Subject: NET NOTES JUL 27 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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NET NOTES JUL 27, 2002

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Subj:    For Sale
Date:   7/22/02 10:24:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Lester Whitaker)

Hi Joe,

Not giving up, just changing direction.

Please post the following FOR SALE:

Lunar-Link System LA-70, 1500 watt rack mount 70cm amplifier with PS-70
power supply and spare 3CX800A7, excellent condition.   $1950.00

Yaesu FT-847 with CW filter, excellent condition.  $975.00

Complete 4 x K1FO 33 element 70cm EME array with stacking frame, 1/2" LDF
phase lines, elevation drive and power divider.  $400.00

5 meter, 24 peddle all aluminum dish with mount, disassembled and ready to
pick up.  $400.00

Kenwood TS-711A, 2 meter all mode 25 watt transceiver, good condition.

Kenwood TS-811A, 70cm all mode 25 watt transceiver, good condition.  $325.00

Regards, Lucky - W7CNK
(405) 691-2265

Subj:    [Moon-Net] Silent Key
Date:   7/25/02 4:03:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Alessandro Giusti)

All EMErs,
I'm regretful to announce 
the death of Luigi Zorzino I2COR.
He was active in 23 cm. and 70 cm. 
whit his homebuilt 10 mt. dish for many years.
Despite some heart troubles, 
which created a heart disease, 
Luigi disappointed his illness because 
he could not stand back his antenna and shack.
As far June 2000 Luigi, for his heart problem,
moved his whole dish and EME equipment 
in a new location to allow to others OM 
his utilization. 
Thanks to Luigi a new EME multi-operator Team 
was formed by : IK4UQT, I2TFI, IK2TLA, I2YID and
I2COR, of course.
He was a great italian EMEr, great homebulider,
always disposable for help others. 
We hope a best world for him, joined together 
the ranks of silent keys.

Alessandro, IK5WJD
Subj:    Sat Net
Date:   7/28/02 10:19:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (k0yw)
To: (Joe Demaso)

Hi Joe, You were sorely missed Saturday. I was Shanghai'ed into taking
the net. We had some good checkins. Details follow:

N2IQ- Now qrv on 23 CM with the 28' dish. The big dish is nearly ready
to go. Trying to decide whether to put it on 23CM as well.

W2UHI- All is well. Qrv on 23 CM. Solar flux is way up. Seeing 19.9db
sun noise.

WA1JOF- Working on gin pole for erection fixture on his new dish tower.

W4OP- Rebuilding shelving in shack. Has new IC2KL HF amp operational
(big sig improvement out west). Ready for new power supply for the big
23CM amp.

K9BCT- Randy reports seeing 17.5 db sun noise after making some tweeks.
Asked about his side lobes.Discussion followed about proper way to measure
their amplitude using the sun as a noise source.

K1FO- Steve supplied some welcome comments re sidelobe amplitude measurement..reminded
us that one must make a S+N/N correction when measuring lobe amplitudes
that are only a little way out of the noise. For reference purposes, a
perfect paraboloid when optimally illuminated will show the first sidelobes
down 18DB. Most dishes end up being a little under illuminated with the
sidelobes down around 20 db. This will cost a little xmit gain, but the
receive S/N improvement will usually more than compensare for the Tx gain

K5JL-Qrv 23 CM, Wx finally hot-100F!

N4PU- Jim was having trouble sorting out his ground noise measurements.
K5JL helped him get it sorted out. Jim is Qrv on Rx on 23 CM. Still some
cal issues with the tracking system to deal with.

Net opened at 1445Z.

73 Bruce

NET NOTES JUL 28, 2002

K0YW:   ran net yesterday.. Thanks to Bruce..[Joe]

W2UHI:  nothing new .. still making measurements and collecting data.. will
        be on next weekend.. 

K3YNH:  ...

N5BLZ:  needs mailing address for K1RQG ..

K5WXN:  no traffic.. will be QRV next weekend.. 

K5JL:   no traffic.. hopes to be on next weekend.. 

N5IFK/M: no traffic.. 

N2IQ:   no traffic.. QRV on EME 23cm only..

W6FOG/MM: has 12' dish built and needs suggestion for reflective cloth that
        will not wrinkle and is reflective.. Prodland made an umbrella dish..
        Contact K6MYC for some suggestions..       @@@@@@@@

N2UO:   plan to be QRV next weekend .. 300w at feed.. 23cm.. 

W7MEM:  has 3S units of sun noise .. will most likely take array down off the
        tower and mount it lower to work on it... 

KA0Y/M: headed home from CSVHF .. 

N4PU:   thinks feedhorn is about right.. 16.5db of sun noise .. 

W5LUA/M: just leaving CSVHF VE4MA preamp for 47ghz is 5db an W5LUA is 5.7db nf.

EUROPE  11:26 AM 7/28/02