Subject: NET NOTES 25 July 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Not much NET activity this weekend .. CSVHF conference took priority..
Below are a few skeds .. Please review and get back to mewith any 
changes.. or additions..


EME schedules, last update 25 Jul 1999, 11:23

Skeds for AUG  7
Time   432.040        2304.050       
0830z  OK1KIR-RW1AW   
1000z  OK1KIR-UT3LL   
1030z  KB4CNI-OK1KIR  
1100z  WE2Y  -OK1KIR  
1130z  WB0GGM-OK1KIR  NU7Z  -HB9SV   
1200z  VE6TA -OK1KIR  
1230z  KL7HFQ-OK1KIR  
1300z  AL7OB -OK1KIR  
1330z  WA9FWD-PY5ZBU  
1600z  AL7OB -KD4LT   

Skeds for AUG  8
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
0500z  OK1KIR-JF3HUC  
0900z  OK1KIR-RW3BP   
0930z  DJ5MN -OK1KIR  
1000z  IK2RTI-OK1KIR  
1030z  9H1ES -OK1KIR  
1130z  KA0RYT-OK1KIR  
1200z  LU6DW -OK1KIR  
1230z  W7SZ  -OK1KIR  
1300z  WA9FWD-OK1KIR  
1330z  W1ZX  -OK1KIR  WA9FWD-PY5ZBU  
1400z  KD5FZX-OK1KIR  
1430z  K9ZZH -OK1KIR  
1800z  WA9FWD-W1ZX    

Subj:    Re:  Need address JA6AHB
Date:   7/25/99 3:16:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (

Hello Joe,

Leaving tomorrow July, 25th for 3 weeks to EA3 for hollidays. So
I am not available next SW, but very interested in skeds for the
weekend  4/5 Sept for any initial on 70cm !   *******
Stations should have at least 4 yagis and 500-1000W.
Station here JO42xi , is 4x33el(10wl) + YL1050.

Still waiting for the QSL-cards of 
 W7ALW    (01.11.98) ,sent him two letters)
 KA0RYT/0 (13.09.98) 
 RA3LE    (01.11.96) !
I sent out letters to all three stations immediately after the QSOs.
Can anybody help in catching the cards ???

best 73 to all de Juergen, DL8OBU

W2UHI:  tracking computer p/s died.. but found a spare p/s and now
        back in business.. 

W1ZX/M: just comming home from hamfest... 

N6BQ:   nothing to report.. waiting for sked weekend .. 

10:45 AM 7/25/99


EUROPE  10:46 AM 7/25/99

CT1DMK: light copy... no traffic.. QRV on 5.7 and 10ghz.. 

CQ EUR  10:54 AM 7/25/99

KD4LT:  rcvd e-mail from AL7OB

K6IBY:  just checking in.. no traffic .. QRV on 70cm .. will take skeds.
        4x33 ele yagis 250w    #######

VE1ALQ: worked OK1KIR on 5.7ghz.. looking for new ones on 23cm, 70cm
        and 5.7ghz.. 

W7QX/M: left Cedar Rapids this morning .. now at N4PZ house ... 

N2IQU:  just a reminder about EME symposium Aug 20/21 .. looking for 
        others interested in comming to Syracuse .. QRV on 70cm & 23cm 
        and listening on 10ghz ... 

EUROPE  11:14 AM 7/25/99

NIL     11:15 AM 7/25/99

STATESIDE  11:15 AM 7/25/99

NET ENDS  11:16 AM 7/25/99