Subject: NET NOTES JUL 20 2002
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    Doppler primer
Date:   7/20/02 12:19:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Frank Lumney)

Hi Joe

Would you include this explanation in the Net Notes.
I think it may be a help to our newcomers.


  Method for setting frequency on 1296 for Doppler Shift

1. When the Moon is approching, the reported doppler shift
   by your computer will be +xx, and -xx when it is
   receeding at your location.

2. You must adjust your transmitt frequency accordingly.
   eg. if the reported doppler is +2kHz you set your
   transmitt frequency -2kHz (relative to your dial
   setting). Doppler, will shift your frequency +2 kHz,
   so your echo will be on your dial setting.

3. You must use split operation to do this. Most rigs have
   two VFO's. Use the A vfo for receive and the B vfo for
   transmitt. Remember when you start the proceedure to
   select the Button A=B so both vfo's will be on the
   same frequency initially. Remember too that when you
   move to a new dial setting you will have to hit A=B again
   the B vfo does not track. This is a usefull feature.
   Lets say you call a CQ and a station calls you off your
   dial setting, don't reset your transmitt frequency
   he is listening where he heard you. In this case you
   and he will not be on the same frequency, but you are
   all set to continue the contact.
   Now if you are answering a CQ you will have to use the
   the A=B button, and reprogram the doppler shift into
   the B vfo, this will put your signal zero beat with 

4. The above proceedures require that you are familiar 
   with your tranciever operating features. I am using
   a TS-870. I use the XIT feature on vfo B, this lets
   me program the dopler shift into vfo B. Now when I
   tune around and find a CQ, I can hit  A=B to re-
   align the vfo's but the B vfo remembers the doppler
   off set so I don't have to reprogram the offset
   when I QSY.

I hope this will be of some value to the newcomers.

Frank w2uhi
Subj:    13 cm QSO
Date:   7/20/02 4:28:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Rajko Vavdi)
Reply-to: (Rajko Vavdi)

Hi Joe and the others...

On July 13th 2002 we made 2nd QSO on 13cm. It was succesful with OE9ERC exchanging 579/559.
Tnx to Erich..... Next day we made also with OZ4MM exchanging O/O.....anyway it was a nice QSO, because we both tried so hard.

73's Ray S59DCD


K5JL:   no traffic.. 23.6db sun noise right now.. 

W2UHI:  all systems go.. was on moon yesterday and checked out tracking etc..

W5LUA:  EN51 IL.. at family reunion.. on way to CSVHF.. ?? for K2UYH on JT44
        on 1296.. what was freq issues.. offsets etc ?? 

KA0Y:   No traffic .. 23cm feed is in dish now.. will be there for a while..

W4OP:   very busy.. has IC-746 for N4PU on bench for 23cm interface mods.. 
        sun noise on Monday and Tuesday solar flux predicted to be around 190
        for sun noise checks.. Jim needs female SMA to Male BNC adapter 
        2 meter rcv output between xvtr and IC-746 ..

VE4MA:  got email from Al this morning.. will be at CSVHF.. 

N4PU:   not much new.. reading sun noise now.. using GR-1236.. reading about
        15db .. Jay will be on after 0000z .. 

N2HLT/M: at a hamfest...

EUROPE  10:58 AM 7/20/02  NIL

K9BCT:  not much new.. was on last weekend.. worked a few of the big guys.. no
        new ones though.. sun noise this morning not too good.. SWR up a bit too.

W4SC:   105 deg yesterday.. too hot to work.. dish progress slow, but will most
        likely start with 12' dish on polar mount..     

K0TAZ:  .. 

EUROPE  11:12 AM 7/20/02  NIL