Subject: NET NOTES 27 June 1999
From:     K1RQG 
         12:14 PM 6/27/99 (EST)

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

To all 432 and above EME stations..

I am now getting the new computer on line.. I may be requesting some
info from you folks that was lost when my hard drive seized up.. So
please be patient.. 

Please join the NET as often as possible.. I try to call Europe at
least at 15:30z.. sometimes before as well.. 


73 de Joe K1rqg

Sked requests for JUL 10
Time   432.040        2304.050       
1200z  KA0RYT-RW1AW   
1330z                 OK1KIR-NU7Z    
1400z                 HB9SV -NU7Z    
1430z                 DF3RU -NU7Z    

Sked requests for JUL 11
Time   1296.050       2304.050       
1230z  G4DZU -HA5SHF  
1300z                 IK2RTI-NU7Z    
1330z                 DF9QX -NU7Z    

W2UHI:	signals were down a bit on the moon.. was on last night with
	gang to give WA1JOF some signals to work with.. reports that
	K5JL was S7 off the moon last night.. 

WA1JOF:	did hear signals off the moon.. now just have to fine tune..

K5JL:	worked some 6 meters for Fd .. Calibration was little off
	on the moon .. 

W7CNK:	off to breakfast.. looking at sun and recalibrated dish..
	19.8 sun noise on 6ghz... 2.2db moon noise on 6ghz ... 

WA9FWD:	did not have any success with skeds... needs resked with PY5ZBU
	on 70cm & 23cm .. sked with W1ZX *******

WA8WZG/M: East of Springfield, Ok .. 6PM at K5JL..

W1ZX:	no copy.. will be on 23cm on sked weekend.. does have elevation.
	how many states on 23cm.. about 25 states and 31 countries.. 
	looking for Kentucky on 70cm for state #50.. 

EUROPE	10:56 AM 6/27/99


Stateside	10:59 AM 6/27/99

W7QX:	nothing to report.. too warm to get on... was not on last night.
W8TN:	G3SEK is visiting tonight ... 

Europe	11:31 AM 6/27/99

LX1DB:	just put out new HF antenna.. good signal.. no special traffic..
	HyGain TH-11...

Stateside	11:34 AM 6/27/99

KC4FB:	...

YN7MH:	Maxwell.. Nic.. 

W0KJY:	will be on next sked weekend... 70cm is all ok.. 

Europe	11:45 AM 6/27/99


Stateside	11:47 AM 6/27/99

W7FN:	AL7OB trying to check in.. still rcv problems at W7FN..

AL7OB:	putting together a list of requests.. will mail to Klaus.. 

WB7QBS:	Aug 12 is day that Persieds peaks... has interest in EME..

K3VGX:	Brian.. email address for  W8WN  @@@@@@

Net Ends	12:01 PM 6/27/99