Subject: NET NOTES 02 October 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

AL7OB .. check sked with PA3CSG.. If you can't make it please e-mail..
DK3WG .. check sked with W7SZ.. he will be there.. 

K5JL:   worked about 12 stations on 23cm... excellent signals off the moon..
        particullary on moon rise.. 

VE1ALQ: worked another new one.. I5MPK .. will be back on tonight.. does have
        a sked with ZS6AXT.. 

W2UHI:  was not on last night.. will be on tonight on 23cm.. working on terrestial
        antennas.. and if wx is ok tonight, Frank will be on... 

WA1JOF: nothing for the net . working on phasing lines for 23cm antennas.
        Looking for WD5AGO.. also working on second amp to combine for total
        of 400w.. 

WA9FWD: no too much going on.. still working with 13cm gear.. 10w solid state amp
        has a watt out with no drive.. (something for nothing) also burnt up filament
        xfmr for 7289s.  but has a replacement .. wx not good.. most likely will 
        not be on 23cm .. still has not heard anything on 13cm.. was measuring 13.5db
        of sun noise, then later with other cables and relays, lost over 2 db .. 
        now will run new xmit feedline and use old feedline for rcv.. hopefully this
        will reduce the rcv loss.. may be on 70cm tonight.. 

N2IQU:  QRV on 23cm .. will be on during the contest.. hopefully on 23cm & 70cm.. 

K9BCT:  not too much.. just got home from local hamfest.. plans to be QRV later

W1ZX/M: just checking in .. not QRV .. module for FT-736 still on fritz.. 

PA3CSG: no one active in Europe.. a bit windy this morning.. will be looking for 
        new stations on 23cm.. 

M0CHJ:  Stan.. 20 miles from Manchester.. 

DK3WG:  will be QRV on 70cm tonight.. Looking for W7SZ, K8UC, for new stations.

OK1MS:  greetings .. QRV on 2 meters.. 

STATESIDE       11:00 AM 10/2/99

W8TN/M: on way to Myrtle Beach.. will be working on 20' stress dish when Clark
        gets back from holiday.. hopes to be on by contest weekend.. 

W5ZN:   no traffic.. a lot of time at QRL... looking forward to contest.. 

W0KJY:  playing around with 10ghz tropo.. now working on EME gear, but wx is 
        not good... still QRV on 23cm and 70cm.. ??? W4ODW ??? any info.. 

K0YW:   now has an RF systems 30'dish... 16 petals.. good to 4ghz.. plans to 
        start on 23cm and work from there..

EUROPE  11:14 AM 10/2/99

DL9KR:  no traffic... 

DK3WG:  still looking for W7SZ..

K3HZO:  putting up new dish.. just worked N2IQU.. worked a new one during the
        week, OH2DG ... please update directory info.. 4.5mtr dish 250w 
        solidstate. ######... will be looking for JAs later on in the season.. 
        also worked 3 other VE1ALQ, K5JL & OZ6OL with new dish.. 

W6HD:   no traffic.. 

K1FO:   was on moonset for Europe with "rock crushing" signals.. 
        90 deg out on Faraday. any reports on Typhoon that hit Japan ???? 
        will be on 70cm tonight.. 

W7SZ:   sked with DK3WG @ 1030z on  040 .. heard several on 70cm but not
        too good.. switched to 23cm.. and still not too good.. heard DL9NDD &
        W7CNK on 70cm.. 

DL7APV: will be on for ARRL contest.. 4x27bv ... 

GM4WHD: North of Scotland... looking for info on Ameritron 811 amp.. 

K9ZZH:  looking for activity on 23cm.. 

NET ENDS        12:07 PM 10/2/99