Subject: NET NOTES 08 August 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

For PY5ZBU:  there are reports of e-mails being rejected.. can
you send updated info on 2000 conference.. 

73 de Joe

Subj:    RW1AW
Date:   8/7/99 6:49:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Klaus Tiedemann - DL4EBY)

Hi Joe,

I will be on holidays for approx. 2 weeks (depending on weather..).

Alex, RW1AW, wrote that he called cq from 09-10 utc on the 6th but heard  
his own echoes, only...

Best regards, Klaus.

Subj:    Sked with S59DCD
Date:   8/8/99 1:32:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (mgbpcs)

Hi Joe

Please inform everybody that I need > 105deg AZ and >15deg EL in EM12 for
1296 EME sked. I had a sked with S59DCD  -  8-8-99 @ 1100 UTC. This sked can
not be completed because my AZ = 86deg at that time. Please re-sked.

Thanks for your help.

73 de KD5FZX.

Subj:         5760 EME from Finland on Sunday
Date:   8/7/99 12:24:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   oh2aue@PERSONAL.EUNET.FI (Michael Fletcher)
Reply-to:       oh2aue@PERSONAL.EUNET.FI (Michael Fletcher)

Hi all microwave EME'ers !!!

We ( OH2AXH ) had two QSO's today ( Saturday );
W7CNK and VE1ALQ on 5.7 GHz.

The equipment we have is a 35 W SSPA feeding
the 6.4 m dish. Own echoes good, lunar noise
about 2 dB.

We will also be QRV for any skeds tomorrow
( Sunday ) on 5760.1 MHz.

If you want a sked, please either e-mail us
to this address ( )
or better yet, give us a call at + 358 40 5038904
( this OH6DD's mobile ) and let's see what we
can arrange !

We have access to the moon from 0600 to 1230 UTC.

Looking forward to new EME scalps on 6 cm EME !!!

Best regards - Michael, OH2AUE

W2UHI:  was on the moon this morning.. was not on as early as 
        expected.. W1ZX did not show for OK1KIR exchanged
        info with OK1KIR.. Reports that K5JL has a warble or some
        sort of RFI problem on signal.. worked WA8WZG on 10ghz tropo.
        Jay reports that this issue may be multi-path... 

WA4NJP: will be somewhat inactive till Labor Day weekend due to QRL.

W7CNK:  was on 5.7ghz this morning.. yesterday during the JA window,
        worked VK4AFL & JH6AHB.. DF3RU on CW & SSB this morning and
        G3SEK as well.. WA9KRT was station.. 

N6BQ:   did no good last night.. could not find moon.. was overcast.
        Jeff with 5 meter dish heard many stations and has 18.5db 
        sun noise.. heard 5 stations on SSB and 11 total and taped
        it all and may put it on the WEB ... will be working on 
        tracking system.. 

K5JL:   23cm was very active this morn.. DJ5MN 549.. many stations
        on 23cm.. 

KD4LT:  not much.. did not get on this weekend .. QRL yesterday.

KE4DEK/M: Mobile in NC...       

VE4MA:  Barry comments on the "multi-path" phenomenom as well.. willl
        be in Denver 22 & 28/29 August .. looking for EME contacts
        (EYE BALL) on these dates.. contact Barry.. 

AL7OB:  available on 70cm today and tomorrow .. e-mail for skeds. 

VE1ALQ: nothing new.. heard some signals on 23cm..

W7QX:   QRU and not too much.. still has feedline problems.. working
        on 23cm tracking system. 

WA9FWD: was on 23cm this morning.. PY5ZBU, no OK1KIR on sked, also
        worked OE9ERC big sig, G3LTF and then random OK1KIR & W6HD.
        has sked with W1ZX... 

W1ZX:   was on for skeds.. but had exiter problems.. 

DL9KR:  needs sked with W7SZ next weekend.. Larry please be on net
        to sked with Jan.. 

PA3CSG: worked GW3XYW on 3cm good sig.. was on 23cm but nil heard 
        from W1ZX.. did hear others but no contact.. 

RW1AW:  QRV on 70cm ..OK1KIR, WE2Y, KB4CNI, this morning JA5NNS 559/539
        & JA5OVU 569/569 .. UA4API is back on 70cm and hearing signals 
        with 4 yagis.. Also heard AL7OB but not complete.. VK4AFL 30 Jul
        & IK5QLO 2 Aug were 2 inits last week.. 

F/ON5OF: wx not good in Belgium today.. went to Hamvention, and picked
        up cavity with GS35 on 70cm.. hopes to have it working by the
        first weekend of contest.. nothing else happening on EME ..
        Nothing on 23cm .. No response on activating 3A EME station..
        Hopes that the local club can help.. there is a window limit
        in 3A .. Dirk still needs volunteer help for 3A EME expidition.
        3A2MS & ON5OF are only interest so far.. looking for systems for 
        23cm and 70cm.. needs help with antennas on both bands..

K6IBY:  good 2 meter contact with VE7BQH.. Almost ready on 70cm .. but 
        is random.. 

TWO METER NET 12:15 PM 8/8/99



VE7BQH: 12:18 PM 8/8/99


W8FLL:  Bill.. 5 watts