Subject: NET NOTES 19 SEPT 1999

From:     VE1ALQ 

         Sunday 19 September 12:24:21 -0500 (EST)

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

    Net Notes for Sept. 19/99

Very noticeable quietness from Europe this weekend......perhaps band 
conditions?????........Hope so.

K5JL: Net Control

W2UHI: Nothing much going on at Frank's this weekend....just waiting for SW. Had
a brief discussion with Bruce, K0YW regarding the "A" & "K" indices and propagation relationship on HF.

K0YU: Bruce considering and engineering the installation of his Dish Tower and discussion with Frank 
above. Also looking forward to the return of his 6M transverter WA9MGO: Tom was looking for Joe, K1RQG WA1JOF: Don set up 23cm Skeds for Sept 28 as follows: 1296.040 0300UTC Ve1ALQ - WA1JOF 0400UTC W2UHI - WA1JOF W4TJ: No much new for Bill, commented on different dish feeds relative to K8UC's report
below. K8UC: Curt is a new comer from West Virginia and hopes to be running on 70 and/or 23cm by contest time. Curt is looking for a 23cm Amp that can nicely be driven with approx.
10W on 23cm. Curt has HB'ed his 25' (7.6M) dish and looking forward to
EME.........perhaps first on 70cm then 23cm??? Curts E-mail address W7FN: Don pulled his RX converted out and was able to get the RX & TX within 1Khz of each other before running out of inductance to pull the XTAL closer W7QX: Jerry is looking for a set of "COME-A-LONGS" and a SKY HOOK to raise his dish, also looking for Barry,
Ve4MA. NU7Z: Rick did not have much to report, he did get his 902Mhz beacon up and running. W7SZ: Larry still had his first cup of coffee in hand and would be checking out 23cm pre-amps later W0GGM: John had nothing new to report except that it would be perhaps another year
before he would be up and running again. Net Closed at 1610UTC and handed over to Ve7BQH Thanks & Best 73, Darrell Darrell, VE1ALQ NET ENDS