Subject: NET NOTES AUG 18 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    FW: JT44 Info
Date:   8/19/02 7:34:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ray Rector)

-----Original Message-----
From: Thailand QRP'er Moon Bouncer [] 
Sent: August 18, 2002 11:25 AM
To: Ray Rector
Subject: Re: JT44 Info

Hello from  Thailand ,Ray
Thank you for your concerning,and helping .
i am feel  a little more confident every time when people come to help
me i 
feel that i am not alone in the dark space!
i will tell you a little bit more about  us.
my name is Pongsakorn i am 20 yrs old i study biotech,as am a Ham i am
interested in the weak signal communication!but i my self can not do
thing since i have a little bit knowledge on this matter.but my friend 
e20cwm  is really good on this subject but he does not has much time!
then i fomed i team my team compose with student from Burma ,Nepal
,Chinese , India and 
Thailand.we are student , most of us are major in telecommunicatiopn 
engineeing and some of us from electronic engineering  and one of us
Biotech who is me.
Last semester we asked money from the university and they gave us
for the EME project. we did the antenna part(2*6WL)  and the preamp part
got 200 watts PA.
but we did not made it last time
DL1EJA did help us lots! buy sending us the Gi7b tubs (2 of them) and
MGF1302 these thing we can not find in Thailand at all!!!!. last time we
have the problem with tracking the moon!! so we try to get a 
proper rotor! but the problem is we have a limitted budget!
we try to use the bicycle wheel last timt for the rotor part .It work
but it 
was not accurate at all...
This time with  our new team and the new mode FSK i hope we can acheive
this time,since we will change the location in order to get some ground 
my plan is to build only one single yagi(6wl) decide of DK7ZB. the
preamp we use the W5UN design. so please keep in touch until 24 OCT you
might hear the signal from thailand 
and i heard the the other team is trying this as well.
i lost the photo of our station but i will try to get the new one theni
post it on the Internet.
so thank you very much
and we hope to hear from you too
73 de e20ngf /Pongsakorn Thailand
hapy moon bouncing


K0YW:   has a bunch of QSL cards to reply to.. was on yesterday.. been searching for
        10ghz stuff.. Been working on prop pitch motors.. also gearing up a machine

W2UHI:  missed net yesterday, was helping a friend with Hi Power Amp.. also many
        storms in area and had stuff disconnected for pass few days.. was in WW II
        radio school in 1943.. was involved in auto-pilot training, etc.. 

W4RDI:  all is well.. have been on the West Coast.. went to WW II radio class reunion.
        Out of class of 40 in 1940, there are still 9 around and 5 were at the reunion.
        Original location of Station "S" .. Now has a Hardinge Lathe ...

N2IQ:   no news.. "echoes from moon" for a womens only event (musical retreat) through 
        a sound system, scheduled for next week is canceled .. when rescheduled, 
        Mark will advise.. 

W7CNK:  doing well.. 

W4OP:   not much new.. K9BCT visited during the week.. no EME work .. 

K0TAR/M: off to vintage VW meet .. 

YV5YSU: ... 5/9+ .. 

VE3AX:  questions about base for tower for 28' Kennedy.. 

EUROPE  10:49 AM 8/18/02