Subject: NET NOTES DEC 21 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 21 Dec 2002, 11:24

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for DEC 21
1800z                 RA3LE -JR9NWC  
1900z                 RA3LE -OE3JPC  
2000z                                KL7HFQ-DK3WG   
2030z                                OK2BDQ-DK3WG   

Skeds for DEC 24
Time   432.040        
2230z  RA3LE -DL7UDA  

Skeds for DEC 25
Time   432.040        
0500z  K9SLQ -DL7UDA  

Skeds for DEC 26
Time   432.073        
0600z  SM3BYA-K9SLQ   

Subj:    [Moon-Net] mail UA3PTW
Date:   12/16/02 2:31:26 AM Eastern Standard Time

Peter RW3PF
Subj:    SK0CC EME 432 MHz CW JT44
Date:   12/21/02 6:18:42 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Sven Nordin)

Hi all 70cm:s
After having a hip-operation SM5LE is back as operator (!) @ SK0CC. 

CW and JT44 sked are welcome. 
JT44 QRG : 432098.0 MHz 
73 Sven EME op. @ SK0CC.


Equipment 432 MHz : 
ant 8x17 el (fixed horizontal polarization), but we can elevate.
RX NF 0.3dB
TX power 1200W
grid:  JO99BD

Subj:    EME on 432 MHz
Date:   12/21/02 1:26:02 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Cowles Andrus III)
To: (

Hi Joe,

I was on for both of my skeds on December 21. Equipment on my end
appeared to be working well!?

I did not hear DL7UDA at all.  I heard my echoes very well and also
heard K9SLQ calling for him right after my sked.
K9SLQ sounded much louder than usually!

I think I did hear G4RGK however I just could not pull out the calls. I
sent "T" and continued to try him until I ran out of Sked time. I would
like to try him again.

Thanks again Joe, I am always happy to try to work new stations. I am at
85 initials at this time.

I am going to try to make the net on Sunday. Saturday I may be doing
some last minute Christmas shopping, if not I'll be on the net.  I
should be on the moon on 70cm. some this weekend working random.

Happy Holidays to all!
73, Cowles_K4EME on 432 MHz


DL7UDA: ok skeds with DK3WG..  Nil from USA.. JT44 with K2UYH.. next sked with
        RA3LE.. may have heard a little from K5WXN.. ok for 24-25 to try.. 

G3LTF:  was not on 23cm.. has a bad cold.. 

F5VHX:  all is well.. no problems.. working in shop on pcbs for projects.. did not
        get on last night either... 

G4RGK:  was on last night and heard K9SLQ very well and K4EME too!! but got no reply.
        worked K5WXN random. heard OK2BDQ and called but no reply.. condx bad.. 

OZ4MM:  nothing much to report.. still busy at house building .. may be on tonight..
        but holiday parties take priority.. 

WD5AGO: no traffic.. 

W2UHI:  was on 23cm last night OZ6OL, SM2CEW, K5JL all worked.. did not hear W9IIX..

K5JL:   Slim pickings last night.. look for K7XQ tonight.. Jeff will be working on 
        his tracking etc. 

WA4NJP: nothing going on.. was on 2 meters last night.. Happy Holidays.. 

W4TJ:   K2RTH (Florida) worked Vietnam on 6 meters this morning.. happy holidays..

N2HLT:  Leon.. not much going on.. not QRV .. 

WA1JOF: no traffic .. 

NA4N:   has 23cm amp going.. working on getting more drive.. nice wx.. 

W9IIX/M: worked 2 initials last night.. Sweeden & Germany.. 23cm GI7B amp about
        75% complete.. SM2CEW & DF4PV worked .. 

N7AM:   good morning to all.. been on moon most nights this week.. no QSOs and 
        waiting for wind to go down and will be on this eve.. 

W5ZN/M: had a chance to get back to work on 7 meter dish project.. will be off for
        next couple weeks.. 

VE3AX:  np progress on the dish project.. lost access to gearbox.. still looking
        for new gear reducer.. came across 3 bearing assemblys.. 48" in diameter.
        asking about $500 us.. looks like 2 available.. approx weight 1000 lbs..
        about an hour from Buffalo.. get in touch with Peter for more info. 

K9SLQ:  had high winds.. worked K5WXN with QSB.. will be back on tonight after
        0400z .. also heard K4EME loud on his attempt with DL7UDA.. 

K0YW:   will be checking N7AM amp today.. will be on 23cm tonight if wx permit
        and for KU4F noise fig mtr manual will be ready Monday.. 

K5WXN:  for K9SLQ .. did hear G4RGK sked, but low sigs.. did work G4RGK random
        AT 0330Z.. worked K2UYH K9SLQ.. and partial with DL7UDA.. 

K2DH:   happy holidays.. 

N2IQ:   was on last night ands worked SM2CEW, but had to go to party..

W5LUA:  ran with JA7BMB and heard him sending "O" on 10ghz crossband.. will try
        again in the morning.. will be looking for W9IIX tonight.. 

N4PU:   still working on amplifier.. acting same way as before new meter.. still
        has bias but no cathode current.. 

DK3WG:  worked DL7UDA.. will be on 2000z KL7HFQ.. will be on 70cm tonight.. 

SM2CEW: was on last night 23cm.. good signal from W9IIX.. will be on tonight
        on 23cm & 70cm.. 

LX1DB:  will be on 23cm tonight and tomorrow night.. 

G4RGK:  when K5WXN called on random, very poor condx.. will be on till 2300z
        then be on about 0500z on 22 Dec.. 

KA0Y:   no traffic.. may be on tonight.. high wind last night ..