Subject: NET NOTES 25 SEPT 1999

From:     VE1ALQ 

         Saturday 25 September 12:24:21 -0500 (EST)

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Net notes for Sept 25/99

Last weekend my ISP (New Control Tech.) decided he would limit my E-mail domain posting back to the normal
permissible of 50 E-mail domains. Consequently a number of you all got two posting of Net apologizes for that
folks, I am now back to 500 domain address in a single posting, thanks for your patience all, Darrell ============================================================================== Darrell, Just barely able to hear the net this morning. I'm hoping to line up a few more 432 skeds for next weekend, and probably during next week too. I have a long list of hopeful candidates: KB2AH W7CI OZ4MM N2IQU WA4NJP W7GBI W1ZX EA3UM JA4BLC I2COR I5MPK DL9EBL HB9SV SM4IVE OE9ERC F5ELL K5JL LX1DB for starters...hi The pattern here is big dishes, hopefully with polarity rotation. Also would like W7QX G3SEK DL9NDD WE2Y RW1AW DL8OBY DF3RU The 9M dish project is proceeding very slowly. Likely to be next summer before ready. 70 mph wind last weekend did severe damage to my 4M dish that I was planning to use to get started with 1296. 432 array OK. -- Thanks & 73 Mike, AL7OB BP51DC 432 EME - 16 X 12 element NBS 2.2, K2RIW 700Watts, DEMI .4dB, FT-736 K5JL: Net control K0YW: Bruce has his FT-1000 back and operating. Bruce has acquired ( yet to pick up) a 30' ( 9.2M ),
dish and surveyed a location with in his Antenna farm that will allow horizon to horizon and 360 degrees rotation.........the big push is on. W4TJ: Bill was running with his 20m antenna 50 feet off the ground this weekend, rather than 6 feet as was the case last week, hi. Not much new, has the AZ running for the 13' dish,still working on the EL.........hopes to be running soon. K3HZO: Harry still battling a flu bug. Measuring sun noise at 14.5db with his new 4.5m dish. WA1JOF: Don is looking for 90 degree Hybrids to combine two 23cm amplifiers, Tommy (WD5AGO), can possibly help Don out with these devices. KD4LT: Scotty is running a Sked with WA1JOF at 0300UTC Sept. 26 with WA1JOF on 1296.045.....this evening local time 11:00 EDST. 10:00 CDST. 09:00 MDST , 08:00 PDST and of course midnight here in ADST, hi. W2UHI: Franks had nothing much new to report, still having fun on 10Ghz Terrestrial. KA0RYT: Ron is still operational on 70cm, last initial was RW1AW K9BCT: Randy is looking at acquiring a YL-1050 23cm Cavity and increasing output by 3db. SM4IVE: Lars is relocating his shack to a new location and hopes to start work on a new dish before to long. We do miss Lars usual big signal on 70cm so looking forward to hearing him again soon. W7FN: Don has his 70cm RX converter reinstalled, AZ back in operation and looking for echoes again. W6HD: Tay reports still working on the disposition of some of Hoppy's (N6BQ), equipment. Tay also reports that he has sun noise data that he and Hoppy have accumulated, tabulated, etc over the last 1.5 to 2 years.... Perhaps Tay will share with us, hi. WD5AGO: Tommy nothing new to report, will check on a couple of Hybrids for WA1JOF. Tommy is still QRV on 23cm. Net turned over to Lionel at 1550UTC Thanks & Best 73, Darrell