Subject: NET NOTES AUG 24 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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EME schedules, last update 24 Aug 2002, 11:02

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for AUG 30
Time   432.040        
2330z  VK3FMD-OH2DG   

Skeds for AUG 31
Time   432.040        
0000z  JA7PAV-OH2DG   
0500z  OH2DG -SP6JLW  
0530z  OH2DG -G4ALH   
0730z  OH2DG -K9SLQ   
0800z  OH2DG -W7MEM   

EME schedules, last update 24 Aug 2002, 11:02

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for AUG 30
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
0600z                 DL8OBU-OH2AXH  
0700z  VE6TA -DL1YMK  
0730z  VE6TA -F6ETI   
0800z                 DL8OBU-WA4NJP  

Skeds for SEP  1
Time   1296.060       
0130z  JH5LUZ-DL8OBU  
0200z  JA7BMB-DL8OBU  
0230z  JA4BLC-DL8OBU  

K1RQG:  dish is completely repaired, now concentrating on building new mount for the

W2UHI:  has DEM xvtr back and checking it out.. will eventually try it back in the 
        system.. mobile rig back and in operation.. 

WD5AGO: not much to report.. will be on random on 70cm during contest.. also would 
        like to set up something on 222mhz during contest. (WA4NJP???)

N2UO:   good condx this morning on 20mtr.. no EME activity.. running HB rig on 20..

K5WXN/M: had to replace preamp last week.. may get on late this eve on 70cm.. 

KB2FUM: Carlos.. NC.. 

K0YW:   2 & 6 meter beams are finished and ready to go up.. QRV on 23cm if anyone 
        wants to play.. 

VE4MA:  back from conference.. conclusions from conference.. a lot of discussion
        about operating procedures.. circular polarization above 13cm agreed on.
        OK1DFC has developed a program to design a means of circular polarization
        (Sceptum polarizer) will replace tuning screws.. being used by OK1KIR 
        JT44 discussion ensued as well.. Great conference.. more info on polarizer
        to come.. next 24ghz operation will be after contest weekend.. but more
        discussion needed.. OK1KIR station was flooded out and will be QRT and
        needs a lot of cleanup.. next EME conference is in Trenton, NJ 2004..

KC2DJX/M: David, looking for FT-736R for satelite work .. 

N4PU:   got computer back and IC-746 back operating.. email for Ben

W4OP:   nothing new.. no progress on EME.. will be at Shelby Ham fest next week.
        Jay reported that Dubus results was circulated for updates at conference.. 
        but not yet completed. 

K2DH:   nothing to report.. on UHF tropo and portable system in operation.. will
        be making it to Microwave Update in CT in October.. 

W7MEM:  switched a power divider and now system seems to be working pretty well.
        worked PA3CSG on 70cm. made one contact on 23cm tropo.. heard K0YW on
        17mtr working DX.. 

W4FF:   no comments.. working with Frank on position readouts.. 

K5JL:   conference report.. regards to all from OK land.. great conference. 
        Europe will look for US nete on half hour.. JT44 discussions consensus
        is analog mode and digital mode categories.. need input to League and 
        Dubus, but looks like we need to do it ourselves.. saw results of a
        lot of flooding .. Quite a nice dinner gathering .. K5JL, VE4MA, F2TU
        OE9ERC, W7CS, K2UYH, & others on Sunday.. 

EUROPE  11:36 AM 8/24/02

G4RGK:  good weekend at conference.. back home and working on the station.. 
        regards to all .. 

DL9KR:  will be going on 2 weeks vacation.. the ultimate EME confence including
        Linrad and JT44 presentations. found some remarks by N6TX inappropriate.

K0RZ:   has JT44 running.. will be happy to run JT44 but not during contest..
PA3CSG: not much traffic.. SP6JLW grid same as SP6OPN. JO80jk .. 

VO1AA:  ..

SM2CEW: back from conference and VK3UM visiting. 

W5UN:   antennas now all mounted and needs to reconnect feeds and test.. 

VE7BQH: 12:10 PM 8/24/02