Subject: NET NOTES NOV 24 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:     NET NOTES
Date:   11/24/02 3:20:09 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dominique Fassler)

Hi Joe

the contest is not over yet, but the scoring here so far: 63x29 on 23cm.
Conditions seemed fine, this in contrast to some other observations. Many
regulars were missing, not CT, LX, very few SM,PA,ON..
The rig was doing fine, so I could really enjoy the band.
My initials count went up to #187 (JH1EFA).
73 Dominique

Dominique Fassler
Bahnhofstr. 32
CH-5642 Muhlau
Tel. +41566681944

Subj:    Net notes
Date:   11/24/02 5:11:08 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Hervé BIRAUD)              @@@@@@@@@@@
To: (K1RQG)

Hi Joe,

Can you put my new email address in the mailing
list of your "net notes", pse ??

Vy 73 de Herve F5HRY

Subj:    EA8/LA8LF QRV this evening (Sunday).
Date:   11/24/02 8:40:21 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Anders, LA8LF.)
Reply-to: (Anders, LA8LF.)

Hi All,
I will be QRV from 2230Z tonite on 1296.015 for 2-3 hrs. Tomorrow
the dish and tower will be taken away for storage. No more 23CM
EME avtivity from here. Maybe 13 CM EME a year from now. All 23CM
equipment goes back to Norway coming Friday (65Kg).

Subj:    ARRL II 432
Date:   11/24/02 8:56:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

Hi Joe,

station didn´t worked very well this time. After absense first leg because the 
storm, this time had sat. morning wet feed lines with high SWR and on sunday 
night 2:00 UTC my HV tranformer gave up and 10 minutes later my TR-7 did not TX. 
So I went to bed after 20 QSO.
The HV transformer is replaced and now I try to fix the TR-7 problem. If I can 
fix it, I will be on for the last hours.
Condx were mixed, but activity was less then last year.
20m ant. is down, waiting for a new one.

73 Bernd DL7APV


W2UHI:  good condx last night.. worked F6CGJ, did work W9IIX.. heard WA4NJP but not  
        readable.. missed VE4MA .. 

K0YW:   was on last night .. worked a few new ones for contest.. decided to get some
        beaut rest.. new tubes worked fine.. tnx to all who got on.. special tnx to
        EA8/LA8LF for his efforts .. 

PA3CSG: was on this morning on 23cm .. will be on tonight 2000z-2200z .. send email if
        you need a schedule.. JA window was very quiet. 70cm was very good on JA window.
        Making plans to move the 3.7mtr dish out of the way of the 8.5 mtr dish ..

F5VID:  Tim .. Marin FR.. 

OK1DFC: first time on 20 NET.. activity on 70cm not good second leg ARRL.. indicator for
        azimuth reporting system is broken and could not repair for then ARRL weekend. 
        maybe QRV in Dec window JO60 .. but due to moves etc have a lot to do to get QRV. 
        5 meter mast is being constructed for 10 meter dish .. will become QRV from new
        grid JN79fw 20 km So of Prague in Spring.. Much more comfortable in new QTH.. 
        More info on web page ..

PA0EHG: In contest on 10ghz.. HK9KHU ..???? 7 QSO 5 inits on 10ghz ...

F5VHX:  for G4RGK to scan PCB and forward jpg to Graham . F5VHX not on ..

DK3WG:  no traffic.. only on 2 meter.. 

DL9KR:  very slow going on 70cm .. called CQ for hours with no response.. 70x32 approx.
        looking for info SM5OIT ..

CT1DMK: no results last night.. next year willhave to do better...    5x4 on 10ghz ..
        needs HB9BHU .. copied him before sked .. OK1CA no copy.. worst EME ever..
        has time 2300-0000z.. can be on next weekend.. Luis is hearing better than
        he is being heard .. will improve xmit sig .. 

OK2UVX: ???? 

K2DH:   did correspond to LA8LF and Anders confirmed he will be on from Norway next year.

K4EME:  worked 2 stations last night.. HA1YA & K2UYH.. apologies to Al @ 0300z had phone
        call and had to replace a preamp.. then made it around 0742z.. not a good ARRL
        contest.. hoping to work JAs but noise level came up too high to copy towards.
        worked more in one night last year than the whole contest this year..

W7SZ:   good condx on 23cm .. 14 this weekend .. 27 total this contest.. DL4MUP & DL1YMK
        were heard well but not complete.. 

WA4NJP: called KU4F on 23cm with no reply.. did work K2UYH on 70cm.. VE3AX on 222mhz 
        now complete.. 

K0RZ:   42X23  SP6JLW had good signal.. but never worked ... 

K5JL:   tnx to PA3CSG for getting on.. also to VE4MA .. worked a bunch on meteors last
        night.. K7XQ fixed some problems (tracking).. did not hear LX1DB.. 

W9IIX:  good time over weekend .. 8 contacts .. 17x8 in 24 hours of operation.. heard
        8 others but could not work.. K9ZZH dish is now at K9SLQ.. could not make it 
        with W5LUA.. 

W7MEM:  did not work anyone this weekend.. K0RZ, K1FO, N9AB all heard and no contacts.. 
        2 meters was not even as good.. may be locked out by pol.. 

W1ZX:   was not on last night..  

VE4MA:  a few problems to deal with .. but got on 23cm.. worked about 7 during the
        1 hour was on.. DF4PV & N7AM.. worked for new ones.. 

W5LUA:  had a good time last night .. good on 3cm.. 23cm 31x20, 13cm 6x5, 3cm 9x8..
        AN 1076 is the correct app note for the board that G4RGK interested in..
        Al reccomends to bypass the 50 ohm line in and put a gold chassis mount 
        on the board.. Al will re-read about the PCB and comment later.. 
        needs to arrange transportation of TWT and P/S for 24ghz to G3WDG.  if anyone
        going over can carry it, get in touch with Al.. W5LUA.. also working on one
        for W5ZN.. 

W5ZN:   no traffic.. not QRV yet on EME.. 

WA9NGO: ... 

KU4F:   42X25 and will be checking out the note on signal.. 

VE7BQH: 12:07 PM 11/24/02