Subject: NET NOTES 07 August 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Please check skeds below for any changes.. 


EME schedules, last update 7 Aug 1999, 12:12

Skeds for AUG  8
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
0430z  S59DCD-JF3HUC  
0500z  OK1KIR-JF3HUC  
0930z  DJ5MN -OK1KIR  S59DCD-IK2RTI  
1000z  IK2RTI-OK1KIR  
1030z                 S59DCD-WA9FWD  
1100z                 S59DCD-KD5FZX  
1130z                 S59DCD-LU6DW   
1200z  LU6DW -OK1KIR  
1300z  WA9FWD-OK1KIR  
1330z  W1ZX  -OK1KIR  WA9FWD-PY5ZBU  
1400z  KD5FZX-OK1KIR  S59DCD-W1ZX    
1800z  WA9FWD-W1ZX    

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES AUG 1, 1999
Date:   8/2/99 12:27:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Hi Joe,

Thanks for all mail from you. I am QRV on 144 EME hoping to be back to 432 and UP in few month.

My e-mail has been changed

VY  73  Paul Chominski   WA6PY
e-mail:   @@@@@@@

Subj:    LU report
Date:   8/3/99 1:42:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   mfranco@MACHELECTRONICS.COM (Marcelo Franco)
To: ('')

Dear Joe,

Would you please inform all guys on the net that we cannot be QRV
because the power amplifier is out of service.

Condx are bad at that time of the day to call you on 20 metres.


>73 de Marc LU6DW - Daniel LU8EDR

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES AUG 1, 1999
Date:   8/4/99 12:13:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Scott Blixt)

> Some skeds have been deleted.. K9ZZH not available, sked with KA0RYT
> on 23cm not valid.. I did not delete 9H1ES, but I do not believe he
> is available on 23cm..
> 73 de Joe
> EME schedules, last update 1 Aug 1999, 11:48
> Skeds for AUG  7
> Time   432.040        432.075        2304.050
> 0830z  OK1KIR-RW1AW
> 1000z  OK1KIR-UT3LL
> 1030z  KB4CNI-OK1KIR
> 1100z  WE2Y  -OK1KIR
> 1130z  WB0GGM-OK1KIR                 NU7Z  -HB9SV

WB0GGM cannot make his sked this weekend. Would you please pass this along


Scott Blixt
A Minnesota Mad Man

Subj:    Re: [NET NOTES]
Date:   8/5/99 1:25:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dany B.)
To: wrote:
> Danny..

Do you want me to send the 20 meter net notes to you on a regular basis ?
These also include the schedules.

73 de Joe

K1RQG (432 & above EME NET control)

Hi Joe , yes I'm intrested . 
This sunday we are hearing the MOON but not transmiting... I'm working on the
amplifier,and the elevation camera is near to be ready.

Willy (LU4DHD) are listening to with your 3.6 m dish.


Subj:    Re: !!! PSE RESKED!!!
Date:   8/5/99 6:10:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Klaus Tiedemann - DL4EBY)

Hello Alex,
I hope you receive this EMail in time! Ich hoffe Du bekommst diese EMail  

> Hallo Klaus!
> Als es moeglich,kann mann andere zeit:09.30 UT!
> 08.30 UT - EL. meine ANT = 41,2 , und maine max.
> el. fur 70cm ant - 35deg.!!! / genau 09.30 ut /
> Schade, ich kann nichts Email OK1KIR!!!!
> new time: Aug 07. 09.30 UT QRG:432.040
> 73! Alex RW1AW KP50EB

Ok, ich habe eine EMail an OK1KIR (OK1AVO, Honza,  
geschickt. I've sent an EMail to OK1KIR.
Die neue Zeit/New time: 7. Aug. 0930 432.040. Entschuldige den Fehler!

Gruss aus Berlin, Klaus.

Subj:    23cm sked
Date:   8/7/99 5:00:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sergei Joutiaev)

Hi Joe
Please cancel sked - AUG 8 1296.050 0900z  OK1KIR-RW3BP. Sorry, PA problem.
73, Sergei RW3BP

W1ZX/M: will be home in 1/2 hour.. looking for skeds after 1330z on 
        Sunday.. ... Change S59DCD to 1400z.. ....

K5JL:   was going over to W7CNK, but got on 23cm and yakking with
        K2UYH, and discovered water cooling problems.. will send
        out info to convert General Radio 1236 from 400 ohm to 50 ohm.

WA8WZG: will be on 23cm tomorrow at moonrise for contest points.. 
WA1JOF: Still working on 23cm xmit.. 

W4RDI:  Not QRV .. lost something in tracking system during lightening

W7CNK:  OH2AXH sked on 5.7ghz was complete this morning.. heard nothing
        else on 5.7ghz.. worked G3SEK abit ago, but little activity
        on 70cm.. will be on 5.7ghz tomorrow morning.. 

K9BCT/M4:  not too much to report.. a lot of traveling and no time for
        EME.. will be on later this weekend.. 70cm array on the ground
        now .. 8x18 ele + H frame is available pick-up only.. Call
        Randy and negotiate !! OOOPPPSSSS !!! Randy says a real deal !!

WD5AGO: looking for W5ZN & W5LUA... will be on tropo on 5.7ghz 1w...
        Has a 20w amp, but not fired up yet.. 

WA9FWD: worked PY5ZBU this morning.. needs UTAH on 70cm ... will be
        on 23cm tomorrow.. 

WB2UZY: checking mike etc..

WE2Y:   worked on 70cm OK1KIR (O/O), RW1AW (O/O), DL9NDD s7 .. has 
        a General Radio 1236 that does not read linear.. needs skeds
        EA3DXU & AL7OB for September weekend *******

VE4MA:  looking to see if W5LUA & VE1ALQ will be on contest this weekend
        on 5.7ghz EME .. 

W2UHI:  all is well .. got on the Moon late this morning ... 0UGB ?? was
        calling Frank with "O" report to Frank... Frank suggests a review 
        of the REPORT PROCEDURES .... (K2UYH, can you send me the info
        for the NET NOTES? Joe)  .. S59DCD, W6HD, K2UYH, OE9ERC, OK1DFC
        worked and could not get call of W0UGB...  Measured 
        18.0 DB sun noise..  .. 4.5 DB cs/gnd

VE1ALQ: not much new.. new inits on 5.7ghz OX2AXH 559/549.. was also 
        on 23cm and worked K2UYH on SSB.. looking for W0UGB sked on 23cm.
        Has sked with AL7OB @ 1530z.. 

EUROPE  10:56 AM 8/7/99

DL9KR:  was on the moon today.. little activity.. looking for info
        W7SZ on 70cm.. (100w 4xm2) needs sked in September  *******

PA3CSG: was on 23cm this morning, but nil heard.. will be on 3cm 

GM0ONN: Oct 30/31  .. Nov 27/28 are the dates for ARRL EME contest..    
        4X21 Yagis and 800w...

STATESIDE 11:25 AM 8/7/99 

NU7Z:   needs GW3XYW, OX2AXH, OK1KIR Skeds in September on 2304.050
        around 85 deg azimuth .. *******   had a nice QSO HB9SV this
        morning..   85 deg azimuth is best, beyond this signals get
        smeared.. 1200Z or later on 2304.. can rcv 2320.. 

W7QX:   not too much.. still has a feedline problem.. will try to get
        on 70cm.. Barry to send details of polar mount on dish.. 

W4AF:   Gary.. looking for AL7OB ... 

KL7HFQ: clock was off 1 hour.. OOOPPPSSS!

N6BQ:   was getting about 20 db sun noise on the 5 meter dish with 
        solar flux @ 176..will take about another week to get the
        rest of cabling done.. 

W4HHK:  no traffic.. Paul is QRV.. but no skeds skeds after midnight
        local time.. 

AL7OB:  QRU..  will be on 70cm.. 

W1ZX:   no traffic.. 

K6MYC/M: trying to get the 70cm system running.. needs to fix preamp
        problems... 6, 2, & 222 are on the air.. 

K1FO:   will be on JA window.. and on 70cm on Sunday..

KG2DH/AA: Phil .. 

K0RZ:   will be on for UHF contest.. was on today and worked many..

K6IBY:  no skeds yet, but gear is all running..

WB0GGM: amp is still down .. had family obligations this past week.. 
        hopes to have amp back on by next sked weekend.. 

NET ENDS..      12:10 PM 8/7/99