Subject: NET NOTES OCT 19 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

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Subj:    Did you update your standings?
Date:   10/14/02 3:40:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To: ('moon-net'),

Dear friends
please make sure you have updated your standings before you are QRV for the
up-coming EME contest. We have more then 200 entries and your update or
entry is still missing!
Please click here: and check your entry at the toplist!
Many thanks for helping us to keep the only online initial top list up to
vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q
Subj:    HB9Q QRV JT44 144/432/1296
Date:   10/14/02 3:40:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To: ('moon-net'),

Dear friends
we made several very nice QSO's on 144MHz using JT44, some were marginal
stations. We will be QRV for JT44 after the contest starting December 2002.
On 432/1296 we are much better equipped then on 144. We think we can work
marginal stations there. If you like to try with us let us know
( We will advice about our activities! Please send us a note
and you are on the list.
For more info about our station see at

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q

Subj:    HB9Q QRV during the ARRL EME Contest 144/432/1296
Date:   10/16/02 3:11:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)
To:, ('K2UYH'), ('moon-net')
CC:     '' ('HB9ER'), ('HB9MF'), ('ZS6JON'), ('HB9COG'), ('HB9DBM'), ('VK2FLR')

Dear friends
HB9Q will be QRV as follows during the ARRL EME Contest weekend:

144 MHz: We will be QRV all our moon window on 144.040 (if QRM we will move
up as far as .049)

432/1296 MHZ:
Oct. 26th       00.00 - 04.00z  432.020 (if QRM we move up as far as .040)
                04.00 - 09.00z  1296.016 (if QRM we move up as far as .040)
                09.00 - 11.00z  432.020 (if QRM we move up as far as .040)

                20.00 - 22.00z  432.020 (if QRM we move up as far as .040)
                22.00 - 24.00z  1296.016 (if QRM we move up as far as .040)
Oct. 27th       00.00 - 04.00z  432.020 (if QRM we move up as far as .040)
                04.00 - 07.00z  1296.016 (if QRM we move up as far as .040)
                07.00 - 10.00z  432.020 (if QRM we move up as far as .040)
                10.00 - 12.00z  1296.016 (if QRM we move up as far as .040)

                21.00 - 22.30z  432.020 (if QRM we move up as far as .040)
                22.30 - 00.00z  1296.016 (if QRM we move up as far as .040)
Depending on conditions and activity we may have to change the times. Please
look for us on the above frequencies when ever you have time.

In case you would like to get last minute info about our frequencies and
exact times drop us an e-mail ( We will send you the latest
info just before the activity.

Our RIG is 15m dish and 400 W on 432 and 300W on 1296. On 144 we have 1KW to
8x19el. Have a look at our homepage for more details:

We are looking very much forward to work you!

vy 73 es happy moonbouncing es good luck in the contest

Dan, HB9CRQ / KT6Q
head of HB9Q

Subj:    222 MHz EME in contest
Date:   10/18/02 10:34:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Hello Gents.

I am sending this note to Grant, Ray, John, Mike, Bro. and myself in trying
to generate some activity for 222 MHz in the EME contest next weekend.  If
you know of some stations that are capable then please pass along and lets
try it.

I do know ve6ta, wa4njp, and myself wd5ago will be there.

For fixed array stations I can look at the rising moon only, Else the main
activity time would be when other activity should be at a minimum.

North Am. window is about 10:30 to 12:30 UTC the 10/26 and an hour later on
the 27th. Not too early in the morning for us to make some noise and show
there is life on this band!

WA4NJP - WD5AGO  -  1100,   on 222.025
WD5AGO - VE6TA      -   1130,               .025

I am running now 4 yagies and a 3cx800

Tommy- WD5AGO

Subj:   A note from NU7Z
Date:   10/19/02 12:17:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   Nu7z
To:     K1rqg, WA4NJP

Hi there -- Just wanted to let you know that I fired off the amplifier for 222Mhz this AM. Darned thing blew out the plate meter but when I got it all settled down I am driving it with 5 watts, all the drive I have and get just over 550 w atts output. Not bad for an old plumbers special.  That's all the ganews from out west --

73 -- Rick
Subj:   More from NU7Z -- about 222Mhz
Date:   10/19/02 2:30:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   Nu7z
To:     K1rqg, WA4NJP

I  there -- thought I would pass along -- I found a couple of bad cables -- now have 700 watts output !!!! 

Subj:    EME Report
Date:   10/19/02 9:36:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (k0yw)
To: (Joe Demaso)

Hi Joe, I won't be on the net Sat. as Patti and I are off on domestic and
social pursuits. Making progress on 3 different amps. The TH-327 is awaiting
some parts and should be ready for the contest. Have N7AM's 2x 7289 amp
almost reassembled and ready for test. The "Tikaluna Special" will be tested
and ready to ship to OZ early next week. Hopefully, we will get to hear
some big sigs coming from "Down Under"! Hi to the gang. 73 . Bruce

W5LUA/M: mobile in SW Texas ...looking for VE4MA and just listening..

W2UHI:  nothing new .. QRV on 23cm.. will be on tonight on 23cm EME..

K5JL:   QRV on 23cm .. just waiting for the contest.. 

SV1BTR: still looking for 12' plus dish for 23cm [via J5JL]..

W4TJ:   not much to report .. 

W5UN:   feeling better every day, still has more go.. but prognosis is good..

N4PU:   not much new to report.. 

KE3WP:  Dean.. NE PA.. 

W1FBI/M: Ed.. Revere Ma..

F5VHX:  not much to report.. will be QRV for contest .. will be on 23cm and 144mhz..

DK3WG:  no traffic.. 

M3AZL:  ???

W7CNK:  not much going on.. recuperating from some surgery.. 

W9IIX:  now has station back in operation.. still looking for echoes.. has heard 
        some signals on 23cm EME.. looking for doppler calculation..
        708-423-0605 .. 

N2IQ:   will be on around 10PM eastern time.. ready for contest and will be around 
        every night till contest.. elevation is tracking .1 and az .2 ...
        FS: PS 70 LUNAR-LINK POWER SUPPLY with Lunar Link connectors.. 

WD5AGO: no traffic.. 

WA9FWD: will not be on next weekend.. will be at Microwave update... no further work 
        on 23cm amp.. looking at other tubes.. 

KA5JNK: Newington Tn.. 

G3IRQ:  Peter .. hopes to make it on 23cm in near future.. has solid state amp 150w
        and TVRO .. needs to build feed.. 

DL9KR:  back from business trip.. will be on tonight.. looking for OK1DIG, Dan.. 
        reports that SM2CEW worked DK3BU with small tropo array (4 yagi) info for

SP2OFW: looking for 2 meter EME 4x14BV 1.4kw.. been on 2 months 36 QSO on 2 mtr EME.. 
        Wojtek  JO93ac..

9H1BN:  dish is assembled and working toward mount. once the 3mtr dish is mounted and
        checked out, will proceed on constructing the feed .. this will be on 23cm.
        spoke to 9H1ES and has problems with equipment.

K9BCT/M: just checking in.. Boy Scouts Jamboree on the air.. K2BSA/4 .. 

N5OSK:  Jerry.. 4x2mxp20 on 2meters.. 350w.. 8 Europeans.. 

VE6TA:  will be on 23cm tonight .. looking for skeds with N7AM, W4OP, K9BCT.. 

W2DRZ:  no traffic.. hopes to be on moon contest

N0YD/M: Tom.  St Louis, MO

KL6M:   worked all weekend trying to get station ready on 432mhz.. 

VE7BQH: 11:06 AM 10/19/02