Subject: NET NOTES JUL 28 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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     Joe, K1RQG 

K0YW:   ran net yesterday.. Thanks to Bruce..[Joe]

W2UHI:  nothing new .. still making measurements and collecting data.. will
        be on next weekend.. 

K3YNH:  ...

N5BLZ:  needs mailing address for K1RQG ..

K5WXN:  no traffic.. will be QRV next weekend.. 

K5JL:   no traffic.. hopes to be on next weekend.. 

N5IFK/M: no traffic.. 

N2IQ:   no traffic.. QRV on EME 23cm only..

W6FOG/MM: has 12' dish built and needs suggestion for reflective cloth that
        will not wrinkle and is reflective.. Prodland made an umbrella dish..
        Contact K6MYC for some suggestions..       @@@@@@@@

N2UO:   plan to be QRV next weekend .. 300w at feed.. 23cm.. 

W7MEM:  has 3S units of sun noise .. will most likely take array down off the
        tower and mount it lower to work on it... 

KA0Y/M: headed home from CSVHF .. 

N4PU:   thinks feedhorn is about right.. 16.5db of sun noise .. 

W5LUA/M: just leaving CSVHF VE4MA preamp for 47ghz is 5db an W5LUA is 5.7db nf.

EUROPE  11:26 AM 7/28/02