but no found .. will repair..