Subject: NET NOTES 21 August 1999
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:    G3SEK 432MHz EME report, August 1999
Date:   8/16/99 1:47:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ian White)
To: (Allen Katz),, (Klaus Tiedemann)

Hi all

My activity has been very sporadic this year, with a lot of
interruptions due to other commitments. I wasn't able to be on the air
on the Saturday morning of 7 August, and only worked W7CNK near to
moonset. Sunday 8 August, worked JA6AHB (449/559)#, JA5OVU (559/559),
VK4AFL (O/O)#, OZ6OL (O/O)#, G3HUL (449/449), K0RZ (449/449) in contest,
DF3RU (559/449) and W7CNK (449/549). 

Also heard VK2BEK (abt 0300 ) and HG4I (abt 0900). Both stations were
calling 1x1 CQs with good signals, but apparently not listening
seriously for calls.

That makes me think it's probably time to repeat the standard QSO
procedure, BUT not the same old thing again. It really does need a new
section on random CQs and QSOs. Allen: if you have an electronic version
of the last version of the procedure, please e-mail it and I will try to
write an update.

The GS35b amp is working well, giving a solid 1kW at the antenna. I have
spent some time developing a "universal" control board for triode amps,
and that should be ready to roll out Real Soon Now.

I should be QRV for September weekend, and will be happy to take skeds.
Looking for AL7OB (short path only), RW1AW, W7SZ and also of course
VK2BEK and HG4I if they are genuine initials.

Probably won't be QRV for October 2/3, but both contest weekends are
marked KEEP CLEAR in my calendar!

73 from Ian G3SEK

Subj:    qrv
Date:   8/16/99 4:09:36 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

K1rqg de DL7APV

Hi Joe !
All fine here. Put the 8x21el. F9FT down. Not qrv at this time. Working on a 9bv
system, but the mechanical construction looks not as perfect as aspected. Not
sure what to do, maybe putting up the old array again. I need a bigger tower,
but I think not this year. I´ll tell you when I´m back on EME.

regards to Pearl
73 bernd dl7apv

Subj:    pse qsp!
Date:   8/19/99 2:28:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Hallo Joe!
Recently I hang up a dipole for 20m but could not hear anything on
Saturday/Sunday evening.
Could you please arrange some skeds for me on 29 Aug between 0030 and 0530z
with North (South!?)-America and/or on 28 Aug between 2000 and 2400z with
rig here: 4x24el bvopt (7.7wl), open wire feeders, FHX35LG-cavity preamp, tx:
500W. grid: JN87EW.
I can hear my echoes frequently. 4 yagi-stations are easy to work if they
receive well.
The following sations I am especially interested in: AL7OB, any station from
South America and Australia, N9AB, W7QX, W7CI, JH4JLV, JA2KRW, EA3DXU, JA3SIM.
Any other station is welcome! I prefer frequencies around 432045.

73 es gl de Johannes OE3JPC

phone/fax: ++43-2254-75769

VE1ALQ: not much accomplished during the week.. QRV on 70cm, 23cm, 
        & 5.7 ghz..

VE4MA:  ..still working on 24ghz gear.. 

WA9FWD: putting 13cm feed in dish.. no skeds though.. QRV on 70cm only.
        50' dish available az/el mounts.. also 3 t0 5 meters dishes..
        Lake Geneva, Wisconsin... 

W7QX:   working on 23cm system.. Will be in touch with Darrell about 
        23cm progress.. 

K0YW:   Bruce.. looking for a big dish  7 to 10 meters.. @@@@@@

K5JL:   QRV on 23cm .. 

N6BQ:   working on the 5 meter dish system.. will be on this weekend
        with it.. 

W2UHI:  QRV on 23cm..  did talk to N2IQU on EME Thursday Night CW & SSB.

EUROPE  11:01 AM 8/21/99

WA0WPJ: Craig.. EM29... 

K6IBY:  working a Maritime Mobile for different grid squares off the
        Pacific coast.. 

EUROPE  11:10 AM 8/21/99

PA3CSG: no traffic...

NIL     11:13 AM 8/21/99

K5WXN:  looking for ZL on 70cm... 

W7SZ:   nothing to report.. still QRV on 23cm and 70cm (350w) .. more
        power shortly on 70cm.. 

DL9NDD: needs resked with AL7OB... ****** good QSO with W7SZ, good sig.
        will be on NET on Sunday. 
YU7ACO: 5/9 +10 .. Gaja, Vrsac  ..