Subject: NET NOTES 03 Jul 1999
From:     K1RQG 
         Saturday 03 Jul 12:01 PM EDT
Please note PY5ZBU will not be available sked weekend..

EME schedules, last update 3 Jul 1999, 10:19

Skeds for JUL  4
Time   5760.100       
0500z  VE1ALQ-W7CNK   

Skeds for JUL  5
Time   5760.100       
0700z  VE4MA -W7CNK   

Skeds for JUL 10
Time   432.040        2304.050       
0500z  EA3DXU-JA5NNS  
1200z  KA0RYT-RW1AW   
1300z  KB4CNI-EA3DXU  
1330z  WB0GGM-EA3DXU  OK1KIR-NU7Z    
1400z  W7CNK -EA3DXU  HB9SV -NU7Z    
1430z                 DF3RU -NU7Z    

Skeds for JUL 11
Time   1296.050       2304.050       
1230z  G4DZU -HA5SHF  
1300z                 IK2RTI-NU7Z    
1330z                 DF9QX -NU7Z    

Subj:    Temp e-mail HP3XUG
Date:   6/27/99 1:47:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Casas y Tierras)

Hi Joe, all packed up here, and heading out in couple of hours.
We may be reached at this e-mail to end of Sept:
Warm 73 for now  Louis

Subj:     Out of Office AutoReply: NET NOTES JUN 27, 1999
Date:   6/27/99 12:31:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (WARD,AL (HP-SanJose,ex1))

I am out of the office on vacation from June 28 through July 7. I will have
limited access to my email during this time. Thank you

Subj:    sked
Date:   6/28/99 9:16:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Cleide Kaminski Larsen)
Reply to:    PY5ZBU 
To:     k1rqg@AOL.COM

Hi Joe,

I advised Klaus (DL4EBY) in good time that I would be travelling to the USA
and could not make the sked with WA9FWD. We do not have and e-amil address
for him.


Don - PY5ZBU

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES JUN 27, 1999
Date:   6/28/99 9:31:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jurgen Fiedler)

Hello Joe,
thanks fer the net notes.
RW1AW worked KA0RYT, I think you can cancel the sked  10.July.
Best regards, 73 for you and xyl
                                                Jurgen, DK3WG

Subj:    Net notes etc.
Date:   6/29/99 3:05:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Trevor Benton)

 Joe, - Hi, am glad you are back in business after your
computer problems, - I always look forward to the net
Could you please add another from down under to your
mailing list, Dave VK4DH. He is in the process of getting
started with EME [432] & will be active in the not too
distant future.
His address:     @@@@@@
I expect to be QRV again before the end of July.

  Regards & 73`s, Trevor, VK4AFL.

Subj:    Yagi's for 380/390 MHz?
Date:   6/29/99 6:54:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Edward Teyssier)

I'm working on a proposal for a commercial user of communications
equipment.  They are looking for high gain (>20 dbi) antennas for 380 &
390 MHz.  Who makes the best 432 MHz Yagi's?  We'll need either 2 or 4
of them depending upon whether they want to use cross polarization or
not.  Can you post this inquiry on a email list server ?  Thanks!

Edward Teyssier, N6LJ 

Subj:         1999 ARRL EME Contest
Date:   6/30/99 8:01:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   ve7bqh@WIMSEY.COM (Lionel H. Edwards)
Reply-to:      ve7bqh@WIMSEY.COM (Lionel H. Edwards) 
To All EME Stations:

The following are the results of the survey I took to see what the wishes of
the EME community were for dates for the 1999 ARRL EME Contest:

The Question:

Which dates do you prefer?

1. Oct 2/3 and Oct 30/31


2. Oct 30/31 and Nov 27/28

The Results:

48 people answered the Survey.

1. Results by Dates:

Oct 2/3 and Oct 30/31   = 23

Oct 30/31 and Nov 27/28 = 24

Either date             =  1

2. Results by Continents

                         North America   Europe   Japan
Oct 2/3 and Oct 30/31         8            14       1

Oct 30/31 and Nov 27/28      11            13

Either                        1

I have forwarded the results to Joel, W5ZN to assist the ARRL in their final
Lionel, VE7BQH

Subj:    Telephone number change
Date:   7/1/99 11:17:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Hello to all

Please change your records regarding my Telephone number.
The Area code 616 is changed to 231.
The new number is <231-834-8016>   ######



K5JL:   not too much going on.. needs to get out and play farmer..

W2UHI:  looking for WA8WZG for a 10ghz terrestial sked.. looking 
        forward to sked weekend..check email above for tel # change.

VE1ALQ: nothing to report.. 

W7CNK:  QRV on 5.7ghz .. looking for activity.. 0500z with VE1ALQ
        7/4/99 sked .100... picked up .1 db of moon noise this morn.

VE4MA:  0700z on 7/5/99 .100 W7CNK.. was out of town for the week.. 
        working on 24ghz gear today.. rain and gloom in Manitoba..

W1ZX/M: no traffic.. 

WD5AGO/M: traveling in Texas.. 

W7QX:   nothing for the net.. 

WA9FWD: no traffic.. will not be around next Saturday but will be 
        around on Sunday.. 

KB0TVU: ... Radio check.

W4RDI:  looking for email address for K0YW ?? 

KE4LKQ: looking for KB4CNI .. 

W7SZ:   why was the weekend after perigee chosen as sked weekend vs 
        perigee weekend.. crossed p[ole 4 yagi array is in place for
        70 cm and now waiting for 70cm amp to arrive... 

W0HU:   ... 

EUROPE  11:06 AM 7/3/99

NIL     11:06 AM 7/3/99

STATESIDE 11:07 AM 7/3/99

WA8WZG: will call Frank tonight and arrange for 10ghz terr sked..
        good time with K5JL... 

EUROPE  11:28 AM 7/3/99

NIL     11:29 AM 7/3/99

STATESIDE 11:29 AM 7/3/99

WD5AGO/M: on way to K5GW..

W5ZN:   not much for the net.. was gone a week to Europe.. this is 
        first chance to relax and play radio... 

KD4LT:  working on the 23cm dish drive system.. 70cm system is working
        very well.. hopes to be on 23cm tomorrow.. 

EUROPE  11:43 AM 7/3/99

GM4TXX/M: still inactive on EME .. will come to states in 2 years for

STATESIDE 11:47 AM 7/3/99

K3VGX:  Brian.. 


ALASKA  11:52 AM 7/3/99

AL7OB:  working on some skeds for 70cm .. looking for skeds 1700z
        and later on Jul 10.. looking for VE4MA on 20 meters during
        the day today on 14.345.. 


KB8RQ:  2 meter net.. 

NET ENDS        12:01 PM 7/3/99 (EST)