Subject: NET NOTES NOV 3 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    [Moon-Net] LU7DZ
Date:   10/27/02 12:48:49 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Steve Gross)

LU7DZ has his own E-mail now.         @@@@@@@@@

73 Steve N4PZ
Subj:    EME Contest
Date:   10/27/02 1:21:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Al Katz)
To: (K1RQG)

Hi Joe,

Just a brief report on the EME contest.  Unfortunately some of the
lowest activity on 70 cm I have ever observed in an EME contest.  I
suspect this was due to the bad WX in Europe.  It may also be due to my
increasing noise problems.  There was some sort of wideband pulsed noise
that came on periodically, and of course usually at just the right
(wrong!) time to mess up copy of someone's call.

Both nights I operated on 70 cm 1st for several hours and then switched
to 1296.  Activity on 1296 was better than on 432, but not up to par. 
Signals were stronger too, but this may be the result of my 432 noise. 
I don't think I had difficulty copying calls of any 1296 signals until
my VK/JA window.  There I had about 3/4 tree blockage and had to QRZ
everyone - I will send you a picture!  I worked two JAs on 1296, then
switched to 432 and worked VK3UM - tnx Doug.  I also heard several JAs
there, but could not get their attention.  I kept calling CQ down to
about 10 degrees where my echoes disappeared, but not one reply.

The Doppler frequencies of the new JT44 (V3.0) are quite close.  I only
observed a 10 to 20 Hz error.  I tried the echo mode again.  Using the
TS2000X barefoot at 1 watt, I clearly observed echoes with .5 W into the
feedline!  I also tried the echo mode on 70 cm with my tropo antenna
(modest preamp in the shack).  I was able to see my echoes, but needed
at least 500 W.  This is probably an indicator of my noise problem.

73, Al - K2UYH
Dr. Allen Katz, President
Linearizer Technology, Inc.

Subj:    Net Notes...
Date:   10/27/02 1:56:34 PM Eastern Standard Time

Message-Id: 1492_yo2kjo

From: YO2IS
   Dear Joe, thanks again for the NET notes I do receive from you by
E-mail. Keep me please in your subscribers list.
 Unfortunately the E-mail with last notes (27 oct) was damaged in the
destination BBS which seems has run into troubles with spam or virus.
 Please resend the NET NOTES of 27 oct 2002 to my alternative E-mail
adress and keep this one for the next E-mails:


  Thanks for your time and help.
  Was active during the first leg of the ARRL-EME contest, as usual on
432 MHz. Variable conditions and not too many stations QRV. See in the
reports that most of the active EME-ers did move up into the GHz bands.
 Got nine QSO's including K1FO and JL1ZCG which had the loudest signal
I ever heard on 70cm EME and that for for several hours. CWNR N9AB and
K5GW after his QSO with KL7HFQ, no other stateside stations heard.
 This was my 13th participation in row in the annual ARRL-EME contest
using the same old fashion but still in good shape rig & antenna.
 If all goes okay will be on again in the second leg.
 73 & DX Szigy.

Subj:    EME contest
Date:   10/27/02 3:48:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Grant)
CC: (Al Katz)

Hello Joe:
Just a note on my activity during the contest.  
Tried to get on 222 for WA4NJP and WD5AGO but the high power relay I use
on that band was stranded on the roof after my six meter EME effort. 
Unfortunately 2 to 3 inches of ice and snow on a steeply pitched roof
make it a bit hazardous to retrieve.  Ended up spending the weekend on
23 cm where conditions seemed good despite the lack of many EME regulars
from europe.  Murphy struck by causing the auto-track system to
malfunction on my rising moon, and my 4 tube amp decided that it wasn't
going to perform.  Managed to switch relays for the elevation drive so
system would work with rising elevation and work on the decreasing
elevation aspect later.  The amp was a little bit harder to track down. 
Discovered that the tuning capacitor for the anode section of the cavity
had a poor solder connection and was creating a lot of heat and as a
result the amp had poor efficiency. Re-soldered the connection and
reassembled the cavity to bring it back to 450w output.  Just in time
for the second pass.  
I worked over the weekend 27 QSO's and 21 mults.  Initials on 23 cm
were:  N7AM, W1ZX, KU4F, K9BCT, W7BBM, and I0UGB.  
Kudo's go to WA6PY for having an outstanding signal with his small dish,
as well as all the outstanding regulars for giving us signals so loud
that my ears hurt.  (OE9XXI, HB9Q, K5JL, KA0Y, OE9ERC, K5GW, and of
course HB9BBD.)  I would hate to have these fellows power bill after the
Not sure what band I will be on next month, as it will depend on getting
the high power relay down from the roof.  If the weather gods cooperate
I will try and be on 432 next month for at least one pass.

Subj:    EME Activity
Date:   10/28/02 2:35:28 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (David Sanchez)
To: ('')

Hi Joe!

The F5KDK still busy on EME operation, we have many problems to find place
to run our 70cm EME station!
We will be QRV on the 2 nd leg ARRL EME, last time before F1CH removed
So for the moment we are looking for any place for our array 8x 26 BV place!
All the best!

F5SDD dave

Subj:    [Moon-Net] 23 cm EME
Date:   10/28/02 3:26:49 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Guys

I would like to thank those who have jumped in to assist.
It is really great and very encouraging.
I have some mods underway and hope to be ready to listen with an improved result in november.
Your ecouragement and help has made me determined to get ZL 23cm on air soon.
If I missed responding to anyone thanks for your assistance.

73,s  Brent 


Subj:    [Moon-Net] WA6PY results
Date:   10/28/02 12:30:40 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

During the first part of the contest I worked:

on 144 MHz -  5 stations:  I3DLI  I2FAK  JL1ZCG  W5UN  KB8RQ, Heard: K9MRI  N5BLZ  9A9B

0n 1296 - 25 stations: F2TU  G4CCH  G3LTF  HB9BBD  HB9Q  I0UGB  IK2MMB  OE9XXI  OE9ERC  OH2AXH  OZ6OL  SM2CEW  VE6TA  W1ZX  W2UHI  K2UYH  N2IQ  KU4F  K5JL  W5LUA  K5GW  N7AM  W7SZ  K0YW  KA0Y

Heard few time F6ETI and DL4MUP, but they QSY after the QSO and I could not cath them
I heard few weak signals calling me after the CQ, but signals are very weak with my not optimized 2.4 m dish, and I need longer transmissions to be able to get the callsign. Please do not give up to early. As long as I reply QRZ, means that I will be able to get callsign, but please transmit your call several times. I have a time for you.

On 432 - with only dish feed, I heard only traces of two stations, but to weak to copy.

In November I plan to be on 13 cm first day and on 23 cm next day. I will also eavesdrop on 432.

VY 73 Paul WA6PY

Subj:    Re: netnotes
Date:   10/28/02 10:27:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (doug johnson)

Joe, Thanks fer the return, I think you took it on my initial check in , but
musta got lost in the shuffle, anyway, here it is;:W9iix, Douglas Johnson,
4421 w. 87th st, Hometown, il , 60456. 708-423-0605 email
which distributes to iix1@attbi and, all three work ok.
grid, en61dr. equipment for1296,  Yeasu736, homebrew amp, 2-2c39 tubes,
watercooled, 10ft tvro dish, w5lbt tracking ( my drive pics on his website)
wd5ago preamp, ve4ma feed.....thanks, 73 ....Doug
Subj:    Contest results
Date:   10/29/02 3:48:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Philippe PIERRAT)
To: (K1RQG), (K2UYH)

Very difficult on microwave with a strong wind  on  8 m dish.


UA6LGH. Copied W9IIT but moon to low.
1296 MHz 29 : 



5700 MHz: JA7BMB,IK2RTI,I6PNN,S57RA #17

10 GHz: F6KSX. Copied I5PPE,I4TTZ,W5LUA,CT1DMK, D5MN. VFOs tx and rx was 
inverted and doppler's correction on 144 MHz, no commuted on 10 Ghz !!!!

Difficult for a single op to work correctly on alls bands in the ARRL 


Philippe PIERRAT - F2TU

Subj:    Nov contest
Date:   10/29/02 4:01:53 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Philippe PIERRAT)
To: (K1RQG), (K2UYH)

 I shall be qrv for the ARRL contest on 70 , 23 , 13, 6 , 3 cms.
 For over 23 cms, I propose for NA:
Nov 23, 05:00 - 06:30  +-2304.1 MHz ( rx also on 2320. )
Nov 23, 07:00 - 08:00 +- 5760.1 MHz
Nov 24, 05:00 - 08:00  +-10368.1 MHz
 Who will be qrv? Answer to

Philippe PIERRAT - F2TU



W2UHI:  did a bit of experimenting with scaler ring and moved it forward about
        an inch and feels that he has increased signal to noise. Will be running
        this way next contest weekend. all systems working well.. worked K5JL
        at S-3 with Jay running 2w.. 

N4PU:   looking for a 250w dummy load for 23cm.. looking for directional coupler
        for 23cm.. to measure 250w at 23cm.. 

W9IIX:  good weekend .. K2UYH, G3LTF & K0YW worked yesterday morning.. on 23cm..
        still having frequency offset problems..        

DK3WG:  no special traffic .. can be QRV anytime on 70cm.. has finished worked
        on 2meter antennas and now has more time to operate..

DJ5NV:  was on during storm.. 41x26 ... called K1FO with 10w and Steve sent QRZ..
        will work him next next contest weekend.. could not be QRV last 5 hours
        of contest due to wx..

W1ZX:   looking for lifting eye.. trying to get set-up for contest weekend.. 

N2IQ:   not much going on .. 3 inches of heavy snow .. on moon now.. 

W4TJ:   was on 6 meters and now at #115 for DXCC.. measured cold sky to ground
KU4F:   did some experimenting on Monday and found LO dead on xvtr.. 

K5JL:   playing on 6 meters.. good opening today.. 

VE4MA:  comments about operational procedures.. slow progress on 47ghz .. 
        was at Microwave Update last night.. 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. worked PA4FP on 70cm for a new.. 

F5VHX:  convention is to xmit on assigned frequency.. but more important is the
        fact that during contest big ststions go to SSB in the CW area and just
        blow the smaller stations away. There should a discussion about going to

DK3WG:  QRV for skeds in contest .. 

SM2CEW: QRV on 70cm this am and 2 new ones.. SM5IOT & DL7UDA worked.. was on 23cm
        on Friday and all is working well with good activity..

F6KHM:  planned to be QRV this weekend .. but still winds too high.. plan to be
        QRV next weekend (6 days) on 70cm.. today working on 23cm PA.. 

DL9KR:  first weekend 2 storms, 4.5 hours operation.. 40x28 .. 40% of usual 

WA1JOF: new address information:
        Don Stradley
        144 Knowlton Corner RD [ do not use this for US mail ]
        PO Box 124             [ use this for US Mail]
        Farmington, ME  04938

VE7BQH: 12:01 PM 11/3/02