Subject: NET NOTES 12 SEPT 1999

From:     VE1ALQ 

         Saturday 11 September 12:24:21 -0500 (EST)

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

    Short net today, net attendance appears to be down due to VHF contest
    activities this weekend.

    No E-mail entries today either.

    I apologize for the duplicate, or perhaps triplicate Net Notes mailing
    yesterday to some of you.   There were 7 entries in the huge E-mail list
    that had no Domain association,  problem should now be corrected.....I

    K5JL, Net control:

    Jay reports tracking system is working very well with new computer.

    K0YW:   Bruce reports great activity on 6m scatter today. Worked 30, or
            35 stations. New 6m 8877 Amp loafing along (I bet, hi ).

    K1FO:   Not much to report, will be on 432 today issuing grid squares to
            those wish it.

   W7CNK:   Lucky just firing up on 432 EME. Lucky reports that ZS6AXT
            should soon be QRV on 5.760Ghz.   Also busy working on 23cm

    W5ZN:   Joel reports a very busy week at the work place, also working on
            ARRL commitments.  Basically going to relax this weekend.

   VE4MA:   Barry is busy working on Microwave Updates Presentation material.....not
            much time for anything else. Did works a couple of stations on
            terrestrial, but condx. not very good with wet WX in the area.

   W5LUA:   Al reports he is burning in the screen PS for the TH-327 23cm Amp and hope
            to have it running early this week. Al also looking for schematics form
            Barry for his 24Ghz TWTA.

   KD4LT:   Scotty reports great time at Foot Ball game and will be on 23cm & possibly
            70cm EME today.

            Just a reminder that there will be activity at 1900UTC today on 23cm.
            K5JL, WA8WZG, KD4LT......possibly others, and myself if I can see the

 Nothing out of Europe today, band was very very quiet.

    W7CS:   Chuck reports that he attended Hoppy's, (N6BQ) funeral in California.
            There was a large turnout, as perhaps expected for sure. Chuck also
            sent some time with Don, PY5ZBY, and W7GGI while in the area.

            Chuck also states there is another Naval service being held in North
            Carolina today for Hoppy.
            (Hoppy will be sadly missed by most of us I am sure)

    Turned Net Freq, over to KB8RQ and 2m gang at 15:50UTC.

    Thanks & Best 73 to all.

     Darrell, VE1ALQ