Subject: NET NOTES 24 July 1999
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:    EA6ADW in DL
Date:   7/23/99 9:19:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: (, alkatz@TCNJ.EDU (K2UYH, Al Katz), (K2UYH,EME-NL, AL)

hello friends,
now EA6ADW staying in DL until 2.nd sept.99. From 3.rd sept. until
Nov.99 ready for any 1296-sked.
3 weeks ago EA6ADW/P,JM19NW worked 10368MHz-TROPO: 2-times 9H1ES/P, JM76
and JM75 (1090km) with RS55/59. On 1296-eme wkd initial W1ZX random for
73 es cuagn in Sept. de Peter.

W1ZX/M: not too much... will be on next schedule weekend .. still working 
        on tracking system.. 

KD4LT:  looking for AL7OB on 70cm *******  needs sked... could not 
        make previous sked due to storms.. 

N6BQ:   needs sked with K9ZZH on 23cm .. ******* trying to improve the 
        tracking on the dish at home.. did get the feed on the big dish 
        and still working on that project.. 

WA1JOF: does anyone know about the 2 tube 23cm amp by SSB Electronics??

K9BCT/M4: reports that the SSB amps run fine .. has 2 combined and
        it takes about 10w per unit.. about 400w+ out.. just got in
        from Ireland last night.  will be gone again this week.. 

W2UHI:  found a problem with the system.. was checking moon noise and
        found that the xmit 7/8" pigtail was dammaged.. went from 25'
        to 12' of pigtail... much improved .. WB9SNR has a 10ghz
        mobile installation and worked W2UHI.. about 250 miles from
        Michigan to Iowa.. looks like a first.. !!

WA8WZG/M: Is at CSVHF conference... KA0RYT at the mike.. W5LUA, W5ZN, 
        all QRV.. 
K6IBY:  trying out new 20m beam .. big signal.. 

EUROPE  10:49 AM 7/24/99

NIL     10:50 AM 7/24/99

STATESIDE 10:53 AM 7/24/99

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