Subject: NET NOTES O4 JULY 1999
From:     K1RQG 
         12:10 PM 7/4/99

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

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Another light net today.. Must be the summer months.. 
73 de Joe

EME schedules, last update 4 Jul 1999, 12:03

Skeds for JUL  5
Time   5760.100       
1000z  VE4MA -W7CNK   

Skeds for JUL 10
Time   432.040        2304.050       
0500z  EA3DXU-JA5NNS  
1200z  KA0RYT-RW1AW   
1300z  KB4CNI-EA3DXU  
1330z  WB0GGM-EA3DXU  OK1KIR-NU7Z    
1400z  W7CNK -EA3DXU  HB9SV -NU7Z    
1430z                 DF3RU -NU7Z    

Skeds for JUL 11
Time   1296.050       2304.050       
1230z  G4DZU -HA5SHF  
1300z                 IK2RTI-NU7Z    
1330z                 DF9QX -NU7Z    

W2UHI:	still no contact with WA8WZG .. looking for Tom for 10ghz.. 

VE1ALQ:	Happy 4th from Canada.. Good QSO on 5.7ghz with W7CNK
	539/559.. looking for 5.7ghz skeds ...

KD4LT:	will be around on 23cm tomorrow morning..  

WA8WZG:	144.135 for Frank... 10ghz ready to go... can put 6ghz
	back in dish.. H polarity.. 

K5JL:	no traffic... busy playing farmer... 

W7CNK:	excellent QSO with VE1ALQ on 5.7ghz.. 559n sent to VE1ALQ
	and rcvd 539 from Darrell.. pretty excited about being back
	on 5.7ghz.. is VE4MA going to be able get on 5.6ghz.. 

VE4MA:	just setting up sked on 5.7 with W7CNK.. have MGF1801 available.

AA5C:	not much... lot of net QRM .. still looking for new stations
	on 10ghz... 

W7QX:	has a sked with AL7OB on 432.045 1600z ob/qx..fair echoes..

WD5AGO/M: Just leaving the Dallas area... Heading home.. should have
	dish up some time this week.. 10' ... should be usable to 6ghz.

W4HHK:	had a visit from W5LUA in June .. worked on rcv system and
	improved the rcv by .6db.. 

EUROPE	11:27 AM 7/4/99

PA3CSG:	will probably take the 10ghz station in October for the winter.
	will be on random next sked weekend on 10ghz.. working on
	TWT p/s for 10ghz hi power.. 

STATESIDE 11:36 AM 7/4/99

WB4MJE/M: heading to PA then Canton, Ohio.. just leaving K2LME..

K5WXN:	no net traffic.. has been gone a lot.. will not be around
	for sked weekend.. was on last weekend and could barely
	hear own echoes... should be back weekend after next...
	70cm station is all ok.. working a little tropo..

W1ZX: 	no copy ... 

EUROPE	11:52 AM 7/4/99

NIL	11:53 AM 7/4/99

STATESIDE 11:53 AM 7/4/99



KB4ME:	....

NET ENDS	11:58 AM 7/4/99