Subject: NET NOTES NOV 23 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    For the net
Date:   11/18/02 7:48:58 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Greg McIntire)

To all on the net:

I was saddened to hear of the death of Tay Howard, W6HD.  We had worked on 
10 GHz EME several years ago and maintained an email dialog on 
TWTs.  Although I never had an eyeball QSO with him, he was very much a 
learned gentlemen and had my utmost respect.   He will be missed.

Tried several different preamps on the 10 GHz system here over the 
weekend.  Having issues with low level out of band oscillations when 
connecting the preamps to the waveguide transition, I think.   Holding at 
12 dB sun noise and 1 dB moon noise with my original configuration.  Plan 
to be on some next weekend although the apogee/perigee loss is over 1 dB.

Greg, AA5C
Subj:    Report EA8/LA8LF 23CM EME.
Date:   11/19/02 4:01:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Anders, LA8LF.)
Reply-to: (Anders, LA8LF.)
To: (moon-net)

Hi All,
Well, what a disappointing week-end. I thought everybody QRV on 23CM EME
and which was not worked when I was QRV for 4 days back in Oct. 2000,
would be very anxious to work me this week-end. Maybe you all count on
working me in the last leg of the contest. Is that safe?? What if I got ill, or WX
not cooperating, or had equipment failure that would prevent my operation or
something else?

As reported 2 weeks ago, I will not be QRV again on 23CM EME after the
contest for some years, maybe never. I will bring my 40KG HPA with me
back to Norway on the 29th. of this month plus all the other 23CM gear.
Left will be the dish taken off the mast, the feed stored inside the house
as well as the tower.

Maybe I will try 13CM EME in the European EME contest next Spring, but
not for sure. It is a lot of work to install my dish, my tower and set up
the equipment only for 3 weeks stay and one Week-end of operation.
I would also like to enjoy the nice WX when it comes on! And, pay
attention to my wife who up to now, has been very cooperative and patient.
She do everything in this large house and in the large garden. It is time I
join in on that work. Besides my "pump" gives me problems every day
and night. When GOD created me, he put in some extra wires that
should not be there shortcircuiting the wireing making all 3 chambers pump
simultainiously. And you all know the result of that.

Only 2 new initials were worked last week-end, WA6PY and SM2CEW.
I understand that a few others heard me, but I had not a trace of them. I worked 
all stations I could hear. Worked Saturday was G3CCH, G3LTF, ZS6AXT and OZ6OL.
On Sunday I worked G3LTF, SM2CEW, OZ6OL, K5GW, K0YW, K5GW, K5JL, N2IQ
and WA6PY. 

OK, let us be optimistic and hope that Mr. Murphy stays away this coming
week-end and that all conditions will be favourable. Good luck to you all
in the contest.

Og yes, almost forgot to mention that my Internet providers both in Norway and 
here on the Island gave up on me a week ago. I was able this morning to set up a new
Provider in Madrid, Spain. Therefore this e-mail report and some e-mails sent
induviduals today and a few sent from a friend during the week..

And, saw in a Net-news by Joe that somebody thought I was some way connected
to EA8FF. NO, I am not. He recides on the Island of Tenerife, I am on Lanzarote
and have had my place here since 1987 when I built it. Thanks to Peter, G3LTF
for clarifying that.

Vy 73 de Anders, EA8/LA8LF.

Subj:    2304 equipment
Date:   11/19/02 1:39:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Doug Johnson)

Hi Joe, thought I'd get back to you with my list of 2304 stuff. 
( 2 ) 45 element loop yagi's " 1345ly" ....120.00 they won the central states contest 
in july, 10.2 and 10.7-23dbi.  1 power divider....30.00.., 1 early SSB electronics 
xverter and 3 watt amp, all seperate modjules connected together. 144 if, needs a new 
1302 gassfet in receive, 1 watt drive in. .250.00...shipping extra on all.
any interest? all will probably go to ebay at some point.....Doug,W9iix

Subj:    [Moon-Net] 1296mHz moon noise
Date:   11/19/02 10:31:58 AM Eastern Standard Time

Does anyone in our fine group have data relating to the noise temperature of 
the moon at 1296 mHz? I have found 11gHz data showing 195 to 235 degrees k, 
varying with the phase of the moon but no idea how or if that relates to 1.3 

Thanks/73 de K5GW

Subj:    Net notes
Date:   11/19/02 8:05:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Trevor Benton)

Hello Joe - could you plse note my new e-mail address
for future postings. Tnx for your time.

 73`s, Trevor,  VK4AFL.                    @@@@@@@@@

Subj:    2nd Contest ARRL LX1DB
Date:   11/20/02 3:44:52 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (BAUER Willi)

Dear Joe 

Please find the message for The Conest. So as the 
WX look good for the WE I propose this activiries.

2.nd leg ARRL EME contest. 
Hello to all, 
The WX will be good for the WE in Luxembourg. So I will be 
QRV on 
2304/ 2320 RX and 2424RX the Saturday 
and on Sunday on 1296. 
All the WE in paralell is running 10GHz. 
If there is a need JT44 mode is also possible on 1296 and 2304 
on request. 
First QSO's has been sucessfull on 144 with 4 12el and 100W at feed. 
73, and listen on the moon. 
Willi LX1DB 

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES NOV 17, 2002
Date:   11/21/02 10:33:19 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Clyde scott)

Hi Joey..!!

Please be advised that my Email address has changed from:


Thanks for your help..

Hope all is well..

Clyde Scott, Jr.
EME Communications

Subj:    CQ ARRL EME Contest de HB9Q
Date:   11/22/02 1:59:56 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To:, ('K2LME'), ('moon-net')
CC:     '' ('HB9ER'), HB9Q@HB9Q.CH ('HB9Q')

Dear Friends
We will be QRV calling CQ as follows:

144 MHz:
23.11.2002:             00.00z - 09.45z         144.040 or up to 144.060
23./24.11.2002:         18.45z - 10.30z         144.040 or up to 144.060
24.11.2002:             19.45z - 00.00z         144.040 or up to 144.060 (depending on
activity we will not be QRV)

432 MHz:
23.11.2002:             00.00z - 03.00z         432.020 or up to 432.040
                        06.00z - 09.45z         432.020 or up to 432.040
                        20.00z - 22.00z         432.020 or up to 432.040
24.11.2002:             00.00z - 03.00z         432.020 or up to 432.040
                        06.00z - 08.30z         432.020 or up to 432.040
                        19.45z - 00.00z         we will determine activity times and band just before
the activity

1296 MHz:
23.11.2002:             03.00z - 06.00z         1296.016 or up to 1296.040
                        18.45z - 20.00z         1296.016 or up to 1296.040
                        22.00z - 24.00z         1296.016 or up to 1296.040
24.11.2002              03.00z - 06.00z         1296.016 or up to 1296.040
                        08.30z - 10.00z         1296.016 or up to 1296.040
                        19.45z - 00.00z         we will determine activity times and band just before
the activity

Depending on conditions and activity the times per band may vary by up to 1

It would be great if you would listen for us! We will listen especially for
your call when calling CQ!
If you are interested to get our last-minute update drop us an e-mail and we
will send you our latest infos just before the contest. If you need more
information let us know. Our e-mail address is:

Our RIG is:
We did some optimizing on our RX on 144, 432 and 1296 (many thanks HB9BBD
for your help!) and should now have better results.
144 MHz: 8x19xxx, 0,3 dB NF, 1 KW
432 MHz: 15m dish, 0,3 dB NF, 400W (RX vertical or horizontal, TX circular)
1296 MHz: 15m dish, 0,3 dB NF, 400W
For more information about our station check
We are looking forward to work you and appreciate very much your effort to
be QRV during the contest!

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q

WD5AGO: will be 222mhz EME 0400-0600z 11/24.. 

WA4NJP: Was on 23cm last night .. a couple new initials.. will be on 222mhz this 
        eve.. looking for KA0Y, VE6TA, VE3AX, NU7Z ... inits on 23cm DL4PV & N7AM

W2UHI:  condx good on 23cm .. seems that both weekends are down a bit..  31x20.. 

K0YW:   long night .. not a great deal of activity.. JH0YSI a new initial.. rcvd
        new 7289s and cooking them in.. 

K4EME:  5 stations worked for contest..  HB9JAW a new one.. pretty slim.. 15 worked
        5 each night.. 

KU4F:   was not on last night.. just got home this morning.. no time to work on 
        system.. did pay visit with W4TJ yesterday.. hopes to be on 23cm tonight.. 

K5JL:   activity was low, prporgation good, population bad.. near miss with K7XQ..
        will be looking for him tonight.. 

G4RGK:  not very good results last night.. cndx not real good last night .. activity
        on 70cm was down.. K9SLQ & K4EME were heard and called, but no response.. 
        looking for info on UHF lna  ATF10135 by W(B)5LUA ..pcb marked UHF/LBAND LNA
        LUA/DEM REV A.. Dave needs ckt diagram.. 

KA0Y:   gave up and went to bed last night.. activity was down.. will not nake it on 

K0RZ:   70cm activity down..  OK1DIG new init.. 39x23.. will be on tonight.. 

WB8MAL: ????

VE4MA:  pcb asked about by G4RGK is well known and was in CSVF and Microwave Update
        a few times. good from 432mhz thru 23cm.. just have to change the series 
        matching coil.. will try to make it on 23cm tonight.. bad wx has slowed things
        down.. 3cm does not look good.. found application note HP 1076 now Agilent..
        may be an earlier reference to the specific board.. 

W1ZX:   very windy last night.. could not untie dish.. W1ZX/W4TJ effort.. 

N2IQ:   Rain to snow.. hi winds, sticky snow.. worked a bunch on 23cm.. good activity
        but nothing to rave about.. picked up a few JAs .. 

DK3WG:  no special traffic.. rain.. poor condx reported by RA3LE..

PA3CSG: no traffic.. cannot be on USA window.. interferece from 10ghz dish.. 

DL9KR:  very little activity .. good wx .. still looking for W3, W8 & W6 .. 61x30.. 
        any info on W0LD.. 

F5VHX:  was not on 23cm.. hi winds and t-storms, same is forecast for tonight.. contest
        is a wipeout.. 

CT1DMK: was on 10ghz .. no luck.. hi dec syndrome.. moon is too hi for Luis.. tried
        to call WA7CJO about 5 minutes before moon loss.. 4x3 on 10ghz.. will be on 
        for any skeds via e-mail.. had 8x6 last year.. 

DL1YMK: was freezing butt off.. electric heat.. cold feet.. will be on tonight on 
        70cm.. also will be on 23cm above 50deg ele.. will be looking for 70cm 
W7MEM:  2 meter amp is now working but 70cm is not on yet.. may make it on tonight.
        2 meters was not good last night.. 

K0WOW:  Microwave update 1989 pg 192, and RF Design Feb 1989 has info on the board 
        that Dave G4RGK is look.. 

VE7BQH: 12:04 PM 11/23/02