Subject: NET NOTES 26 June 1999
From:     K1RQG 
         Saturday 26 June 12:07:00 -0500 (EST)

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:	   1999 ARRL EME Contest
Date:	   6/24/99 1:17:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:	    Lionel H. Edwards, VE7BQH 
Reply-to:  ve7bqh@WIMSEY.COM (Lionel H. Edwards)

To All EME Stations:

The choices for the 1999 ARRL International EME Contest are:

1. October 2/3 and 30/31


2. October 30/31 November 27/28

Last year the dates recommended by the EME community were chosen to not
conflict with the IARU Region 1 VHF Contest in Europe. Despite the best
effort to accommodate terrestrial contest, there were still criticism from
mid to northern Europe that the second leg of the EME contest was to late
into the winter with the result that the weather was and can be very poor.

This year the situation is not quite the same, but has some similarities.

1. October 2/3 and 30/31 will provide the better expected weather for the
Northern latitudes in Europe and the North east of North America. However, the
432 MHz & up IARU Region 1 UHF Contest is on Oct 2/3

2. October 30/31 and November 27/28 is free of any other contest dates but
the weather has the probability of being not good during the second weekend.

To give the some specific feed back to allow the ARRL to make a final decision
on the major EME International Contest of the year, would you please advise
me of your choice at:


NO reasons are require, ONLY your choice, please. If you have contact with
EME stations who do not have E Mail, please include their choice in your E
Mail reply.

Please have your input into me by no later than June 30. I will publish the
input on MOON-NET and forward the results to Joel, W5ZN.

Lionel, VE7BQH

KB8RQG:	6 meters is open now.. not much activity on 70cm this month.. 

W2UHI:	tried to work WA8WZG on 10ghz terrestial.. not complete.. 
	nothing else going on ... QRV tonight on 23cm... (late)
	worked 4 stations so far on 10ghz terrestial..

WA8WZG:	was on 23cm last Sunday.. Missed sked with HA5SHF   .. headed
	out to Ok for 4 DAYS.. Did work a few randoms.. 

W7CNK:	not much going on.. working on 5.7ghz equipment.. hopes
	to have rcv on the dish tomorrow.. 

N6BQ:	out of Hospital.. was in hospital during sked weekend.. did
	have a visit from K2UYH and XYL while in hospital.. QRV from
	home.. Looking for James Millen HV connectors.. 6 black and
	6 red connectors.. will be active on skd weekend.. will more
	than likely be August before the 5 meter dish is active.. 

W5LUA:	tried to set up a time to work W1ZX on 23cm.. worked CT4KQ 
	on 6 meters...

VE1ALQ:	thought activity was low last weekend.. working on 10 ghz stuff..
	cancell HA5SHF sked... 

W1ZX/M:	no traffic.. no more contacts on 23cm .. will be on next sked

K5JL:	will be looking for WA1JOF on 23cm... will be running test with
	WA1JOF around 0100z... sun is extremely active.. 24 to 24 db 
	sun noise... 

W7QX:	did have QSO with K6MYC on 70cm.. will be on after 0200z..

WA1JOF:	now receiving sun noise on 4 loop yagis.. will be working towards
	23cm ops ..

W1FBM:	Bob.. just checking rig.. 

K2BUS:	Art... 

Europe	10:58 AM 6/26/99

Nil heard..

Europe	11:10 AM 6/26/99

I5TDJ:	have been gone for a few months. now back on the EME net.. 
PA3CSG:	no traffic.. still looking for HP-8555a plug in.. 

STATESIDE	11:30 AM 6/26/99

K6IBY:	will be active on 70cm EME in about 2 weeks..

W0KJY:	no traffic... trying to get back on the moon.. 

G4RGK:	6 opened yesterday to US from UK..

SM2CEW:	worked G4RGK off the moon... any word from N7ART ... ????
	was on 70cm and 23cm last weekend... 

DL9KR:	hot ... looking for JA6AHB address... new qth and new station.
	was there a VE9 expedition ?? anything heard ??? 

ON5OF/M/DL: heading home after 3 weeks off.. met UR5LX and have cavities
	for 70cm & 2 meters using GS35b.. 

RX3QFM: Vlad, looking for freq of VE9 exp.. no expedition at this time.

9H1PA:	nothing to add.. 

STATESIDE 12:00 PM 6/26/99

K9BCT:	checking in from FD site... may be on 23cm after moonrise..

VE7BQH:	12:03 PM 6/26/99

net ends..