Subject: NET NOTES SEP 29 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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W5LUA/M: picked up 2.4mtr offset fed dish for 47ghz.. will be on 23cm during ARRL
        contest.. also can be available for 10ghz.. 

W2DRZ:  still working on absolute encoder bds.. hopes to be on 23cm for ARRL 

VE4MA:  plan on working on surface of 8' dish.. then will take a look at 47ghz 
        performance.. will be on 23cm & 3cm for contest.. 

W2UHI:  nothing new to report.. 

N7AM:   sold 432 amp.. did not get on last night.. 5 Europe and 1 Japan.. 

K9BCT:  stayed up late last night. OH2DG was a new one worked.. listened this 
        morning but not much heard.. may retire in next few months.. Cudos
        to Al & Barry for getting info out about EME. Looking for offset dish.

KJ7F:   worked SK0CC, N9AB, DL4KG, K7XQ on JT44.. also on CW worked PA3CSG & DL4KG
        during last month.. will not be around for first weekend of contest.. 

WA4NJP: growing amount of activity on "loggers" and "reflectors" etc.. did not make 
        it to Texas.. had quite a bit of needed rain.. putting in conduit from dish
        to "Dog House".. 

W9IIX:  heard first station on 23cm this morning and blew preamp when excitement took
        over.. it was G4CCH..

W4AD:   working with tracking system.. not much success.. 

W7CNK:  info for WA4NJP.. for W2UHI.. 10ghz stuff not up yet. 

WA9NGO: all is well. 

WA8RJF: Tony.. NE Ohio EN91.. making slow progress on 23cm station.. working on dish
        mount. may be SWL in a week or so.. 

F5VHX:  not much to report.. was not QRV in September.. will be back on in October.

DL9KR:  was on this morning for stateside but no takers but did get a surprise and
        worked DL7UDA was a new one JO62 in Berlin.. 

SV1BTR: all is well.. has new baby.. there is a chance that will get weekend house
        in about a year and plan for 2 meters (8 yagis) and 23cm.. new baby Sep 18..

K2DH:   no traffic for net.. 

K9SLQ:  all is up and running.. EA3DXU worked last night .. 

N2HLT:  Leon.. nothing happening at this time .. no antennas up yet..