Subject: NET NOTES 03 October 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:    AL7OB NetNotes for Sunday 10/3
Date:   10/2/99 9:40:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum, Mike)

Welcome back Joe!

I have hardly been able to hear the net since you left.  I must miss
your bodacious signal.  I will try again Sunday.  

I had pretty good luck for a change:  QSOs with :
DL9NDD, SM3AKW, EA3DXU, G3LTF, W7CNK, K4QI, and K1FO  (5 new ones).  I
worked OE5JFL and W7QX last week and SM2CEW since the last SW (3 more
new ones).  Its gotta be the relay Lucky sent me!

Still trying to get earth work done before winter for the 9.2 meter.  I
will probably be working on the AZ/EL mount all winter anyway.  This
thing is HUGE!  Trusses and 24 petals alone = 2500 lbs.  Found a surplus
AZ/EL from an old miltary dish for $100 which may turn out to be TOO

I can't believe I'm doing this!  Back in January I was going to make ONE
EME QSO just to say I did it.
Thanks & 73

Mike, AL7OB             BP51DC

432 EME - 16 X 12 element NBS 2.2,  K2RIW 700Watts,  DEMI .4dB,  FT-736

Subj:    K3PGP
Date:   10/3/99 12:46:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Darrell)

GM Joe;
Add this chap to your E-mail list he is a new comer.

Thanks, Darrell

Subj:    Initals
Date:   10/3/99 6:52:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Darrell)

For your net Notes Joe
I had partial with Ivo, ZS6AXT on 5760Mhz.   I sent him M's and he did
hear me but one of us will have to change polarity.  Ivo is Vertical,
I am horizontal and there is little to no polarity change between us, so only
a partial again.
1 initial on 70cm with RW1AW # 177
2 initials on 23cm, I5MPK # 119,
I0UGB # 120, worked 30 minutes before sked time on random.
I0UGB would become badly broken up, but believe he is aware of it.
Nil form W3XS, but have him in my log as K3EAH.....still need QSL card.
Nil from IK3GHY????
Going to bed but will be here at 1630 & 1700UTC for 23cm Skeds.
Long haul since 0100UTC, hi.
Thanks & Best 73,  Darrell - Ve1ALQ


W5AA:   VARO ...

K5JL:   many signals on 23cm this weekend.. HB9BBD had S8-9 signal off the moon.
        had a 4 way on 23cm .. HB9BBD, K5JL, G3LTF & K2UYH.. HB9SV very loud ..
        599 cw & 58 SSB.. did not hear K9BCT & K3HZO call Jay.. 

W2UHI:  was on at 4am local.. I0UGB for a new init.. OE9ERC, HB9BBD, K5JL, & SSB
        With K2UYH.. heard F1ANH/P but did not get a response.. G4DZU heard as well
        then daylight.. so went to 10 ghz terrestial for tests.. worked GW3XYW as 
        well.. was only on for an hour and a half or so.. signals were excellent
        all the time.. 

HB9BBD: interesting weekend.. lots of stations..34 QSOs this weekend.. lots of SSB 
        signals.. QSO with F1ANH/P but needs more info on this station... Home
        page has been updated with more pictures and sound files.. .. PY5DZU will be in Switzerland for international
        Telecom conference.. was testing 2 W7CNK preamps and are very good and 
        relative measurements indicate those tested at Washington, DC (PYP)
        and CNK are very close but CNK much lighter and cost is far less than the 
        cavity preamps.. 

W7QX:   was on 70cm this morning.. 3 inits and 4 total.. heard DL9NDD very
        loud around 1100.. DF3RU, IK2EAD, RW1AW, & OZ6OL all worked.. trcking
        system on 23cm is now working good.. hoping to be operational by mext
        weekend .. W4RDI will be visiting on 11th..   at 0100 this morning, the
        signals got very fluttery.. will be back on after 1600z today.. DF6NA
        will also be visiting later in the month (18th). looking for W7CNK.. 
        Have old Drake 1A rcvr with Manual.. looking for current Value.  

W7CNK:  was on 70cm Saturday and Sunday.. quite a bit of activity.. worked 
        many and enjoyed all contacts.. 

N2HLA:  8xfo22 and 1.5kw and will be on for contest.. Klaus please update Dir..

MW5AAM: 20 miles West .. 

DK3WG:  was on and no signals .. bad wx.. 

DL9KR:  worked UA3PTW (2nd time), DL9NDD worked K8ISK/4 FM18dv 8 yagis .  
        still needs QSL from WE7P & W7EME ...

CT1DMK: yesterday on 6cm ZS6AXT new init and new country.. still looking for 
        common window with W7CNK..maybe next week.. nothing on 10ghz due to 
        bad wx.. still working on 24ghz which is NOT a "piece of cake"

G0FPS:  nothing to report.. lot of rain.. was in Maine in 1944.. 

DL9NDD: no more news.. now knows that K8ISK is same as WD8ISK.. 

W7SZ:   condx were excellent on both bands.. JA5OVU on 70cm heard JH5LUZ.. last eve
        worked DL9NDD, DL4MEA, PA3CSG, DF3RU with loud signals.. OE9ERC and SM3AKW
        were worked on 23cm.. resked with DK3WG ******* in Oct.. 

KD4LT:  hopes to be around for the first weekend of the contest, but unlikely
        to make the second weekend of the contest.. 

PA3CSG: I0UGB, AL7OB, K8ISK, & W7SZ all worked on 70cm.. do not know what band will
        be on during the contest.. possible 10ghz if new stations are active.. 

K1FO:   did work WE7P .. no info on QSL.. tell W7QX he was very loud off the moon.. 
        heard the call W4OP on moon either someone calling him or his call.. !! ???
        K9BCT reports that Dale has no equipment and was not on... 

K9BCT:  not much to report.. did not go to bed till 4AM .. did work some European..
        HB9SV had a big signal.. Talked to W4OP yesterday morning, so does not think
        Dale was on 70cm at all.. 

AA5C:   bad luck early Saturday morning.. but then did work init 21 I5PPE on 10ghz
        on Sunday morning.. 

WA9NGO: report..

K8UC:   just rechecking.. working on 25' dish .. ?? on 

W1ZX:   nothing for the net .. hopes to be on 23cm for the contest weekend.. 

W7FN:   still not QRV on 70cm.. sun noise still down @ 13db ... usually at 16db .. 
        very dissappointed.. 

VE7BQH: 12:16 PM 10/3/99

net ends