Subject: NET NOTES DEC 29 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

***                       HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL                             ***
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Subj:    Initial Top List
Date:   12/28/02 4:39:39 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To: ('moon-net')
CC:, ('VHF EME Magazin')

Dear friends
Don't forget to update your standings on the only online EME Initial Top
List at:

Happy New Year and lots of fun and DX!

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q

Subj:    SM3BYA activity on 432
Date:   12/28/02 4:40:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (SM2BYA)

Hello Joe and the gang,

Was QRV from SM3BYA in the early mornings of 12/26 and 12/27. Conds were
excellent. Had very strong stable echos for several hours both days, so
Faraday must have been extremely stable. This also resulted in long periods
of virtual lockout to some locations.

On the 26th had a very nice QSO with K9SLQ. Wayne was about 549 most of the
time, armchair copy. Later found he had to rotate polarisation about 90
degrees between TX/RX to make it.  Then tried with K4EME. Cowles was 539
copy every over for a half hour but copied zip from me - no pol rotation at
either end. Also had a NC with DL4KG; got everything except for the final
RRRs. 12/27 worked VK4AFL with 549 sigs (Trevor had to rotate by 60 degs),
completed with K4EME and had a second unsuccessful attempt with DL4KG. S52CW
and OK1DIG were unable to run their skeds due to iced over antennas.

Happy New Year to all !

Gudmund SM2BYA / SM3BYA

Subj:    Fw: 70cm-skeds
Date:   12/29/02 7:45:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jürgen Fiedler)
To: (K1RQG)

----- Original Message ----- 
From: UA3PTW Dmitrij Kozlov 
To: Jürgen Fiedler 
Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2002 10:44 AM
Subject: Re: 70cm-skeds

Hello   Jurgen !
Thanks for Your message.
Please send me (possibly) infos and skeds 432EME
on my e-mail
QRV every time for sked
My equipment :GS35B 1,3 KWout
                      20*15 el BVmod
                      recieve : sun noise 19...19,5db
                                   cassiopea ~4 db

Vy 73 ! Happy New Year !


K5JL:   good day.. not much else.. 

N2IQ:   will be looking for K7XQ after K5GW.. oops .. leaving net .. 

W2UHI:  passed info to K5GW about K7XQ.. just listening off the moon.. nothing new.. 
        condx good off the moon .. someone echo testing on 1296.050 .. who was it??


W9IIX:  not much .. been on moon for a couple of hours and nil heard.. looking for info 
        from N2UO and GI7B cavity progress.. just worked K5GW on moon 559.. 

K5WXN:  needs info from W4OP on how to split rcv in IC-746 .. Dale please e-mail Dan
        with info if you can .. looking for skeds with DL4KG, I5CTE, OK2BDQ   ********

K7XQ:   cannot elevate and cannot be QRV ... using FT-847 .. 

VE4MA:  working on the bench.. still working on 47ghz gear.. 

W4RDI:  just saying hi to all.. 

KG6FCB: has a tube for sale TH-328 ... new unused.. Looking for WD5AGO preamp .. 

K2DH:   no traffic.. Happy New Year .. 

AA5C:   working on GS9B 2304 amp.. what about sked weekends not being always at perigee?

K9SLQ:  on moon right now .. had a great contact with SM3BYA 549.. 

EUROPE: 11:32 AM 12/29/02

NIL FROM EUROPE 11:34 AM 12/29/02

KA0Y:   Happy New Year... not much going on.. looking for activity from Hawaii.. 

WA4NJP: nothing new.. was on 2 meter EME this morning.. 

KA1BC/M: Dave .. no traffic .. 


K0TAR/M4: Happy New Year to all.. 

EI7FJ:  putting up system for 2 meter 2x 17ele beams IO62RG & also working on..
        plans to add 2 more 2 meter antennas to add to the array end of next week. 
        now has az/el on 2  ..  70cm EME.. .. plans 4x29 ele cushcraft 500w on 70cm.. 
        Billy..   200w on 2 meters.. EI9E will be EME call   @@@@@@@
        has heard many stations off the moon.. 

W3EME:  2 meter net..

DK3WG:  UA3PTW info above.. 

CT1DMK: no traffic.. HAPPY NEW YEAR ..