Subject: NET NOTES 24 October 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

EME schedules, last update 20 Oct 1999, 20:55

Skeds for OCT 23
Time   1296.050       
0030z  K9ZZH -K3HZO   

Skeds for OCT 27
Time   1296.030       
0400z  W2UHI -WA1JOF  
0430z  VE1ALQ-WA1JOF  

Skeds for OCT 30
Time   432.070        2304.050       5760.050       
0130z                 G3LQR -OK1KIR  
0600z                 WA9FWD-OK1KIR  
0700z                 NU7Z  -OK1KIR  
0830z  RW1AW -AL7OB   
0930z                                OK1KIR-OH2AXH  
1000z                                W5ZN  -OK1KIR  
1030z                                OZ1IPU-OK1KIR  
1100z                                IK2RTI-OK1KIR  
1500z  JA6AHB-HP3XUG  
1530z  JA6AHB-VE1ALQ  
1600z  JA6AHB-W7HAH   
1630z  JA6AHB-WA9FWD  
2300z                 OK1KIR-JA8IAD  
2330z  ZS6AXT-JA6AHB  

Skeds for OCT 31
Time   432.070        1296.050       
0000z  EA3DXU-JA6AHB  
0030z  G3HUL -JA6AHB  
0100z  DK3WG -JA6AHB  
0130z  G3LTF -JA6AHB  
0200z  G4ERG -JA6AHB  
0230z  OK1DFC-JA6AHB  
0630z  K8ISK -DK3WG   
0800z  W7SZ  -DK3WG   K9ZZH -PA3CSG  
0830z                 W7QX  -PA3CSG  
0900z  W7QX  -DK3WG   W7SZ  -PA3CSG  
0930z  DL8OBU-AL7OB   
1030z  G3SEK -AL7OB   
1200z                 W0UGB -VE1ALQ  
1600z  JA6AHB-K0RZ    
1630z  JA6AHB-K4QI    
1700z                 JH5LUZ-W7SZ    
1730z  JA6AHB-KA0RYT  
1800z  JA6AHB-W7SZ    
2330z  JA6AHB-VK2BE   

Subj:    DJ5MN QRV 23cm in ARRL-EME-contest
Date:   10/23/99 11:53:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Hi 23cm-EMEers,
DJ5MN will be QRV on 23cm EME in the October part of the ARRL-contest
as follows:
30.10.     0000 UTC to 0730 UTC
           2330 UTC to 2359 UTC
31.10.     0000 UTC to 0830 UTC

Locator : JN58wh
rig: 3m dish, TH327 PA, FHX35LG-preamp

Stateside, please listen for me early in the orbit as I loose moon
at about 250 degrees azimuth due to neighbours trees.

I still miss QSLs from K2DH, KB2AH, N2IQU and K5JL. I worked them and
sent direct QSL with return postage more than half a year ago but
never got a reply! What has happened ? Years ago, an oldtimer told
me that QSLing is a gentleman operators duty. Have the times really

Good luck in the contest and good reflexions for everybody!

Please listen out for my peanut whistle signal on 23 !

Best regards,

Bernhard, DJ5MN

Bernhard Dobler
Breslauer Str. 7
D-85435 Erding


The auroras have been really wreaking havoc up here on all of the
bands.  I did hear however a W3 on CW coming through via auroral E on
Thursday night.  Wich I could have gotten his full call sign.  Did hear
a station  on 432 last night but he was working someone else and then he
faded away.  Hopefully nothing else will go wrong herebefore the
contest.  I keep getting request for skeds on two meters.  the problem
is, I dont have anything up for two meters.  Please let Lionel know this
as I dont know how they think I am able to get on 2 without any


Roger  KL7HFQ

W2UHI:  not much new for the net.. looking forward to contest and also some
        skeds proir to contest.. Frank is always available on 23cm.. 
        I0UGB 6/12/99 contact..  contact confirmed .. 10/03/99 549/549
        both ways.. now has a domain name on WEB.. 

KA0RYT: will be setting up and checking out KB0VUK system .. again this is the 
        same Grid as Ron, KA0RYT... this is a new station ... will be on random
        around 432.018...  Ron did work W7SZ during an Aurora.. would like to try
        with K6IBY  .   .... wx permitting will be on random
        Tues and Wed nights around .010 to .020 ..

W1ZX:   just checking in... 

N6OPC:  Ron.. signal check.. 

K6IBY:  had a couple skeds on 70cm and preamp seems to be working .. will be
        on random during the contest.. will try to increase the size of 70cm 

W7SZ:   worked KA0RYT on Thursday eve.. heard K8ISK quite loud, but rain static 
        halted contact.. heard W7CNK as well...  will be on after 0400z tonight 
        and during week.. 

K5WXN:  was on last night .. new one worked DL1YMK .. also K1FO.. Did hear W7SZ
        & KA0RYT.. but just weakly.. measured sun noise @ 16db then a few days 
        later 14db.. been on the moon most week.. 



DK3WG:  no traffic...

SM2CEW: worked N3FA for his first EME QSO last night 70CM.. 4 yagis 600w.. 
        (ex WB3FAA)

DL9KR:  no traffic.. . 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

DJ5MN:  see note at above.. 

GM0ONN: will be on 23cm during October weekend and 70cm during Nov weekend.. 

W7QX:   just left conference.. had a great time.. will be on 23cm next weekend..