Subject: NET NOTES 18 SEPT 1999From:     VE1ALQ          Saturday 18 September 12:24:21 -0500 (EST)
     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 
    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:
     KLaus, DL4EBY 

PLEASE NOTE Question form Klaus........Tnx, Darrell

Jay, or whoever runs the net: Please ask potential stations if they accept 
skeds during contest 
a) on bands covered by the contest 
b) on bands *not* covered by the contest
Thanks, Klaus.

Hi Folks, September 18, 1999
Here is the sked list for the October activity weekend.
Kind regards, 
Klaus, DL4EBY.
EME schedules, last update 18 Sep 1999, 02:17
(432 MHz listed only) 
Skeds for OCT 2 
Time 432.040 
0730z VE1ALQ-RW1AW 
2330z AL7OB -DL9NDD

EME schedules, last update 18 Sep 1999, 02:17
(1296 MHz listed only) 
Skeds for OCT 3 
Time 1296.050 
0130z DJ5MN -JA6CZD 
0200z DJ5MN -JH5LUZ 
0700z W3XS -VE1ALQ 
0730z PY5ZBU-DJ5MN 
0800z DJ5MN -OZ6OL 
0900z WA8WZG-DJ5MN 
0930z VE1ALQ-I0UGB 
1000z VE1ALQ-IK3GHY 
1630z KD5FZX-VE1ALQ 

EME schedules, last update 18 Sep 1999, 02:17
(2304 MHz listed only) 
Skeds for OCT 2 
Time 2304.050 
0830z NU7Z -OK1KIR 
0900z NU7Z -OH2AXH 
0930z GW3XYW-NU7Z

Net Notes Sept.18/99

K0YW: Temp Net Control......waiting for Jay, K5JL.  Bruce still working toward Dish
acquirement and installation, presently looking at a 24' solid dish, also having fun on
6m and possibly of 6m EME with two stacked Yagis.
W5LBT: Bob looking for Microwave Update Conference dates.....which is Oct 23/24/25.
W2UHI: Franks confirms all equipment is functioning well and having fun on 10ghz
terrestrial. Tied up with family company for last while and looking forward to SW. WA1JOF: It is reported Don is again ready to take schedules on 23cm with 200W now
available in shack. Equipment is 4 x 55EL loop Yagis and 200W. Would prefer perigee,
or very near for Skeds.
WA9FWD: John reports that Fair Radio has available 5KW, 950 to 1260Mhz Bird watt meters.
They also have 25W 1.8 to 2.5Ghz elements for Bird Watt Meter.....
(I am assuming for Model 43, Darrell). W4TJ: Bill reports RX capabilities on all bands up to 24Ghz.....No damage form Hurricane
Floyd. Hopes to be QRV by contest weekend on 23cm.
W7CI: Steve reports a lot of thunderstorms this summer and nearly every SW all summer,
plans on being QRV of 70cm and needs Amp for 23cm.
W8TN: Clark Concrete is poured for new Dish installation, material for dish is ordered
and will be working on that this coming week, expects to start with the new dish on
70cm. W7FN: Don is working on problem with RX converter being offset 10Khz higher than TX Freq.
Suspects XTAL trimming capacitor may be faulty.
W7SZ: Larry is preparing to upgrade his 23cm TX capabilities by either a 4 tube, 6 tube
7289, or single YL-1050.........(heck I did not think there should be a choice, Darrell).
W7CS: Chuck reports his 1296 & 432 transceivers have been repaired since the lighting
strike......but 144 unit beyond repair. Chuck also looking for feedback on preferred HF
rig for IF Transverter system.
Ve6TA: Grant is working on 432 system and will be QRV on both 70cm & 23cm for contest
W7QX: Jerry hopes to have Dish up on the mount today and hopefully running for the
contest weekend. Jerry is reported to be detectable on 23cm EME with single 21dbi
Yagi and 110W at the feed.

Net Ended, and turned over to Ve7BQH at 16:10UTC

Thanks & Best 73 to all.
Darrell, VE1ALQ