Subject: NET NOTES OCT 27 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    [Moon-Net] 1296 EME Myth
Date:   10/26/02 1:11:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Hi again

Well you guys put that theory to bed.
First night of contest and many signals heard and recorded.
All still pretty weak so I obviously have some work to do.
But all in all a pleasing result and renewed hope for the future.
There seems to be a need to schedule contacts in normal times.
Still don't think it will impress the wife.   

Have a great contest and we will listen on in ZL

Regards all

Subj:    [Moon-Net] UHF: G4CCH - 23cm Activity 26 October
Date:   10/26/02 1:16:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Howard Ling)
To: (Moon Net - Message Posting (E-mail))

As most of us know by now, the storm force winds in Europe forced many to 
abandon their EME activity last night. Hopefully no one lost any antennas. 
Apparently, there is worse to come later.

Here, the night started with only a light breeze, but after a few hours the 
wind started to increase. At times, the gusts were causing problems with my 
tracking system. Fortunately, I was able to continue operating through the 
night and made 30 QSO's...

0002 HB9BBD, 0016 OE9ERC, 0024 F2TU, 0031 JA6AHB, 0053 OZ6OL, 0100 IK2MMB, 
0149 OK1CA, 0209 N2IQ, 0214 OE9XXI, 0320 KAOY, 0339 W2UHI, 0351 KU4F, 0356 
K9BCT, 0402 VE6TA, 0420 KOYW, 0510 W7BBM, 0520 K5JL, 0532 HB9Q, 0540 
IK3COJ, 0552 DL4MUP, 0605 WA6PY, 0622 W9IIX for initial #173, 0628 K5GW, 
0645 K2UYH, 0650 W1ZX, 0706 W4AD, 0746 W5LUA, 0750 N7AM, 0755 G3LTF and 
0909 IOUGB on ssb.

Gotaways were... F6ETI and OH2AXH.

My echoes seemed down for the first few hours, but I was receiving good 
reports during QSO's. Later, things improved and at times my echoes were 
peaking S8.

Up here in the UK, with high moon declination the start of the contest was 
too late to work VK or definitely not ZL. Haven't checked if it's possible 
from here tonight.. will find out later. I any case, I will probably have 
to cut down at least one tree to work ZL... my window starts at 90deg AZ, 
with half of the dish in a tree.

I will be QRV again tonight... weather permitting.

Howard - G4CCH

5.4m Dish, W2IMU feed, WD5AGO LNA 0.31nf, PA -  650W 6x2C39ba watercooled, 
Tracking - F1EHN + VE1ALQ.
For more information... check my web site.

Subj:    Dish status and For sale...
Date:   10/26/02 1:34:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Carsten Groen)

Hi Joe,

Things are progressing here, the Elevation system for the new dish is now
complete (hydraulics), next task is the Axz drive, which is being welded
right now. That will consist of a LARGE gearbox, and with a 1:4 chain drive
to the center of the rotating tower..
Box for the feed horn is ready, and so are the feed tubes. Only needs to
build a suitable feedhorn and tune it !
Also just received 2 abs encoders from US digital for the dish.

All in all, I hope to be ready some time during winter, my "preferred
antenna time of the year"

Also I have the following items for sale, if any is interested:

6  powermodules, Mitsubishi M57762 brand new

1  NEC TWT complete with powersupply (assembled in a compact unit), 18W on
10 GHz, 22W on 6GHz, powersupply 24VDC picture at

If interested, please email me

Carsten OZ9AAR

Subj:    sp5cjt email
Date:   10/26/02 2:08:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

Hi Joe,
it should be:

I worked 17 on 1296, 5 on 144, NIL on 432, wiil continu to fight next night.
73 Paul WA6PY

Subj:    [Moon-Net] QRV 23cm
Date:   10/27/02 12:39:59 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Shigeru takeda)

Hi All
I try to 23cm in this weekend.
Last night I copied HB9BBD,HB9Q,OE9ERC,OE9XXI in JA-EU window.

Please note my call-sign  JH1EFA

Hope see you on 23cm

        100w at feed  3 m Dish 

       shigeru takeda  JH1EFA  40KM north from Tokyo

        02/10/27 13:34 Shigeru takeda(BZZ24342)

Subj:    13cm de oz4mm
Date:   10/27/02 2:49:41 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Stig Vestergaard)
To: (K1RQG, Joe)

Hi Joe

Because of QRL and other family activities, I decided to use my limited time on 13CM 
in the first part of the ARRL contest.   I found only 3 stations around in the few 
hours I was on.  I hope for better activity on 13cm in next run.    I have incresed 
my power at 13CM, and now have around 60-75W/at feed in the 10m dish.

73 de OZ4MM, Stig

Subj:    AW: NET NOTES report from HB9BBD
Date:   10/27/02 5:08:21 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dominique Fassler)

Hi Joe

HB9BBD worked on 23cm 43x21. Conditions seemed to be good, many stations
which usually are not to strong seemed to have added strengths this weekend.
Specially to mention HA5SHF 559/589; W7SZ 579/569; WA6PY 569/569; IK3COY
Have worked 5 initials: KA0Y #180, KU4F #181, W9IIX #182, N7AM #183, DL1HTT
All in all, many regulars seem to be on the microwave bands this weekend.
The first contestweekend yields usually more than 50 contacts. So there is
hope to make some more qso than usually in the second round.
I had great fun in the contest and do hope that this was the case for the
gang too!
Dominique HB9BBD
Subj:    ARRL Part1
Date:   10/27/02 5:33:07 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

Hi Joe,

due to the earlier reported high winds here in Eu, I let the 432 Array on the 
ground. Yesterday we had 100km/h and today are 140km/h in the forecast. First 
time that I miss the ARRL contest due to bad wx. Hope in the secound part wx 
condx will be better.
Instead being on the moon playing around with a new Analog devices IC, AD8362. A 
true power RMS detector, with 60dB dynamic range and accuracy of +/- 0,5dB  over 
50dB! Can now measure M17, Sagg, sun noise ... with much better accuracy.
Will send AL a sketch next time.

Cu in the secound part (hopefully)
73 Bernd 

Subj:     NET NOTES 
Date:   10/27/02 7:22:34 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dominique Fassler)

All stations with an initial qso with HB9BBD on 23cm may get the online QSL

Dominique Fassler
Bahnhofstr. 32
CH-5642 Muhlau
Tel. +41566681944


W2UHI:  23cm in good shape last night .. good wx .. echoes are great.. only a few
        Europeans on.. big stations were spread out and calling CQ, but not many on.
        worked DF4PV & HA5SHF for new multipliers.. did not find W5LUA.. 24x19
        so far.. had a good time though.. 

K0RZ:   low activity but good conditions.. contest 31x20 and 3 new initials.. 
        HB9JAW, LU7DZ, & YU1EV were new ones.. heard and called K9SLQ both eves and
        only got a QRZ.. 

W4TJ:   had computer problems last night at W1ZX.. great time on Friday night.. 

K9BCT:  lots of big guns on and not many little pistols.. W2UHI was very loud last
        two nights.. was a bit under the wx health wise.. 16x12.. had fun and getting
        good reports.. seemed as though activity was down quite a bit.. did not

KU4F:   finished with 28x??...  not much luck in Western window.. another report that
        W2UHI had big signal.. no W4 or W1 .. 

K5JL:   26 multipliers.. but Jay won't tell us how many stations.. 

KM5A:   got up early this morning and was listening.. hearing some signals and weak,
        then a huge signal came on .. it was DL9KR.. running S5 on radio.. heard 
        Jan working KL7.. very impressed. will continue to work on system..
        Looking for 432 amp in the 700w class.. 

W7SZ:   12' dish & 450w.. 14 on 23cm and 5 on 2 meters last night.. 

VK3UM:  tough wx conditions in VK3 .. 27 so far worked.. called a few that got away..
        Great to be home, but had a great time when on holiday in Europe & US.. 
        only heard 3 JAs .. VK5MC was going to try to be.. 

WA4NJP: good QSO with WD5AGO on 222mhz.. new initial.. will be on 23cm in Nov.. looking
        for anyone else on 222mhz..tried WSJT echoe test on 6 meters..  looking for
        phone number for WA1JOF..

AA5C:   was on for a couple hours this morning.. nil with DJ5MN on 3cm.. 

W2DRZ:  attempted to get things running on Friday, but not successful .. hopes to
        be able to run from house in November.. 

K5WXN:  conditions were very good on 70cm.. worked 22x? .. some got away.. an SP???LW
        called for about 30 minutes.. Seems as though EU got on later.. 

W9IIX/M: worked 4 more stations last night.. 0E9ERC, OE9XXI, K5GW, & N2IQ   9 total.. 
        could not get HB9Q AND OH2AXH.. called many times.. 


G4RGK:  still very bad wx in EU .. only on a couple of hours.. worked 8 stations ..
        may get on this eve if winds subside.. 

F6KHM:  dish has survived the storm.. maximum winds at 140khm at 0000z.. ON, PA, and
        North of France wind is still high.. QRV between 0800z-and 1000z and new amp
        survived.. F6CGJ & F5PAU were not on due bad wx.. 

GM0ONN: been away a lot this year.. hopes to be on in November.. reports GM4ISM has
        very little radio time.. 

9H1BN:  dish is up and now the feed needs to be done.. el/az is working.. will try 
        for November but no promise.. no wind at all.. very calm wx.. 

PA3CSG: all is ok.. worst storm in 15 years.. dish is all ok.. 

CT1DMK: having nice summertime wx.. no wind or rain.. hard to understand .. was
        on 3cm all the time.. condx were quite good.. only 4 QSO.. did not copy
        anyone from US.. limited West window during high declination.. I4TTZ
        & I5PPE very good signals.. will be on 3m all time .. any skeds for 3cm
        are welcome..

K2DH/M: just checking in to see what is up.. 

W7MEM:  QRT .. 432 module died.. did work a few on 70cm.. 

WA0WPJ: ?? about using xvtr vs modern xcvr..

VE7BQH: 12:03 PM 10/27/02