Subject: NET NOTES 17 July 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:    AL7OB EME Status
Date:   7/11/99 2:37:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum, Mike)

Hi Joe,

You were 59 today, but couldn't check in due to 432 skeds.

Made a couple contacts, pretty poor success ratio.

JA5NNS 549/549
JA5OVU random O/O
K2UYH 549/559 
Heard KB4CNI - he did not hear me.
Heard DL9NDD (both skeds) not good enough for QSO
Heard W7QX first transmission, not again.
DL8OBU heard me, could not hear him.
Many attempts with RW1AW - he heard me, I cud not hear him.
Heard the LU you mentioned on the net - STRONG 
Lots of sked cancellations

Improvements in store for 432: new relay (Transco thanks to Lucky)
Better preamp (possibly cascade), separate TX/RX feedlines.

1296 is on the back burner. 

Looking forward to next SW!!  Its gotta get better (but who can
complain)?  Its like golf...its that one good shot that keeps you coming
back (or fishing, for non-golfers).
Thanks & 73

Mike, AL7OB             BP51DC

432 EME - 16 X 12 element NBS 2.2,  K2RIW 700Watts,  ARR .5dB,  FT-736

Subj:   23 cm EME Activity Report for July (N6BQ)
Date:   7/12/99 4:16:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   N6BQ
To:, (Al Katz)
CC:     K1rqg

Hello Al,

Sorry you weren't here to operate the station this month.  Conditions were quite good and all signals were good copy with lots of activity.  And, all the equipment worked great!

July 10: Worked G4DZU (partial), ON5RR, W2UHI, OZ6OL, K5JL, OZ4MM, N2IQU, GW3XYW, VE1ALQ, W6HD (big signal), and VE6TA.  July 11: Worked PA3CSG, KB2AH, KD4LT, OZ4MM, K5JL, ZS6AXT, W2UHI, OE9ERC, VE6TA, GW3XYW, G3LTF, EA6ADW, and W1ZX (Initial #136).  Others heard were W6HD, VE1ALQ, and LU8EDR on SSB working K5JL.

Looking forward to the August schedule weekend.

73s, Hoppy N6BQ

Subj:    EME
Date:   7/15/99 7:33:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Trevor Benton)

 Joe, - Just advising that I am now QRV [432] again & will be on
this weekend looking for contacts.
 Tnx & 73`s, Trevor, VK4AFL.

Subj:    info
Date:   7/17/99 12:57:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Heinrich F. Reckemeyer)

hi Joe
Giuseppe (Josef) I0UGB ist now with the new dish (5,08m) circular QRV 
on 23cm EME.I worked him 17 July 99.He had 150W at feed.=240kW ERP.
The new e-mail adress is[from 1.Sept.99]I0UGB:<>
Best 73 and happy holiday fr all stations      @@@@@@@
Heinrich,DJ9YW   e-mail: <>

W1ZX/M:  will be on 23cm after 1900z... looking for contacts... 

W7CNK:  worked VK4AFL last eve ... will be QRV on 5760 @ 1900z. will
        be calling CQ on or about 5760.100 ... did get a bit more 
        window to the East...

W0RAP:  not too much to report.. dish is up but not operational.. 
        needs to trim some trees.. 

K5JL:   will be on a bit later today... has been working on WA8WZG
        23cm amp.. Amp seems to be in great shape.. 

W2UHI:  was on the moon last weekend.. had a good time worked some 
        different stations.. having a great time on 10ghz terr..
        still no contact with WA8WZG.. will also be looking for 
        K2DH on 10ghz.. one of the stations on 10ghz, W9ZIH, is
        quite regular..  

W4RDI:  not much to offer... Has problem with HF amp.. 

VE4MA:  will be gone by net end time.. looking for W5LUA before net
        end.. did work OX2AXH on 5.7 559/449 #13.. working on eliptical

N6BQ:   got 4 ele beam up on 20 mtrs.. did work W1ZX on random.. 
        LU8EDR blew solid state amp and not repaired yet..
        Big dish is still progressing and hopes to be QRV for the

WA8WZG: very hot .. did not get any work done on 5.7ghz.. will be
        at CSVHF ... 

W4FF:   no traffic.. 

VE1ALQ: in and out .. will be on moon today.. has the dish drives

EUROPE  10:40 AM 7/17/99

STATESIDE 10:41 AM 7/17/99

WA9FWD: no traffic... will be on around 2pm for Jay...

KD4NBZ/M: Kevin..       

VE6JW:   not on 70cm and up at this time.. 3 deg C now .. 

EUROPE  10:59 AM 7/17/99

NIL HEARD 11:00 AM 7/17/99

W7QX:   will be QRV 70cm after 1800z.. had a direct lightening
        hit on pole pig.. no damage to ham shack.. lost TV set, 
        well pump, and a telephone.. looking for K5JL & W7CNK..

EUROPE  11:05 AM 7/17/99

NIL HEARD 11:06 AM 7/17/99