Subject: NET NOTES 11 Jul 1999
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

My current schedule indicates that I will not be here to run the net 
next Saturday.. I should be here for Sunday's net..

73 de Joe

Subj:         1999 ARRL International EME Contest Dates
Date:   7/10/99 4:40:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   wb5igf@IPA.NET (Joel Harrison)

Greetings to all,

The dates for the 1999 ARRL International EME Competition will be
October 30/31 and November 27/28.

As always, the ARRL sought as much input as possible concerning this
years dates. Discussions were conducted on the 20 meter EME nets as well
as the Moon-Net reflector. Several concerns were expressed regarding
weather during the November weekend and contest conflicts during the
October weekends. All of these concerns were taken seriously into
consideration, however no real consensus was achieved as to the most
preferred dates. Lionel, VE7BQH, assisted by conducting a survey of EME
operators on all bands inquring which dates you wanted. The results of
that survey have previously been reported, and as one can clearly see,
no date was a clear preference. This left us with the difficulty of
selecting a set of weekends that would not be attractive to a large
group, regardless of which weekends were selected.

If these dates were not your choice, please understand the situation and
I want everyone to know that we will again look at the dates in the same
manner for the year 2000 in an effort to select the best possible
weekend combination to permit maximum participation in the competition.

I want to thank all of you for your support of EME activity, and
especially thank Lionel and Joe, K1RQG, for their help in disseminating
information leading up to this decision. I also want to thank Lionel for
conducting the survey and presenting the results to everyone.

Regards & 73,

Joel W5ZN
ARRL Vice President

Subj:    SW
Date:   7/10/99 5:01:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   alkatz@TCNJ.EDU (Alan Katz)
To: (

Hi Joe:

I was on 70 cm today.  I made it on late, around 1400 because of
problems with the voltage to my preamp.  It was fine when I checking
things out on Monday, but not working this morning.  I think I finally
have this problem, which has been a recurring scenario, fixed
permanently.  The break was not where I thought it was.  Activity was
light, especially from NA, but I still made 2 initials with AL7OB - FB
signal and JA6AHB - dish well into the trees!  I 'will not be on
tomorrow as we are leaving for a week's vacation.

I will be in touch when I get back.

73, Al - K2UYH

Subj:         VE6TA EME results
Date:   7/10/99 7:42:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   ve6ta@TELUSPLANET.NET (Grant Furnald)

Seemed like very good condx today on 1296.  Was only on for a short
period due to working nightshift, and managed to work the following;

GW3XYW 449/339 new intial and dxcc
W2UHI  549/539
N6BQ   449/329
ON5RR  O/O     new initial from DO33
W6HD   559/549  Huge signal.

Will be on again tomorrow looking for more contacts.

275w and 5 meter dish.

KD4LT:  was on 23cm this morning.. lot of good signals on today..
        all systems are back to working properly.. looking for
        W1ZX...1600 .020  .. 

VE1ALQ: lost p/s to az drive.. had a power outage during moon time 
        as well.. Still QRT .. not repaired yet.. heard W6HD yesterday
        with big signal on 23cm.. 

W2UHI:  was on the moon Sat ON5RR, N6BQ, OZ6OL, G4DZU, K5JL, OZ4MM,
        GW3XYW, VE6TA, W6HD, on Sun KD4LT, G4DZU, PA3CSG, KB2AH, 
        ZS6AXT, N6BQ & OE9ERC.. 10ghz saw lots of interesting 
        proporgation effects.. worked up to 200 miles.. W9ZIH,
        K9UIF, K3SIW, WW8M, WB9SNR, WA9CGZ, all worked on 10ghz.
        20w 90' wave guide.. 3' dish ... 6db sun noise, 4 db cs/gnd..

W4RDI:  all is working on EME, but ambition down a little.. email is   @@@@@@

K5JL:   good activity on 23cm this morning.. W6HD with big signal..
        LU8EDR called and worked on both SSB & CW..

W5LUA:  W7CNK on 5.7ghz.. W1ZX on 23cm.. been on 13cm this morning 
        and worked 3 stations.. WA8WZG, NU7Z, & W4HHK.. working on
        TH-327 amp for 23cm.. 

KA0RYT: Was on 70cm and worked RW1AW.. looking forward to CSVHF con.
        RW1AW   KP50EB  
        Alexander       Boreyscha       
        Pr. Engelsa d. 143/1 KW. 12     
        St. Petersburg 194358           
        812-5999537     12x15el BV              

K9BCT:  not too much to report.. blew 23cm preamp.. worked a few on 
        23cm this morning.. will be gone for a week 18-23 Jul ...

N6BQ:   was on 23cm worked 12 stations.. missed LU8EDR... needs sked
        with W1ZX.. ******

NU7Z:   looking for WA8WZG on 13cm. worked IK2RTI & W5LUA 13cm.. 
        need HB9SV, DF9QX, DF3RU, OK1KIR skeds on 13cm .. heard
        OK1KIR and sent report but rcvd nil.. 

WA8WZG: worked W5LUA and heard W4HHK on 13cm.. 

KB4CNI: not much luck on moon.. tried AL7OB but no luck.. missed
        EA3DXU on 70cm.. need resked EA3DXU.. ****** will be on
        this afternoon for a while.. 

EUROPE  11:37 AM 7/11/99

CT1DMK: still active on 5.7cm.. worked a few.. heard W7CNK, but not
        complete.. trying to catch VE1ALQ on random.. can be on
        10ghz and/or 5.7ghz anytime this summer.. will be testing
        only for 24ghz .. no skeds no more info till test complete.
        hope to have info from CT1WB on 70cm about 1st week Aug.. 
        has 18ghz tube from Varian.. no info on these tubes.. 

G4ALH:  not active on EME at this time.. 

STATESIDE 11:49 AM 7/11/99

VE4MA:  interesting conditions on 5.7ghz. OE9ERC (569) worked.. CT1DMK
        also worked, but with raspy signals.. working on 24ghz 
        stuff this week.. on vacation for a while.. 

W7CNK:  had skeds with OK1KIR.. active on 5.7ghz VE1ALQ, VE4MA, 
        W5LUA, OE9ERC & OK1KIR .. There was another station just 
        prior to OK1KIR, but could not Identify..  called
        by CT1DMK (report from CT1DMK 40 deg C) .. 

KA1BC/M: 12:13 PM 7/11/99

K3VGX:  2 meter EME net..

NET ENDS 12:15 PM 7/11/99