Subject: NET NOTES 15 August 1999
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    eclipse QSO 23cm
Date:   8/14/99 1:10:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Heinrich F. Reckemeyer)

Hello Joe and Al
On 11.Aug.99 we had a nearly total eclipse of the sun. My QTH was 400km in the 
north of the umbra. At 10h35 UT the maximum was reached with 91% covering. 
During the eclipse the temperature reduced 3°C. At ca.11h00 UT I turned my 23cm 
EME system on and it happened to be that I heard the CQ-call from Erich, OE9ERC. 
Even though the sun was still covered with 43%, we had a QSO with "O"/"O"! QSO 
Start 11h05 UT (sun noise 13,8dB) QSO end 11h11 UT (sun noise 14,1dB). Distance 
to the moon was 373382km. AZ 172° and EL 52°. At 12h00 UT the sun was full 
visible again and delivered 16,3 dB at SFi 127. Erich had a sun noise of 17,5dB 
in the QSO and without covering of 56%. The VK3UM/F1EHN program watched 
with 0,1° exactly. 
Info: Giuseppe,I0UGB is now ready with the e-mail
my wish:I need the QSL´s from W0KJY (Febr.98),WA4NJP and JF3HUC for 23cm EME
Heinrich,DJ9YW     e-mail: <>

Subj:    eclipse
Date:   8/13/99 12:51:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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>Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 17:10:34 +0200
>Subject: eclipse
>From: (Guenter Hoch)
>Hello, Clyde,
>my qth is about 60 km from the edge of the totality zone, which meant 99% 
>occultation. There were thick clouds so I stayed home and watched the sun noise. 
>>From the normal value of 14.5 dB (at flux 135 and no eruptions) the Y factor 
>steadily decreased to 8 dB at max occ and then returned to normal. This shows 
>that a large part of the 70 cm noise comes from the corona or there would have 
>been a decrease of 20 dB, ie. to an almost unmeasurable level.
>Wonder if others have made similar measurements.
>73, Guenter

Subj:    sked results
Date:   8/15/99 8:07:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (John Fuchs)

Hi Joe 
        Can't make the net today as I will be at a local hamfest.
            On the sked with al7ob-we2y nil hrd but I did hear my echoes
pretty good so I guess the net Faraday was near 0 degrees.I heard Jerry
W7QX with "m" sig trying sked with AL7OB.I also heard tones after
Jerry's sequence.I'm guessing that was Mike(AL7OB).
73's                                                 John WE2Y

W2UHI:  nothing new .. 

VE1ALQ: Was on 5.7ghz yesterday calling HB9SV.. no contacts.. 

W5LUA:  heard VE1ALQ & OE9PMJ on 5.7ghz .. no contacts.. will be
        around tomorrow looking for HB9SV.. 

W7CNK:  a little succcess on 5.7ghz .. worked OE9PMJ... lip of the
        dish was on the ground.. 

K5WXN:  listened to W7SZ skeds.. Copied W7SZ.. 6 meters was open 
        last night.. would like like W7SZ 70cm sked Sep ******

K6IBY:  ..

W7SZ:   heard DL9KR big sig.. did not work PA3CSG, but did work 
        DL9NDD & K1FO.. K1FO was vertical only.. Larry xmit horizontal 
        and rcv vert.. 

WA9NGO: ..

KA0RYT: QRV on 70cm.. has to leave net.. Big tropo opening on
        2 meters and 70cm... 

VE4MA:  not much new.. QRV on 5.7ghz.. and 3cm .. 

K0YW:   Jay still in Co.. 

W5ZN:   nil for net.. 

W1ZX:   no trafiic .. not QRV on 23cm.. exciter problems... 

NU7Z:   no traffic for the net.. 

DL9KR:  W7SZ was 449 and then better (559) with DL9NDD.. QSL on way.. 

AL7OB:  looking for plate xfmr for 7289 amp.. needs European stations
        skeds to AL7OB west.. ******

W7QX:   skeds with AL7OB yesterday were not complete.. AL7OB & K1FO
        did complete.. needs AL7OB with W7QX @ 35 DEG EAST EL ******
        thought condx were not good last night.. will be QRV after 
        1830z today.. 

W8TN:   no traffic.. back home now... 

PA3CSG: was not on for W7SZ .. needs W7SZ sked on Sep 04 1000Z *******

N5ZI:   Rene.. 

K6MYC:  system is running on 70cm without preamp... hopes to be able
        to run random on occassion.. will be working on the preamps
        and sequencing... 

VE7BQH: 12:14 PM 8/15/99

net ends