Subject: NET NOTES OCT 12 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    Net Notes, Sat 5 OCT.
Date:   10/6/02 10:08:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (k0yw)
To: (Joe Demaso)

Net Notes-5 OCT

We had quite a few checkins on 20 and a good session. Propagation to
EU was minimal.

W2UHI- Frank worked SM2CEW on 23 CM. Working with TS-2000 as 144 IF
due to lightning strike...Rx is noisier.

K5JL- Jay worked SM2CEW and G4CCH on 23 CM. Sigs are good.VK3UM ison way home 
to Aussie wearing his new Black Hat! Doug will be qrv on 23CMsoon.

K2DH/M- Dave is on way home from vacation. He has sold house and ismoving to 
new QTH. Details soon. Wants to know if anyone else is goingto Microwave update 
in Conn?

W5UN- Dave was mobile in Ia on way home.

N4PU- Jim has completed new feed mount. It works f/b. He has also fixedthe Az 
gear ratio. Now runs at slow speed. awaiting the arrival of repairedtracking 
system. Looking for 1296 directional coupler.

W9IIX-Doug is making good progress on 23cm system. Now has split tx/rxlines on 
ft-736. Preamp is repaired and on way from WD5AGO (thanks Tommy!)Protect relay 
is also on way.

WD5AGO- Congrats to Tommy for receiving the Teacher of the year awardfrom the ARRL. 
Tommy admitted that the Pix of him that was in qst was 4years old!! He will be 
qrv for the contest on 23cm.

W5LUA- Al picked up 2 2.6 meter dishes in Minn last week. Will usethem for 24 
and 47 ghz projects. Also congrats to Al and Barry on greatEME artical in QST. 
The EME history part was especially appropriate.

W7CNK-Lucky checked in, no traffic

W8HAP- (ne K1RQG) having fun at Hamfest

VE4MA-Barry has snow on ground in Manitoba. Will slow down sun noisetests on new 
offset dish on 24 and47 ghz. Working on 24 ghz converter,cleaning out the weather 
induced crud.

Sm2CEW-Peter qso'd W2UHI, K5JL and others on 23CM. Good sigs. Has skedson 70 CM. 
Station improvements with new amp and much improved trackingsystem have kept him 
very busy this summer.

K7XQ- Jeff was qrv on 23 CM. nothing heard. He was on too late forthe activity. 
Has issues with dish window. Not sure of new VE4MA feed.Is using Icom 1271 and 
single stage preamp. Sounds like his gain is low.He also needs to find focus on 
dish. J and I will contact and try to helpout.

K0YW- QRV on 23 Cm with driver power only took final apart. Found 2problems...
fixable but awaiting new parts. May not make the contest withamp.

Net closed at: 1535Z. 73 Bruce

Subj:    DJ5MN on 10GHz-EME in ARRL EME contest 2002
Date:   9/30/02 11:42:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bernhard Dobler)

Hi Joe!

How are you? I hope that your dish and equipment is prepared 
for the contest!
Could you please publish the following in the next netnotes?

Many thanks in advance!

73 de Bernhard   dj5mn

DJ5MN on 10GHz-EME in ARRL EME contest 2002

Dear 10GHz-EMEers!

After several years being active on 2m-, 70cm- and 23cm-EME I now try to 
make the next step: EME on 3cm. 

When I started this project 2 years ago I was an absolute greenhorn
to 10 GHz knowing nothing. Now it looks like I have all equipment running
OK on 3cm and I like to try 3cm-EME in the ARRL EME contest from my new
own house.

Details of my small 3cm-station :

more than 100 watt at feed (vertical polarization)   Is this OK??
1.5 m parabolic dish (f/D 0.407, gain 42.4 dBi), manually turned in azimuth 
  and elevation (visible moon)
  (dish has limited window)
preamp less than 0.6 dB NF 
RX: I believe in my ears so no computer analysing 

Due to bad weather I still have not echo-tested. 

Now I am looking for those 10GHz-EME-freaks who are interested in trying with me 
in the contest and like to arrange a sked. 

What about you?

For skeds please drop me an email.

I am also interested in the kind of equipment you are using for
10GHz-EME and any kind of hints for 3cm-EME!

Please always send emails to both of my addresses:   and


73 de Bernhard


- 3cm                    : Bernhard Dobler, Schuhmacherstr. 8, D-85435 Erding, GERMANY
                               Tel.: ++49 (0) 8122 880053

- 2m, 70cm, 23cm: Bernhard Dobler, Breslauer Str.7, D-85435 Erding, GERMANY
                               Tel.: ++49 (0) 8122 7585

Subj:    QRV Contest
Date:   9/29/02 4:45:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Philippe PIERRAT)
To: (K1RQG), (K2UYH)

 I shall be qrv for the ARRL contest on 70 , 23 , 13, 6 , 3 cms.
 For over 23 cms, I propose for NA:
Oct 26, 06:00 - 07:30  2304.1 MHz ( rx also on 2320.1 )
Oct 26, 08:00 - 09:00  5760.1 MHz
Oct 27, 06:00 - 09:00  10368.1 MHz
The other arrangements are possible with the wk of November.
 Who will be qrv? Answer to
Subj:    report from WA6PY
Date:   9/30/02 2:40:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

Hi Al and Joe,

WA6PY: I switched feed to 13 cm and on Sept 28 QSO'd in skeds OK1CA and HB9SV, NIL 
from G3LTF, next day QSOd G3LTF. I have some problems with my 13 cm PA with YD1381, 
power suddenly jumps down by 3 dB and I have to retune cavity. I could not perform 
any deeper test during skeds. On 2320 I have increased noise floor versus 2304. 
Then I switched on 2424 receiver and found that the band is covered by very strong 
wide spread modulated signals. It looks lie Bluetooth or 802.11b, but at the moment 
I can not borrow spectrum analyzer in order to check what it is. I am using my 15 
years old LNA with very high gain close to 60 dB in order to overcome cable loss 
and high NF of the converters and loss in splitters and band pass filters. 
Consequently Input IP3 of my RX system is very low. 15 years ago it was no need for 
high IM performance, but it looks like now it is a must on 13 cm.

I am preparing for multiband operation in the contest. In October I will operate 
on 144, 432 and 23 cm and in November I am planning to be on 144, 432, 23cm and 13cm. 
On 144 I will use two yagis pointed on horizons toward Europe and on Moon set JA and 
VK. The window will be short. On 432 I will use dual dipole / dual polarization feed 
and the Moon window will be longer, but I will be able to work only few big guns. 
I will move the position of the feed, so basically I can cove entire Moon window.

VY 73 GL in the contest Paul  WA6PY


==Subj:  [Moon-Net] 432 EME
Date:   9/30/02 8:00:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Joel Black)

I have recently relocated and am interested in moving from satellites to
EME - specifically, 432 EME; eventually graduating to 1296 EME.  I currently
have the Yaesu FT-847 and G-5400B rotor and controller.  At this time, I
have no amp or preamp and want to just experiment with JT44.  Also, I'm
planning on building the K1FO 432 antennas described in the ARRL Antenna
Handbook.  These are my plans...

Sometime in the past, I found a website from a ham located in England.  It
had a very descriptive webpage regarding his setup.  He had a 4-yagi (I
think) array setup in his garden.  He also mentioned something about being
apprehensive about starting EME due to his lack of CW experience.  I can no
longer find this website.

If anyone can offer suggestions for my setup and/or a url for the previously
mentioned website, I'd certainly appreciate it.

Tnx es 73,

Joel Black, W4JBB
Subj:    [Moon-Net] EME conference 2002 website updates
Date:   10/1/02 10:14:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (ok1axh)
To: (Moon-net)


I have added new OK1DAK (OK1KIR) and F6ETI photo gallery from Prague EME
Conference at


Subj:    update ...N7AM
Date:   10/5/02 12:41:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Good morning Joe....Have been working on two things on the Dish.  The first is the 
failure of a Pillow Block on the pulley and belt system.  The other is some 
reinforceing welding on the dish mount, which should be completed in a few days.  
The tracking system is working fb and am  getting good echo's.  

Thank you again for the good information you are sending.  Especially the Contest 
info coming up soon.  You have covered that very well.   73  Jack N7AM

Subj:    change E-mail Addr.
Date:   10/6/02 1:56:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Stephen Wheaton)

Hello Joe,

        I've changed my internet service provider, so would you change your mailing 


        I've completed my second EME array (4 x 21) for 432 mHz and have some new 
electronics purchased from Dave (K2DH). My sun noise measurements seem 
acceptable, but my moon noise test failed. I don't know if the moon can be 
detected on 432, though. I'll be carefully monitoring during the upcoming 

73, Steve (KM5A)

Subj:    Re: 2003 EME calendar, and rules for 2003 EME contest
Date:   10/6/02 3:26:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

Hello Ian, Patrick, Joe.

I´ll agree with the contest changes and will publish it in DUBUS issue 3/2002. 

To get the dates fixed here the list of Sked weekends:
18 / 19  Jan
15 / 16  Feb
15 / 16  Mar      REF 432 & 2.3-5.7GHz
12 / 13  Apr      REF 2m 1296 & 10Ghz
10 / 11  May
7 / 8  Jun
5 / 6  Jul
23 / 24  Aug
20 / 21  Sep
18 / 19  Oct      ARRL I proposal
15 / 16  Nov      ARRL II proposal
13 / 14  Dec      

Please let me know if this is ok till oct. 20th. 

73 Bernd DL7APV

P.S. Ian forget the dimensions of your yagis, I have fixed my problem.

Subj:    [Moon-Net] 70cm Cacity with GS31B or GS35B
Date:   10/12/02 10:31:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Andrae)
CC: (Thijs Andrae)

Hi Folks;

For sale: 70cm Cavity with GS31B or GS35B tube.
If you interesting look on my web or e-mail:

73'  Thijs PA7TA ex PE1GBT

Subj:    [Moon-Net] FS: 23cm cavity PA
Date:   10/12/02 1:03:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Thomas Hoeppe)
To: (moon-net)

Hello EMEèrs,

I´m selling a 23cm cavity for 2x 2C39 tubes. The unit is a complete
HF-module made by EME Karl Müller (The same the HF400 relais comes from...)
With 6W input you get 150W out, I have the input/output diagramm of the
manufacturer if you are interested. 10W input is possible. The unit has a
very effective cooling of the whole tube, running a silent EBM radial blower
into a air leading system. As it is a cavity, the anode coolers are "cold"
(no RF) and you can change to watercooling if you need more power. It comes
complete with a new matched pair of 2C39BA from siemens inside, 2x original
bias-cirquit board (1 spare). All silver-plated and in excellent condition.
Further I have the original power supply from EME Müller, including the
transformer with 3 taps on the HV-secondary, heating, small-voltages,
ceramic-switch to change the anode voltage, DC-cirquit-board with current
and voltage-reading.

Ask for 300 Euros for the HF unit, 150 Euros for the power-supply. Selling
all together is prefered, so contact for special conditions.

I´m also looking for an Icom IC 475E/H for the DL0AO 70cm EME station.....



SM2CEW: worked OK1DIG on 70cm for a new one and OK1DIG first 70cm EME on 09/30/2002

K0YW:   needs to do some work on grid bypass on 23cm amp.. trapazoid caps have been
        a problem.. 

W2UHI:  recovering from another lightening hit.. not as bad as before. 2 meter xvtr
        took the hit. looks like it will be ready for ARRL contest. has MMIC with
        letter A on top.. grounds in direction of A but does not know the connections.
        good info from Lucky.. 

K5JL:   been talking to SV1BTR about getting on 23cm.. looking for 12-16' dish.. 

SV1BTR: looking for 12-16' dish for 23cm use.. see J's comments..


W4TJ:   going to get back on the moon sometime in the future.. 

VE4MA:  working long hours.. did some sun noise checks last weekend.. will do more
        checks Monday.. beam width is very narrow and difficult to check focus due
        to beam width not seeing complete sun. theorhetical width .18 degree.. 
        Dec for 24ghz ..

WD5AGO: looking for anyone to be on 222mhz the first night of contest.. looking for
        an offset dish between 6' & 10' within 500 miles.. VE6TA, WD5AGO, WA4NJP 
        so far for 222mhz.. 

N4PU:   trying to get feed set with sun noise.. a lot of rain this past week.. 

W9IIX:  Doug.. working on preamp issues on 23cm.. 

NU7Z:   working back to getting on 222mhz EME .. 

PA3CSG: repairing all systems .. everything needs some work.. 

DL1YMK: looking for activity on 23cm today.. but moon position not too good..
        1600z-1830z.. 3.8 meter dish 500w.. got the YD-1336 with help of DK1BU..
        No drift at 500w.. needs to be careful with this tube.. 

G4RGK:  not too much to report.. system working well.. has a problem with green
        algae on antenna elements.. limited to >30 deg elevation.. AU for the
        last 8 to 10 days.. 

VE6TA:  not too much to report. still optimizing 23cm feed .. made first 6 meter
        EME QSO .. SM7BAE .. 

WA7CJO: Jim.. not much .. looking for K5JL.. earlier this week W7GNP and WA7CJO 
        have taken down 10 meter Scientific Atlanta dish and moved it to a location 
        to put it up. Bands to be 70cm & up.. W7GNP will be the call.. ?? for 
        Jay about 7213 432mhz amp.. 24ghz PA is running 100w+.. has a problem with
        23cm xvtr stability.. 24ghz stuff is all in lab and just needs to clean
        off the dust and mount the feed.. 

VE7BQH: 12:04 PM 10/12/02