Subject: NET NOTES AUG 17 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

**** F6ETI SKEDS ON 8/30 .. 

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Subj:    PA3CSG
Date:   8/11/02 3:26:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (mark e mcmillan)

Hi Joe
I changed out my 1/4 wave 2x divider  w/ a 1/2 wave MGZ  and seemed to
help. I worked PA3CSG easy w/519 signals and sun noise is S3 . I checked
both 4 bays and they each had about 2.5 s units of noise. I will try to
steady tower and rotors and may not have to move array.

Mark McMillan
Subj:    432 EME report de SK0CC 13 Aug
Date:   8/13/02 6:35:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sven Nordin)
CC: (Kjell Bergqvist),


432 MHz EME report from SK0CC: 
Worked the very first EME JT44 QSO with Al K2UYH the 1st off Aug 2002. 
Than the 3rd : SM2CEW,   "½ QSO" with DL4KG,  N9AB (solid even heard), 
OH3MCK (30W 19dB ant ) NIL and  "½ QSO" with KJ7F. 
Test again with KJ7F on the 8th almost finished but Terry had to go to work. 
The 10th very good QSO with Terry not heard, but the sampling off several transmissions did it this time. 
JT44 Experience: Do NOT touch the RX knob during the RX 30 sec. period, do your RX adjustment in the TX period. 

Forgotten to use the ears this SW but will be back for ear QSO" next time. 
73 and have a good time in Prague
Subj:    70 cm skeds de OH2DG
Date:   8/14/02 4:17:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Eino Metsämäki)

Hello DRs

Is it possible to get some sked on 70 cm at the next SW.
My proposals are:

30. Aug
VK3FMD    2300 ... 2400    UTC

JA7PAV      0000 ... 0100    UTC
SP6JLW     0500 ... 0830      "
G4ALH        0500 ... 0830      "
K9SLQ        0600 ... 0830      "
W7MEM      0800 ... 0830      "

Sunday 1. Sept. I will be QRV on 23 cm.  

I have new E-mail eddress   Old address operate some weeks.

                                    73 and GL  hope  Eino  OH2DG


K0YW:   was on moon last Sunday.. worked ZS6AXT, W2UHI, G4CCH, W7BBM (3 way SSB),OZ6OL, 
        G3LTF & IK3COJ.. system all working well. was on EME this week as well.. demo
        for visitors.. doing some work for N7AM ..

N4PU:   equipment on the mend.. dish down and working on different moun for feedhorn.

N2UO:   ? about conflict with Microwave Update Conference and October EME/ARRL contest
         sked weekend.. also finishing up HB xcvr for use as IF for EME..

KA0Y:   busy getting back to school stuff running.. will be on 23cm next few weekends.

VE6TA:  working on dish .. don't know if he will get new dish up before fall. auto
        trak working very well now.. 

N0YAO:  ...

EUROPE  10:49 AM 8/17/02

K9GEC:  Ron.. Northern WI.. 

K6IBY:  getting good results with 50w on 70cm.. still wants to make some improvements.
        no skeds at this time.. needs to change the spacing a bit. 

KA3TOR: no EME stuff yet.. 

EUROPE  11:09 AM 8/17/02