Subject: NET NOTES 26 SEPT 1999

From:     VE1ALQ 

         Sunday 26 September 12:24:21 -0500 (EST)

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 
Rather sad opening note today for us that did not know of the accident Folks.

Most, if not all of us know Willie, W1ZX.  Willie reported today that one of his Son's, 38 years of age, 
died in a single vehicle accident about two weeks ago.  Willie reported his Son fell to sleep while driving.
I am sure I speak for all of us when passing our sincere condolences along to Willie, Connie & Family,
and with the deepest of sorrow from all of us.  
This certainly accounts for the fact we had not heard Willie on 20M for sometime. Darrell, Ve1ALQ

Congratulations to Ivo;
( from moon-net)
Hi ALL , 
Just to let you know that yesterday 25th we made it with Erich OE9ERC on 
6cm EME for first ever EME QSO from Africa ! 
Signal reports were 559 and 549 and the actual QSO took just few minutes ! 
My dish with 20W PA at the feed and 0,58 dB NF did a great job. I suppose 
that all know the Erich's equipment. 
For stations from Europe I may be QRV tonight if I get the sked proposal 
before 1800 Z today. This is subject to a good weather here, last night it 
was excellent.

K5JL: Net control

WA1JOF:  Don reports hearing KD4LT during their 23cm Sked last evening  and sending "O" 
for a large part of the Sked. Scotty reported hearing very little to nothing from WA1JOF.

W2UHI; Franks reports nearly the same as Scotty concerning his Sked with WA1JOF........
more goo need at WA1JOF's end and Don is working toward just that. Don did hear Frank
initially but lost Frank in QSB.

W8TN: Clark reports still working on his dish project, but making a living is getting in his way, hi..... later Clark.....Darrell

KD4LT: See Scotty's report above.  I did listen in on Scotty's Sked with WA1JOF and do 
not remember hearing Scotty as loud as he was last evening,  Darrell

K0YW:  Bruce not much new to report, but does report that 6m was open in good shape
yesterday into Colorado.

K1FO: Steve reported working UA4API, UT3LL & UA3PTW........UA3PTW was an initial for Steve
and which suggests this is possibly a new station on 70cm. Steve reported that polarity for
these station was off approx. 30 degrees and that his own echoes were shifted approx. 90 degrees in polarity.

K9BCT/4: Randy reports still working on getting his dish back up and running, but having numerous delays 
because of rain.  Randy also asked about Microwave Updates conference dates, which I believe was reported to 
be the last weekend in Oct???  You might all want to check on that,  Darrell.

W7FN: Don reports that his measured sun noise is down considerably on 70cm and will be busy working on 
correcting that problem, Don recorded 12db & expected 16+ db.  Steve, K1FO reported 18.6db
of sun noise on his system today.

K3HZO: Harry reports still being under the WX with the flu but will try to be on 23cm at
0200 UTC, Sept.26 with KD4LT, followed by my self at 0230, then K5JL at 0300UTC    

WB0GGM: John will be active on 70cm for this years ARRL EME contest and is working toward
23cm also for next year.

Thanks & Best 73,  Darrell