Subject: NET NOTES SEP 28 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 


Al, K2UYH, editor of the 432 & Above News Letter, reminds all that the
NL is available via e-mail and the internet. You can get the NL in .pdf
or .doc format from KD4LT and also it is on the PA0ZN web site. Back
issues of the NL are also stored at PA0ZN site. 

Current and back issues of the 432 & above News Letter by K2UYH
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Request your electronic mail of the NL in .pdf or .doc from KD4LT.

Latest skeds will always be on DL4EBY web page. You can find
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Rules, 2002 ARRL International EME Competition
Contests · General Rules

How to Get Entry Forms
Official entry forms and complete rules for ARRL contests are available electronically 
from several sources: 
· From the ARRL Internet Infoserver. Send an e-mail message to 
The subject line is ignored. Enter the following text in the body of your message: 

· From the ARRL's World Wide Web home page, at 

1. Object: Two-way communications via the earth-moon-earth path on any authorized 
amateur frequency above 50 MHz. 

2. Date and Contest Period: Two full weekend 48-hour periods (0000 UTC on Saturday 
through 2359 UTC Sunday). The 2002 dates will be the weekends of October 26-27, 2002 
and November 23-24, 2002. 

3. Entry Categories: 

3.1. Single Operator: One person performs all operating and logging functions, equipment 
adjustment and antenna alignment. 

3.1.1. Multiband. 

3.1.2. Single Band: Single-band entries on 50, 144, 222, 432, 902 and 1296-and-up 
categories will be recognized in awards offered. Contacts may be made on any and 
all bands without jeopardizing single-band entry status. Such additional contacts 
are encouraged and should be reported. Also see Rule 8, Awards. 

3.2. Multi-operator: Two or more persons participate; includes neighboring amateurs 
within one call area, but with EME facilities for different bands on different team 
members' premises, as long as no two are more than 50 km (30 miles) apart. Multi-operator 
neighborhood groups may use the same call signs at each location if permissible under 
national licensing rules and regulations. If not permissible, separate call signs may 
be used for the multi-operator neighborhood entry. When operating under this neighborhood 
provision, all logs must be submitted together in a single envelope or e-mail with a 
single summary sheet showing the combined operation, designating the principal call sign 
for the entry. All multi-operator call signs will be shown in the results. 

3.3. Commercial equipment: Stations using equipment that is not amateur (such as a dish 
antenna for lab equipment owned by an institution or government agency) will have their 
scores listed separately. 

3.4. Only one log may be submitted per call sign. 

4. Exchange: For a valid contact to occur, each station must send and receive both call 
signs and a signal report in any mutually understood format, plus a complete acknowledgment 
of the calls and report. Partial or incomplete QSOs should be indicated on your log, but 
not counted for contest credit. Stations may be worked once per band for credit. 

5. Scoring: 

5.1. QSO Points: Count 100 points for each complete EME contact. 

5.2. Multiplier: Each US and Canadian call area, plus each DXCC entity (not US/Canada) 
worked via EME on each band. 

5.3. Final Score: Multiply QSO points by sum of multipliers worked on each band for your 
final score. 

6. Miscellaneous: 

6.1. Fixed or portable operation is permitted. Stations operating outside traditional 
call areas must indicate so, identifying the call area of the operating site (such as 
W1AW/4 operating in Florida). 

6.2. Contacts may be on CW or SSB. Only one signal per band is permitted. 

6.3. A transmitter, receiver or antenna used to contact one or more stations 
under one call sign may not be used subsequently under any other call sign 
during the contest. An exception is made for family stations where more than 
one call has been issued, and then only if the second call sign is used by a 
different operator. 

6.4. There is no specified minimum terrestrial distance for contacts, but all 
communications must be copied over the moonbounce path, regardless of how strong 
(or weak) a nearby station's terrestrial signal may be. 

7. Reporting: Entries must be postmarked no later than December 24, 2002 (30 days 
after the contest) and must include complete log data as well as a complete 
summary sheet. Official forms are available in the ARRL Website 
( or with a self-addressed stamped envelope request 
to the Contest Branch. Your summary sheet should show a band-by-band breakdown of 
QSOs and multipliers, and include details of your station setup and a photo. 
Cabrillo format is not required for electronic submission in the EME Contest. 
Entries must include the log file and a fully completed standard summary sheet. 
E-mail entries should be submitted to and paper/diskette 
entries should be submitted to EME Contest, ARRL, 225 Main St, Newington, CT 06111. 

8. Awards: 

8.1. Certificates will be issued to the top five stations worldwide in each of the 
entry categories: single operator multiband; single operator single band (separate 
awards for each band); and multioperator. 

8.2. Additional awards will be issued where significant achievement or competition 
is evident. In addition, each station that successfully completes at least one EME 
contact during the contest period will receive a certificate commemorating that 

9. Other: See "General Rules for All ARRL Contests" in November 2001 QST. 

9.1. In addition to their official entries, participants are invited to sub- mit 
contest stories and photographs to the ARRL Contest Online Soapbox at 

Subj:    Update 1296 QSO's
Date:   9/28/02 1:25:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Hi Joe.....We have missed you.  Last night we worked G4CCH, GW3XYW,  OZ6OL,  PA3CSG,  
AND IK2MMB.      This AM worked JA6AHB.  
Thank you for the Net News.  You are doing a nice job keeping us all together.  
It sure is nice to hear your own echo's.  Keep up the good work. 

The 432 Amp uses a GS23B.......and we have a brand new spare GS23B  to go with it.  
The Amp is brand new.  Been in a Box for SIx Years. unused.  With 20 w. input you get 
500 W out.   With 40W input you get 1 KW out.  It has internal screen and bias supplies, 
with internal Fan for cooling.   HV is all that is required.  Metering  and Switches 
are on front  Panel.  We can dicker on the Price.

Tnx and 73         Jack  N7AM    360 373 8135

Subj:    Milliwatt meter wanted
Date:   9/14/02 9:10:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Grant)
CC: (

I am in the process of optimizing my feed for 1296 and in so doing need
to ensure I have proper circularity.  Seeing that I do not have a
network analyzer available, thought I would try an alternate method
using the helix and milliwatt meter to tune the polarizer section.  
Therefore if anyone has an old milliwatt meter in their junkbox that
works at 1296, and are willing to part with it, I would be happy to make
a deal with you.  Perhaps a 100mw bird slug would also perform this
task, but I am not sure.  Any advice is appreciated. 
Thanks in advance and 73's.

Subj:    [Moon-Net] 432MHz and Above EME Operating Guide - now published
Date:   9/15/02 12:05:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ian White, G3SEK)
Reply-to: (Ian White, G3SEK)

Following a final discussion at the Prague EME Conference, the 2002 
version of the 432MHz and Above EME Operating Guide is now on the 
Conference web site, at:

This guide is written for beginners. As well as the old sked procedures, 
it includes lots of new information and advice on how to make random 
QSOs, how to answer a CQ, what to do when someone answers *your* CQ...

This is our "Welcome" document to new EME operators on 432MHz and above. 
We now need to publicize it as widely as possible! If you have an 
EME-related web site, please include the above link.

If anyone can translate it into other languages - German, French, 
Spanish and Japanese for a start - PLEASE go ahead!

Although the document has been open for consultation for two years, 
we're still happy to receive comments and suggestions (here on MOON-NET, 
or by e-mail to G3SEK).

Sorry, there are no flow charts of procedures yet... too many 
complications, too little time.

73 from Ian G3SEK, Dan OK1DIG
Subj:    [Moon-Net] 'Digital' EME -  Notes of Prague Conference Forum
Date:   9/15/02 12:05:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ian White, G3SEK)
Reply-to: (Ian White, G3SEK)

The notes of the discussion on 'Digital' EME modes at the Prague EME 
Conference are now on the Conference web site, at:

These are much more complete than the brief report in the 432 and Above 
Newsletter. Note particularly that all recommendations on operating 
frequencies are *temporary*, and the whole problem has been referred to 
IARU for world-wide co-ordination.

The revised 432MHz and Above Operating Guide is also published, at:

Following soon will be the notes on the recommendations for Circular 
Polarization and 13cm operating

73 from Ian G3SEK, Dan OK1DIG
Subj:    [Moon-Net] EME conference website updates
Date:   9/18/02 1:22:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (ok1axh)
To: (Moon-net)

I have added OK1DFC photo gallery from Prague EME Conference at


Subj:    13 cm WA6PY
Date:   9/21/02 12:00:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

Hi Joe,
I aranged few skeds for 13 cm for next weekend. I am using at the moment my very 
old X-tal controlled TX and I can not TX over 2304.100:

28 Sept 0800Z  G3LTF  WA6PY  2320 / 2304.080
            0830Z   OK1CA  WA6PY  2304.080 - for all other skeds
            0900Z   F1ANH   WA6PY    - not confirmed
            0930Z   HB9SV  WA6PY    - not confirmed
           1000Z   OH1AXH WA6PY    - not confirmed

 2.4 m dish / 100 W  
VY 73 Paul WA6PY

Subj:    432 amplifier
Date:   9/21/02 11:50:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Don Richards)

I am about ready to use my 70cm dish on EME but I need a power amp of at 
least 400watts.  Are there any  tube or solid state amplifiers on the 
market?  If so, who makes them and how can I get specs?   I would 
appreciate your comment.    W7UPF             @@@@@@@@

[I passed info about W7CNK amp to Don. (Joe)]


W2UHI:  QRV on 23cm anytime wx permitting.. may be on moon tonight.. now has mobile
        HF & VHF/UHF installation working well. 

K2DH/P: In NC on vac.. all is well.. wx not bad.. good heavy surf.. 

W6WE/P: in Arizona.. will be there for a month or so.. in November taking cruise
        in the Carribean.. looking for info on possible tours of Ariciebo.. 
        787-878-2612 is number to call for tour info.. 

K5WXN:  was not a lot of activity on 70cm last night (this morning).. worked a few
        Europeans.. heard a signal report given to a station of 579, but could not
        detect the big signal. no US stations.. worked PA3CSG, OH2DG, DJ5NV, SM2CEW..
        DF3RU, and heard DJ3FI with good signal.. found some bad connectors in receive
        line..BNC connectors were a bother..  and now baqck up on performance.. 

N2IQ:   no traffic.. QRV on 23cm.. will try to get on this eve.. 

N4PU:   now has feedhorn mount built.. has the the dish back up.. 

W9IIX:  been listening on 23cm .. not much heard .. still working on az/el ..

N8XA/M: no traffic for net still QRV 2 meters and 70cm EME.. 

W4RDI:  not too much going on.. 

KA0Y:   no traffic.. 

W4AD:   pulled 10ghz feed off dish.. will put 23cm feed back in dish.. needs to 
        calibrate az.. 

W1ZX:   getting better.. has been under wx..

N7AM:   making progress.. had a bout 5 contacts last night.  on the moon now.. 
        Has 70cm GS23B amplifier for sale with spare tube.. has internal screen and 
        bias supply. needs external HV p/s..     @@@@@@@@

G3LTF:  worked N7AM in August with good sig.. was on 13cm today.. will be on 23cm
        or 70cm anytime.. skeds ok via e-mail.. has sked on 2324.1/2320.1 2330z
        with JA4BLC for those in Europe.. 

SM2CEW: will be QRV tonight on 70cm.. then on 23cm later.. heard N7AM with good signal.
        working on tracking system.. consolidating into one box. 

M3RJT:  Roger.. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. back from holidays.. can be on 70cm EME .. lot of work to do on
        2 meter antenna system.. 

W5WOX:  cannot get skd87 to unzip.. fell and got hurt .. not doing to well.. 

K7XQ:   checking in.. looking for info on offset feed..