Subject: NET NOTES 04 September 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

REMINDER !!!!!  I will be gone for the next 3 weekends.. Please check for new skeds
below ... 

73 de Joe

EME schedules, last update 4 Sep 1999, 11:31

Skeds for SEP  4
Time   432.035        432.040        432.045                 
1630z                 AL7OB -WE2Y    
1700z                 AL7OB -W7QX    
1730z  AL7OB -W7GBI   
1800z  AL7OB -W3XS    

Skeds for SEP  5
Time   432.040        1296.050       1296.075       
0000z  AL7OB -RW1AW   
0230z                 DJ5MN -JA7BMB  
0300z                 DJ5MN -JF3HUC  
0330z                 DJ5MN -JH5LUZ  
0830z                 EA3UM -DJ5MN   
0900z                 ON5RR -DJ5MN   
0930z                 PY5ZBU-DJ5MN   GM0ONN-VE1ALQ  
1000z                 LU6DW -DJ5MN   GM0ONN-K2UYH   
1200z  KL7HFQ-OH2DG                  GM0ONN-W6HD    
1230z                                GM0ONN-W2UHI   
1300z                 KD5FZX-S59DCD  GM0ONN-K5JL    

Skeds for SEP 11
Time   1296.050       
1230z  OE9ERC-DL/LZ1  
1330z  ZS6AXT-DL/LZ1  
1400z  VE1ALQ-DL/LZ1  

Skeds for SEP 12
Time   1296.050       
1200z  HB9BBD-DL/LZ1  

Subj:         70cm skeds wanted
Date:   8/30/99 3:40:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   Juergen.Kaufer@T-ONLINE.DE (
Reply-to:       Juergen.Kaufer@T-ONLINE.DE (

To all 70cm EME stations:

I'm looking for skeds for the next weekend, especially for # .

If anyone has free time, please contact me via email .

I'm very interested to have a sked with :


Any other stations are welcome.

Grid : JO42xi
Stn  : 4x33el(10wl) , @ 1.2 k

Juergen , DL8OBU
Phone : +49-5132-94100
email :

WA1JOF: Please cancel the 23cm skeds on Sunday.. Equipment problems.
        Don will let us know when he is QRV... Please no skeds till
        further notice... 

W2UHI:  was on 23cm this morning but got up a bit late.. plenty of window 
        left for Europe but not much activity.,.. good signals but low activity
        at the time Frank was on.. 

WD5AGO: will be gone in 10 min.. 10:23 AM 9/4/99 just echo testing .. not QRV.

W7CNK:  QRV on 6cm this .. had good moon noise .. 3 sked .. I6PNN, SM4DHN, CT1DMK..
        did hear own echoes and heard some of I6PNN at start of sked, then  PNN
        dissappeared.. nil from any others on 6 cm.. 

K5JL:   computer has died and Jay is off the air (EME) .. no tracking

VE1ALQ: contacts on 5.7ghz and 70cm today .. will be on 23cm tomorrow.. 

W1ZX/M: nothing for the net ...

W5LUA:  ?????????????????

KB8RQ:  did work W7QX on 70cm.. heard W7SZ but not complete.. 

W7SZ:   did Gary get .gif image (yes) .. good morning.. RW1AW on 30TH.. PA3CSG (549)
        K2UYH, VE1ALQ, nil K5WXN.. Has Lunar amp now and just waiting for tubes..

WA9FWD: working on the 13cm gear.. had some problems on xmit side.. found out
        camera was off.. Is there going to be microwave EME contest this year

WE2Y:   worked EA3DXU this morning... has a sked with AL7OB comming up.. 

K9BCT/M: will be active later today... on 23cm.. couple contacts last weekend.

GM0ONN: on EME 23cm with 1.2 meter dish 230w... 

SM4IVE: was on holiday 9A on motorcycle.. planning to be back on EME sometime..

DL9KR:  rental company all OK.. time limit ...was playing with preamp this morning..
        heard W7BBM 579, K1FO, K2UYH... 

W7FN:   was on this morning and worked AL7OB. Finally found rcv problems ... also
        has a split freq problem .. feeling better.. worked W7GBI with 569.. 

VE4MA:  been very busy.. still working on 6cm and 24ghz equipment.. had eyeball
        with K0RZ & WD4MUO while in Denver.. discussing use of PSK on EME ... 

W6HD:   report on Hoppy..still in hospital, but knows the 5 meter dish is up and 
        running and happy about that .. WA6KBL worked DJ5MN, W6HD, F1ANH.. 

AL7OB:  been up for quite a while.. not well with Europe.. DL9NDD nil heard on sked
        and later heard him S3 but did not hear back from NDD.. WE2Y. 040 1630
        Has parts for 9.2 meter dish in yard.. solid aluminum Comtech... 

K6IBY:  still no preamp.. blew it up while on 2 meters.. so no 70cm till later..

K5WXN:  Heard nil from W7SZ .. but did hear him earlier... band went dead.. 

ON5RR:  is back active on 23cm..  DJ5MN worked .. WA6KBL on random.. looking for
        NL7F on 23cm... 

KE4ZLV: James..  Ky.. 

W8TN:   getting tracking program up and running.. 

N7EIJ:  2 meter net..

net ends