Subject: NET NOTES 28 August 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Below are modified skeds for Sep 4/5.. Please check..
Also, I will be gone the following weekends coming up:

SEP 11/12, SEP 18/19, SEP 25/26 & OCT 9/10 ..

73 de Joe

EME schedules, last update 28 Aug 1999, 11:29

Skeds for SEP  4
Time   432.040        432.045        2304.050       2304.075       
0030z  G3SEK -VK2BEK  
0730z  OH2DG -S51ZO   
0800z  F5KDK -OH2DG   
0830z  PY5ZBU-EA3DXU  
0900z  WE2Y  -EA3DXU  
0930z  KB4CNI-EA3DXU                 G3LQR -OK1KIR  
1000z                                NU7Z  -OH2AXH  VE1ZJ -OK1KIR  
1030z  AL7OB -W7QX    G3SEK -RW1AW   NU7Z  -OK1KIR  
1100z  AL7OB -WE2Y    G3SEK -HG4I    NU7Z  -GW3XYW  OH2DG -OK1KIR  
1130z  W7SZ  -PA3CSG  W7BBM -OH2DG   DF3RU -OK1KIR  
1200z  AL7OB -G3SEK   W7SZ  -K2UYH   
1230z                 W7SZ  -G3SEK   
1330z  W7SZ  -K5WXN   
1400z  W7SZ  -VE1ALQ  

Skeds for SEP  5
Time   432.040        432.045        1296.050       
0030z                 AL7OB -DL9NDD  
0230z                                DJ5MN -JA7BMB  
0300z                                DJ5MN -JF3HUC  
0330z                                DJ5MN -JH5LUZ  
0830z                                EA3UM -DJ5MN   
0900z                                ON5RR -DJ5MN   
0930z                                PY5ZBU-DJ5MN   
1000z                                LU6DW -DJ5MN   
1100z                                WA1JOF-W2UHI   
1130z                                WA1JOF-WA6KBL  
1200z  KL7HFQ-OH2DG                  WA1JOF-K2UYH   
1300z                                KD5FZX-S59DCD  

Skeds for SEP 11
Time   1296.050       
1200z  HB9BBD-DL/LZ1  
1230z  OE9ERC-DL/LZ1  
1330z  ZS6AXT-DL/LZ1  
1400z  VE1ALQ-DL/LZ1  

Subj:    Net notes.
Date:   8/24/99 12:51:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Trevor Benton)

Joe, -  I will be looking for contacts this w/end Aug 28/29, [432].

 Tnx & 73`s, VK4AFL.

Subj:    Re: 10 GHz EME sked...if is possible.-
Date:   8/26/99 6:40:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Klaus Tiedemann - DL4EBY)
CC:,,,,,,,,, oh2aue@PERSONAL.EUNET.FI, paulc@COMMQUEST.COM,,,,,,

Gentlemen, Alex,

I received the following from Alex, IK5WJD.
(Too late to arrange sked, Alex, maybe you try direct..)

Best regards, Klaus, DL4EBY.

> Dear Klaus,
> My friend I5PPE and mine are interested in 10 Ghz EME activity.
> We dispose of a TWT 18 Wout and 3 meter dish and our own echoes
> are readable in some different sky position of moon,  but still any
> bilateral QSO we aren't made....Hi...
> For the next weekend 28-29 August, is possible for you to verify
> if there are any possible 10 Ghz equipped station ?? For example:
> S57UUU
> ? any others ... ?
> Best 73
> and many thanks de Alex, IK5WJD.
> (please note my new e-mail address, thanks)
>       Alessandro Giusti,  IK5WJD
>       Via Romanelli, 54
>       50011 - Antella
> e-mail:

WA1JOF: working on getting more power on 23cm.. 

W2UHI:  all systems go .. looking forward to sked weekend.. inspected
        tower (made of wood) and found that the mice have moved in and
        chewed up some wires, but all is repaired.. 10ghz on tropo..

K5JL:   22.6db sun noise.. VK2CZ with 8 yagis & 10w on 23cm.. will 
        run again tomorrow.. lots of high temps.. 

VE1ALQ: not too much .. will take skeds on 5.7ghz anytime.. Please
        let Darrell know if you are available.. 

WA9FWD: not too much going on.. still assembling the 13cm station &
        hopes to test the system today and will report tomorrow.. 
        12' dish and 1 7289.. 

WD5AGO: nothing for the net.. 14db sun noise with 10' dish.. 

G0RUZ:  for WD5AGO.. has 3.7mtr paraclipse dish up and testing preamps.
        will try to get on for ARRL contest.. will be back on EME
        on 2 meters, 70cm, and 23cm.. 23cm will be the first band..
        sun noise on 23cm is 13.5.. YD-1336 is power amp tube .. 
        not ready quite yet.. optimizing feed.. AGO preamps are doing 
        well. now in a different QTH.. Club call is GX4NOK.. has a 
        GS35 and 4x10 wavelength on 70cm.. GX4NOK will be the call
        used during the ARRL contest on 23cm .. Not too far (IO93fr)
        from Leeds.. Conrad has moved to a new neighborhood, and has
        had some local issues.. looking forward to getting on 23cm
        and hopes to have 600w when finished.. Has had a few moonset
        QSOs on 2 meters with one yagis..  

W1ZX/M: in Bangor .. 

KD4LT:  not too much.. was on 23cm last Sunday, but no contacts..
        OOOPPPSSS!! Football season is here.. May not be here for
        Labor Day weekend.. 

W7CNK:  nothing going on .. will be on 5.7ghz next weekend.. has a 
        sked Monday morn with ZS6AXT.. 0000z on 08/30.. 

W7QX:   tried to get on 70cm this AM and discovered more feedline
        problems.. how are 70cm band condx .. will start at 0430z
        tonight .. 

W7SZ:   nice day ... 0445z sked on 432.040 RW1AW .. Still @ 350w
        level.. good echoes on 23cm.. is available and will take
        skeds.. no change time needed.. 1230z .040 W7SZ/KD4LT ..

HB9BBD: Not QRV for the last few week.. preparing for the next sked
        weekend .. nice to be back on moon and will be active..

PA3CSG: no traffic... 

W4RDI:   looking for VE1ALQ..  has problem with tracking bd comm..  

EUROPE 11:46 AM 8/28/99


K3VGX:  2 meter net..