Subject: NET NOTES AUG 4 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

W2UHI:  was on EME 23cm Saturday, 0Z6OL, SM2CEW, & N2UO.. good condx.. but light
        activity.. Got on this morning, but had to wait for a large T-storm to 
        pass first.. did not make it on till 1300.. CQ & KA0Y, K4QI, OE9ERC, &
        N2IQ. Excellent signals.. W4OP & W2UHI have continued to develope sun
        noise vs solar flux and has updated graph on web page..

WA4NJP: ?? for Net Notes .. any comments on the mic cable (Cat 5 style) unshielded
        supplied with the Rig Blaster regarding hum and some distortion.. It seems
        that the mic cable, even if Rig Blaster is off, the cable seems to pick
        up or introduce hum.. Comments please.. JT44 does not seem to be affected.
        Ray would like to hear comments and/or fixes for this. JT44 seems to be a
        great help on 6 meters.. Had some rough wx come through, but no dammage.

N4PU:   was hit by lightening and a lot of stuff got zapped.. IC-746 got hit as 
        well. Needs a schematic for the IC-746 .. it receives ok and only xmits
        about 5w.. 

VE3AX:  looking for a list of bolts that are needed to assemble the 28' Kennedy..
        What did N2IQ use for bolts??

VE4MA:  ...??? was at CSVHF last weekend and had a good time.. working with foil
        on dishes for 24ghz and 47ghz.. 

W5LUA:  hi to all.. was on this morning.. N2UO, G4CCH & K2UYH worked.. 23cm.. 

N5BLZ:  did receive schematics with his Icom.. 

W1VEH/VE1: been up in Maritimes having a good time.. 

KA0Y:   OZ6OL, SM2CEW, K4QI, W2UHI, OE9ERC & N2IQ worked this morning on 23cm.

K5JL:   was on 23cm EME and worked a new one.. Saturday.. ON4QMT ????? any info
        on this station.. OH2DG was on with great signal.. was up early this 
        morning and power SWR pretty bad.. rcv still good.. will be headed for
        Europe on Tuesday.. Very low activity.. 

N0ALK:  .. sig check.. Richard.. 

N2HLT:  ?? moved to a different location in same town.. not a new station on 

KB4SZR: just checking in.. 

W3KFI:  ...

DL9KR:  20 meter ant down for a while.. was on 70cm yesterday and today and very
        quiet .. poor condx.. SM2CEW worked ES8X on Friday.. only one station
        worked on 70cm this weekend. will be in Prague .. 

PA3CSG: was on 23cm this morning but equip problems.. OK2BDQ grid JN99hr..
W7MEM:  no traffic.. QRV  next weekend .. will move array to a lower tower..