Subject: NET NOTES OCT 13 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    INFO
Date:   10/13/02 7:32:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (ON4ANT)


I would like to repeat the question. How much interest is there in 3B8 on

So far I've made a TS2000 available for ON4AME, it covers 2m (100w) 70cm
(50w) 23cm (10w)

I've collected following antennas:

2m   2x9el   (1.5wl)
70cm 2x19el
23cm none

I don't think that with this power and antennas he will be able to work a
lot of stations on 2 or 70.

He has the possibility to have antennas shipped to 3B8 and have them
collected by a belgian friend
that lives there. (this has to be done in December)

He has no plans in bringing back the antennas, so the will remain in 3B8,
problably leave them for

So if someone is willing to help out let me know, time is short.

In case you wonder, yes there will be experienced VHF ops in his crew.



Subj:    New e-mail adress.
Date:   10/13/02 8:13:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Anders.M.Thorrud, LA8LF, Milcom AS, Norway.)

Joe, please change my e-mail address to         @@@@@@@@@
73 de Anders, LA8LF


W2UHI:  working on xvtr problems.. rcv seems to be ok.. just trying to get all the
        levels set for proper operation.. should be QRV by tonight.. may be on echo
        testing when moon available.. 

N7AM:   working on the tower.. doing some re-enforcing welding .. also some new 
        feedline .. gearing up for the contest.. 

KA0Y:   will be active (maybe sleeping) on contest weekend.. 

CT1DMK: still QRV on 6cm and 3cm. still no power on 24ghz.. 

W5LUA/M: will be on road all week.. will be on 20 meters during week.. 
        will be on 23cm & 3cm during contest.. has 24ghz tube and p/s for G3WDG 
        but cannot get in touch with Charles.. Charles, if you see this in Net
        Notes, please respond to Al, W5LUA..

W4TJ:   not much to report.. working on new up/down converter for 23cm.. also
        getting material together for dish mount.. also putting filters in 
        FT-1000MP in preparation for 23cm EME.. add address
        to list @@@@@@@@@

VE4MA:  preparing for dish measurements for tomorrow.. has a narrow window to
        do these checks.. 

W4AD:   dish now tracks well withing .5 deg.. so this means Jack will be on 
        for contest.. will be on 2 meters & 23cm for contest..

W0LD:   4x40 foot yagis and working on an amp for 70cm.. ex.. KX0O... .. Name Lauren.. Colorado Springs, CO .. 
        wants the net notes and news letter...

W1ZX:   getting ready for contest.. 

NU7Z:   no traffic.. going to add 2' to dish.. Rick finds that hydraulics
        is the way to go.. both az and el.. 

K5WXN/M: will be looking for W0LD on 70cm.. was on end of week and no signals..

W2DRZ:  no traffic.. 

N4PU: looking for EME items.. looking
        for directional coupler, 18w brick.. and other 23cm items.. 

DL9KR:  nice Autumn wx.. no traffic.. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. working on 2 meter antennas.. will be on contest on 2 mtr
        and 70cm.. RA3LE & UA3PTW will be active on 70cm.. is a good address for RW3PF  @@@@@@@@

SM2CEW: all is running and hopes to test all next weekend .. and should be on
        2 mtrs, 70cm, & 23cm.. 

GI4SNA: looking for activity on 2 meters EME.. David..

N2IQ:   been in and out.. tracking going on 28' dish.. 21 db of sun noise.. elev
        is fine and az a bit off.. only on 1st weekend during contest weekend..

K5JL:   no traffic.. getting ready for duck season.. 

K7XQ:   looking for random QSO on 23cm after 0030.. 

VE7BQH: 12:08 PM 10/13/02