Subject: NET NOTES OCT 20 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    VE4MA 
Date:   10/20/02 9:53:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Malowanchuk, Barry)
To: ('')

Hi Joe,

Just a quick note, I am at a flea market today. Yesterday was down in
Northern Minnesota at W0PHD picking up an HP sweeper 


Barry Malowanchuk
Manitoba Hydro  474-3662
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Subj:    Gud Daayy
Date:   10/19/02 6:12:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Doug McArthur)
To: (

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DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute

Hi Joe,
Thought you would like this one ... but they let him out later!
Boy it is great to be home again even after such a fantastic trip. The
recent events in Bali re-in force our feelings. Mind you it was not an 
un-eventful 28 hours getting home! Our bags are still glowing in the dark 
from all the X-raying. An over enthusing security guard at OKC is probably 
looking for another job and the VK recipients were given a first class upgrade
for his digression .. but that is another story! It must be that damm 
Black Hat ?? The final straw was right here in Melbourne as we were 
about to enter the real world a but yet another frisking and bag X-Ray etc
. This time my Black Hat did not come out the other end of the X-Ray machine. 
When I proceeded to crawl into the chute I caused a slight ruckus .. and that 
ended our holiday on a memorable note! On a more serious note .. mind you that 
was serious at the time .. I have been flat out trying to get the place sorted 
out with hours on the tractor, mending fences and the like. Killed our
first 4' brown snake along side the house yesterday so hopefully his mates
will get the message we are home again!!?? I managed to fire (not a good word) 
up the 432 MHz gear and it still goes ok so I am ready for the Contest next 
weekend. I will be (as usual) around 432.018 or out chasing!  ..... Please some 
more activity from NA  Please .... Re my pending 1296 activity as reported. 
I will do my best but I have a hell of a lot of priority work to do this Spring 
and Summer to catch up. Very best regards to all
Doug (VK3UM)

W2UHI:  was on moon last night and worked K5GW, W7BBM, N2IQ & K5JL.. 
        did not hear W9IIX.. cndx were excellent last night.. even though
        at Appogee.. KU4F does appear to have circularity issues, given the
        good sun noise.. comments about 50 ohm load noise is interesting 

W4TJ:   not too much to report.. still working on 23cm downconverter.. 

W5LUA/M:  Near San Antonio.. Will be listening off and on..

W9IIX:  was on last night.. worked K5JL and very excited.. 1st EME .could not hear
        echoes.. heard others after working Jay.. too excited to copy calls..
        came on before 9pm and heard signals.. but was in trees.. as moon goes up
        in dec, and clears trees, things should be better.. 

K5JL:   worked W9IIX for Dougs 1st 23cm EME.. W9IIX was 529.. also worked K5GW
        ON NEW 22' AND 1.5K ..

KU4F:   station is all back together.. too noisy.. was listening but no contacts..
        still has hi voltage problems.. hi voltage noise bothering .. rcv not up
        to snuff.. 352-625-8744 .. 

K5WXN:  was on 70cm last night and echoes were good.. nil heard.. will be on for
        the contest ..

VE3AX:  made progress on dish.. have some of it assembled upside down.. 

K2UYH:  not much going on.. will be on for the contest and N2 will be at Micro-wave
        Update.. Will be on 23cm & 70cm this weeekend .. maybe 3cm in Nov ..
        Happy Birthday to Jan.. DL9KR 

W7SZ:   getting station checked out for next weekend contest.. will be on 2 mtrs, 
        23cm & 3cm during the contest.. just back from 2 week holiday in Europe..

AA5C:   good e-mail address is  .. @@@@@@@@@@
        have not been on moon for a while.. working on new preamp.. may get on this 
        coming weekend on sat-sun .. 3cm only.. 

WA6PY:  there was a mistake in NL .. will only use the feed (dual dipole) on 70cm
        during contest.. and will be on 23cm this weekend with dish.. also needs to 
        work on tower mount .. it too low.. 

K9SLQ:  nice check out last night with K1FO and all ready to go on 70cm EME for

F5VHX:  very windy.. 70kmh gusts.. 

DJ5MN:  this afternoon.. put up 3cm dish and sun noise is 14+db on 10ghz .. 1.5mtr.. 
        will install xmit line.. 300w in shack and 100w+ at feed... will be active
        only on 3cm this coming weekend .. no other bands.. regards to all EMEers..

DL9KR:  did not make it on last night.. happy birthday to Jan.. (67) ..

F6KHM:  (F5TTU) last eve .. tested station and will be on 70cm with 34' dish and new
        big amplifier.. big ever heard.. TH-293 cool 2.5kw.. using dual
        dipole field and using circular for tx but V or H for rcv.. 

SM2CEW: was QRV SP6OPN for new one & DL5LF with single yagi new ones .. 

K0RZ:   will be around on next weekend on 70cm .. there is a new version of WSJT which
        has fixed a bug in FSK441 and allows for echoe testing on JT44.. Bill will be 
        on CW & SSB during contest.. JT44 available after contest weekend.. 

W7MEM:  will be on during contest.. 

WB0GGM: will be around for the contest on 2 mtrs and 70cm.. will be on 23cm by next 

VE7BQH: 11:04 AM 10/20/02