Subject: NET NOTES 11 SEPT 1999
From:     K1RQG 
         Saturday 11 September 12:24:21 -0500 (EST)

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

    Hello All;

    Only one attachment today.

    Am looking for info on where I could purchase a coaxial step
    attenuator suitable for 432Mhz.
    73`s, Trevor, VK4AFL.


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K5JL:  Jay got rained out of this bird hunting trip this AM.......more for OTHERS now.
       Jay also made an interesting discovery using the VK3UM Tracking board in the
       "PULSE" mode this week. Jay had unfortunately lost his computer normally
       used for EME tracking and for the short term had set up a 386 20Meg unit
       with 4meg of RAM.
       To his discovery the 386/20 would/could NOT keep up with the pulse train
       from the switches in the field, i.e. with 42 pulses present for 1 degree the
       386/20 was only counting or processing approx. 30 of them, this of led to
       frequent re-calibration. With the installation of a 486/75 all problems with
       frequent re-calibration went away.

K0YW:  Bruce is very busy acquiring equipment and materials to dust the moon with
       1296Mhz RF radiation. Noting his relation ship with K5JL this EME station
       K0YW will be another "Goo" factory and certainly another welcome EME'er from

W1ZX:  Willie was mobile heading to his home in Maryland and expect to be QRV on
       next SW.......good signal for those looking for Maryland. Also looking for

W4RDI: Don is still recovering form an electrical storm that destroyed this
       computer and tracking system, but hope to be QRV next SW.

KC8INK...........Mobile signal report.

WA8WZG:Tommy is busy setting up for this weekends ARRL VHF Contest and plans to be
       QRV on the moon tomorrow at 1900UTC with K5JL, W2UHI, and anyone else who
       would like to join them and exchange GRID SQUARES. TOMORROW at 1900UTC LOOK
       FOR K5JL, WA8WZG, and OTHERS on 1296.015, or near by.

WA9FWD:John is diligently working on his 23cm system and hopes to be QRV next SW.
       John has also been around the country looking at some large surplus????
       dishes that may be available.....bigger signal to come????


       Clark was questioning HOW & WHY K5JL got mentioned in QST, hi. Clark hopes  
       to be QRV on 70cm by Oct.

VE4MA: Barry is still very busy at work, plus he had company this week. Also
       diligently working on the 24Ghz equipment when time is available, and does
       not expect to be QRV this weekend on 23cm.

WA9DUU:   ......signal reports
KC6IBY:   ......signal reports
KC4CNY:   ......signal reports

WA1JOF:Don is still working toward more power on 23cm before accepting any Skeds.
       Equipment is 4 X 55EL Loop Yagis, power level yet to be
       determined......looking for 250-300W when new tubes arrive.

KD4LT: Scotty busy with "Honey does" cleaning yards so he can stack more
       Antique farm tractors, etc, Ha.  Looking forward to a football game this
       evening.  Willing and ready to go on both 23cm & 70cm and looking for
       Initials on both bands.

NU7Z:  Rick is looking for Skeds on 2304Mhz at anytime......moon available of
       course. Rick points out the his plant for the ARRL EME Contest this year is
       to be QRV on 2304 the Oct. weekend and 5760Mhz the Nov. weekend.  Rick does
       have some work to be done at 5760 before he can be certain of 5760, but is
       working toward that Nov. weekend.

GM0ONN:ID reports that he heard NO station during any of his schedules last SW. He
       also reports Pre-Amp problems and is working toward RX improvements before
       re-scheduling on 23cm. Plans are in the works to obtain a larger dish as
       well. ID reports 1db N/f with his present 23cm pre-amp which no dough
       accounts for him not hearing any of the Sked stations.  This answered my
       question as to how well he heard me, hi. ID is also using visual tracking
       which he hopes to have corrected.

       My report during my Sked with GM0ONN is this: He was just detectable during
       his first two sequences to me, but quite copy-able on his third sequence
       when I did copy both call sets. The signal went back into the noise for the
       remainder of the Sked.  ID was again quite copy-able during his first
       sequence to K2UYH.   The station is workable and everyone is anxiously
       waiting RX improvements.

       If I have missed or left something out.....BLAME Joe.

       Thanks & Best 73, Darrell

       NET ENDS